Friday, July 31, 2009

I Won't Get Pulled Over Again By The Fashion Police!

I love to shop, it is something I could do every day & never get sick of. That being said, I shop to find something that both fits & looks good. A girl needs to feel good about herself, right? Am I right?
I have to admit though, I am not really a girl that digs all the newest fads or the latest trends. Don't get me wrong, I do love to be in style, but I also don't like to buy trends that I know will be out of style before I have gotten them home & out of the bag.
I am most comfortable in Blue Jeans & a T-shirt! Preferably solid color...preferably black
I love a good fitting pair of jeans. Not Mom Jeans...
mom jeans Pictures, Images and Photos
but comfortable trendy jeans. My favorite jeans right now are the Curvy Low rise Gap Jeans. Can you say "Style & Comfort?" I know you can, so repeat after me..."Style & Comfort!" Good Job!
While shopping the other day with the girls I about had a heart attack, they are bringing back Neon Colors. It is everywhere. Are you kidding me? That was the worst fashion faux pas this girl has ever made...well except wearing black tights with red dress shoes. No wait that was my friend. *Phew*
Anyways, my oldest daughter was drawn to all the BRIGHT Neon a moth to a flame. I kept turning her away & pointing in a different direction. Call me snooty, but all I could think was that I made that mistake once in my life & I would not make it again...even if I wasn't going to be the one wearing the NEON. That was one of those fashion fads I just had to have, but was out of style before I opened the last Neon outfit under the Christmas Tree. *sniff, sniff*
There are some things that should not be relived. Like the fact that I had a Celebrity Crush on Sylvester Stallone.
Sylvester Stallone Pictures, Images and Photos
Yo Adrian...What was I thinking?
So what was your biggest Fashion Faux pas?
Who was your worst Celebrity Crush?


  1. I remember the neon phase! Are they bring back the punk clothes to go along with it?? Now there's a fashion trend that was interesting on most people! As for me... I never was a big trend person. I tend to wait a season or two before jumping on the trend wagon... if it lasts I'll try it kind of thing

  2. My absolute worst celebrity crush was David Hassellhoff. I loved Knight Rider and watch is faithfully every Friday night! I was even in his fan club and wrote him letters! Gross! He is so ridiculous!!

    Fashion wise I would definitly have to say it was tight-rolling my jeans! Do you remember that?? Ugggghhh!!

    I actually like the neon! At least you can see your kids a mile away!!

  3. How about rolling the pants up and wearing at least two pairs of socks in different colors or using a can of hairspray a day so the bangs could stand a mile high? I was an 80's girl, can you tell? As for crushes? John Stamos and Scott Baio were my favorites...John is still nice looking I think. :)

  4. Oh yes that is one trend that I will definitely not be participating in :)

  5. How about the jeans with the little zippers at the BOTTOM of the leg so they could be more 'pegged'? Or how about the sinle pony-tail on the side of the head instead of the back?

    As for who I thought was hot? I was all about Kirk Cameron & Scott Baio. Thus my son's name: Cameron Scott. ha ha ha (okay, so the last name was coincidence, but still!)

  6. I don't know what the deal is with the revived 80's look. That had to have been the most hideous fashions of all time! I'm sure I'll see the tight rolled jeans working the streets again. That was just so wrong! Hopefully kids will learn from our mistakes and NOT go there.

    Laura made a good point about the Neon.

    Now let's talk about crushes. You will never ever guess who I thought was hot back in the day. And it wasn't when I was a teen. This is a crush I had when I was about 5ish. I'll give you some clues.

    He was a much much much older man.

    When he sang, my little heart melted.

    He was my Knight in shinning armor and I was his lady.

    Can you believe it? I was 5 years old and I had a crush on KENNY ROGERS! I used to say he was my boyfriend. Don't ask me. I was a young romantic. I guess the lyrics got to me. I do love that song.

  7. I remember the Neon cool! How about the really cool Hypercolor shirts that would change colors when they got hot!!

  8. I when I was a pre-teen, I desperately, desperately wanted a pair of Parachute pants! I just HAD to have a pair!! But they were expensive ($40 back then) and there was no way I could ever wear them because they were too long for me and the zippers at the ankles wouldn't allow for them to be hemmed. I was crushed.

    Do you remember the "Miami Vice" look? Jackets over everything and slip on shoes with no socks?? Don Johnson was my big crush!!

  9. I remember your mom got me a neon skirt with matching tights for Christmas one year...whew! But I loved it. I was in junior high. We also had the french rolling of the jeans, and "Used" jeans.
    As for a crush it had to be Zack and Slater from Saved by the Bell.

  10. that was funny. My worst fashion disaster had to be the polka-dot pants I thought looked "really cool" in 10th grade, lol. Yikes! Good thing there's no photo proof of that!

    Celebrity crush? Ricky Shroeder. Remember Silver Spoons? lol..thanks for the memories!

  11. Ha~ I love this! We have all had our day or maybe two or three in the worst celebrity or non-celebrity fashion department. Neon, I so remember you, but you will stay a memory. I have totally seen girls looking like hippies too, kinda a sloppy hippy grunge thing is back, along with NEON! ewww double ewww!

  12. I saw the neon colors in a dept. store, and I liked it. Being the age that I am, refrains me from buying anything neon though. I still have some smarts.

    My fashion disaster was wearing the fancy, sparkly, sequined bra under an oversized blazer, with giant shoulder pads of course. The zippered ankle jeans were a favorite, as was the Flashdance off the shoulder sweatshirt. Good grief, I am getting sick thinking back at all these horrible memories that went along with those clothes.

  13. A few beat me to it but definitely the tight rolled jeans and the jeans with zippers or bows on the legs. Jelly shoes? Achy breaky heart shirts? Yeah, I wore all of those! Lord have mercy!

  14. Oh, that picture of Sylvester just kills me! I am all about comfort with clothes (and shoes). It need to be more fashion aware. I'm always working on that. I recently ditched some shorts because my husband suggested I change before I went out. They were such comfortable shorts. After I thought about, though, they were wonderful mommy shorts. They were LLBean elastic waist shorts that helped me through the after pregnancy phase. I kept wearing them. And, I mean, they were LLBean so how bad could it be? It's BAD when you husband suggests for not to wearing something out!

    Neon colors are back? Really!?

  15. Ahh, what was up with his hair?? Oh I am so glad the mom jeans aren't as prevalent these days. i still see them once in a while and must shake my head in disbelief!

  16. I used to think Tom Selleck was the MAN!

  17. Jelly Bean Dress = Worst Faux Pau and Worst crush? Had to be the guy from Silver Spoons...Rick Schroeder...YIKES!

  18. A puffball dress! I almost rofl at that picture of Mr Rambo! Hilarious! I make fashion mistakes on a regular basis - jeans that give me a muffin top tummy, tunics that make me look pregnant again, being overweight really doesn't make your clothes look good though!
    Collette xxx

  19. Not Neon! No!
    There are some fashion things that should never be repeated. Neon would be at the top of my list. :)

  20. OH my...I am right there with you on the bright neon! Thankfully the boys are not into that! i used to peg my pants and where 2 pairs of socks with my penny loafers and 2 polo shirts with the collars up and don't forget about the banana clips!!!! WoW! We had decades day at school last year and that is exactly what I wore...what was I thinking!!!!

  21. How about plaid shorts, leggings and flats with the big bow... Wait, didn't I see that at Hot Topic yesterday? My worst celebrity crush had to be Donnie W. from NKOTB (who I saw in concert last October) felt like a dork, but loved every minute of it!!!!

  22. One of the worst fashion messes was wings on the side of the hair (kinda like Farrah)and my star crush was probably Bobby Sherman (bet you don't even remember him) or Davey Jones from the Monkees!


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