Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Crunch & Munch

We know your chomping (on the chips) to get this post dippin!

Muncha buncha Muncha buncha....Fritos go with lunch!

We are in a jam (with crackers) and we need to know what your families like to munch on!
Help us get on a roll (with butter) to get some new "Munchin" menus for our families!

Here are a couple of the MOMS favorites..Hope you Enjoy!

We are a Wavy Lays & Deans French Onion Dip family all the way ~ Tarah

Q :How many pounds of potato chips are consumed by Americans each year?
A: 2 BILLION pounds

That is alot of chips my friends! Wow!
My husband consumes about half that himself in Doritos each calendar year. Yikes! ~Mimi

Tortillas, in a little bit of oil in a pan, cut a tortilla into 4, fry a little bit until golden, and then stick in a paper bag with cinnamon and sugar and they taste like Taco Bell cinnamon chips ~ Tarah

We like to munch on some sun.....Sun Chips that is..... ~ Miti

Just plain ole' nachos. Grab some chips, slap some cheddar on them and nuke 'em! ~ Nan

We love fresh homemade salsa (Roma Tomatoes, Yellow Hungarian Peppers, Jalepenos, Onions, Garlic Salt, Pepper, Vinegar, & Cilantro) Tortilla Chips from the health food store. YUM! ~Mimi

I'm boring. I'm perfectly happy with a fresh bag of DORITOS and a glass of BIG RED! Now you ladies don't all have BIG RED in your area, but we Texan gals do and it's GOOOOOOD! ~Erica

Actress makes apples cut into small pieces topped with cinnamon sugar! Yum Yum Yum Deliciouso! Is that how you spell it Miti? ~Mimi

LOL! Close enough Mimi. ~Miti

We love just plain ole' buttered popcorn that hubby makes from scratch!!!! ~ Nan

A box of Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits with a little munster cheese melted on good! ~ Tarah

Slice of swiss cheese w/ salt on top...Y-U-M-M-Y!!! ~ Mimi

Now let me tell y'all how the Latinos do it. One munch that we love isn't crunchy at all. It's called ceviche. Have y'all heard of it? It's fish marinated in lime juice, salt, ground black pepper, minced onions & red bell peppers, and cilantro. DELICIOSO!!! ~Miti

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade pico de gallo with lime tortilla chips! Que Rico!! ~Miti

Do TELL...what are your families Munchin on?
~The 5 Moms~


  1. Cute post gals!!! My fam is b.o.r.i.n.g by sanckin' standards!! I am all over micro popcorn thou...yummy! And the boys, 'specially Colin, will eat just about anything in the pantry & fridge! hmmmm.....let's think....furit snacks, gogurt, oh, cheese puffs....pretty boring I know!!

  2. I like kettle corn popcorn and regular popcorn. I know, exciting, right?! My brother will eat anything in a combo, so like a sandwhich with mac'n'cheese and chips in the sandwhich. He is a boy and that's what I say when he eats that stuff. Pretty much my family eats crackers and cheese or veggies/fruit. BORING...I know :)

  3. We are a chips and salsa family.

  4. My boys love to eat peanuts! And popcorn! And they will sit and eat carrots all day long too! I have developed an addiction to pretzels dipped in Nutella not healthy for me!

  5. That post has just made me so hungry! We try not to snack too much but when we do we NIKNAKS but I don't know if you get them in America!! Pringles are always good and we love cheesy nachos with sour cream and chive dip!
    Love Collette xxx

  6. Me - light micro popcorn
    Kids - sun chips
    Hubs - mini egg rolls


  7. We LOVE French Onion Sunchips and chips and salsa and baked lays.

    But, I really love to go for the fattening stuff...Full fat chips and dip! YUM!

    You girls are giving me a junk food craving and I have not even had breakfast yet! Naughty!!!

  8. I like salsa and chips, hubby eats anything!

    My boys love to each nachos. In fact, they love 'em so much that I try not to buy the ingredients very often...that's all they'd eat!

    I love any kind of sweets (cookies, candy, etc.), but have stopped keeping those in the house, too. If I have 'em I eat 'em!

  9. the kids love fruit, nacho doritos, popcorn, and of course popsicles.

    I would eat anything bad for me if I could :P

    If I'm being health concious it's usually tuna and crackers, or fruit for a snack. If I'm being non health concious it's something chocolate for sure.

  10. My husband and son love Little Debbies, I myself, am addicted to popcorn (well...and anything chocolate...) YUM!!

  11. I love, love, love the Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits all by themselves or even better with some homemade Garlic Hummus!!

  12. Grippo's Barbecue Chips - they are made in Cincinnati! Absolutely burn your mouth up hot!!!!!

  13. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Guacamole (We owe 4 Avocado Trees)also Chipotle Dip!!! Yummy! and ofcourse Pico de Gallo!!!!
    On our table you will also find Flautas, Gorditas, Garnachas to snack with the dips or with my Favorite made by my Mother "Salsa de Molcajete" it is DELICIOSO!!!!!! Another thing to snack on also it will be Nopales Asados with any kind of dips! and Last but not list "Frijoles Rancheros"
    Ok well! Now I am really Hungry! I going to grab a snack!
    Have a ♥Lovely♥ Sunday!


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