Saturday, July 18, 2009

Commercial Chatter

♪ ♫ What Would ya Do-ooo-ooo ♫ ♪
...for a Klondike Bar?

• Well, seeing as I've NEVER in my life had a Klondike bar, I probably wouldn't do much for one. ~ Erica

• I'm tellin ya, the latest commercial where the guy is rubbing the old lady's feet...Yeah NO, I am not doing that for a little ice cream bar...~ Tarah

♪ ♫ I'm A Pepper, He's a Pepper, ♫ ♪
She's a Pepper, We're a Pepper.
Wouldn't ya like to be a Pepper, too?

• I totally LOVE Dr. Pepper. It's one of my two favorite drinks. Mmmmm! I'm definitely a Pepper! ~Erica

• So let me get this straight....just because they named the drink Dr. Pepper, they think they can just assume we are all peppers? Yes, occasionally I will partake in a Dr. Pepper and enjoy my Pepper beverage..but being classified as a Pepper? I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one! ~Tarah

♪ ♫ Red Lobster for the Seafood Lover in you! ♪ ♫

• Too bad I hate Seafood & always order the Chicken Fingers! YUM!~Mimi

• I absolutely LOVE their biscuits though! I never have room for the dinner cuz of those FABULOUS-O BISCUITES!!! {{mouth watering now}} ~ Erica

•Do I drag my kids there for a Caesar salad, chicken fingers and biscuits....oh, and a really really long stare at the creepy lobsters who are about to be cooked? NOPE Not Me! ;) ~ Tarah

♪ ♫ Rice-A-Roni the San Fransisco Treat ♫ ♪

•Why is it a side dish in my house & a treat in San Fransisco? Just kids don't find it a treat.~ Mimi

• Eh, it's one of those "It'll do" kinda meals here. Nothin' to write home about, fer shur! ~ Erica

I mean really? Since when is San Francisco known for rice? I think San Francisco might be known for insanely annoying jingles! ~ Tarah

♪ ♫ See it Jiggle, Watch it Wiggle ♫ ♪

•I sure hope we are talking about Jello & not my booty! ~ Mimi

• Your booty can't shake, Mimi! You work out! I'm sure you have a Tight End. No wait, that's Tarah. ~ Erica

•Since when did we start talking about my Tight End? He's Mine. LOL

I'm sure he would be flattered, although DOES jiggle and wiggle a little! (and mine doesn't)! He He He~ Tarah

♪ ♫ Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybeline ♫ ♪

•Yea, I'm born with Erica, you can let Cam know for me! Thanks~Mimi

Clairol or Loreal - I'm just sayin! ~ Erica

• Good gravy, if I was born with it..I need a refund, unless Maybeline is in the Face Lift business...and then I was born with it! ~ Tarah

We hope y'all are having a GREAT weekend!

~ The 5 Moms


  1. Cute stuff. Happy Saturday ladies.

  2. If you were "born with it" probably wouldn't "jiggle"...good gene's are good gene's people! Of course, "Klondike" will make it "jiggle". Or maybe too many "Peppers". I've had WAY too many peppers & I'm paying for it, ha! If I was born with it & maybe resisted the peppers & klondike bars...I would be a "San Francisco Treat". lol

  3. Erica - Klondike bars are not all that great, in my opinion. Too messy!

    Mimi - We don't eat seafood, either!

    Regarding Rice-A-Roni - It's great for using leftover meat. I cook the rice, adding 1/2 large bag of frozen veggies (pick your favorite) and chop leftover chicken, roast, or steak and put that in with it, too. Cheap meal for four!

  4. Klondike bars are good, but are a heart attack waiting to happen!

    My friend, Jane, here in England tried Dr. Pepper in California on a trip there and hated it. She's missing out! We brought her to the American Expat 4th of July party a couple of weeks ago and she tried Mug root beer for the first time and practically gagged. What's all the aversion to our American favorites? She thought it tasted like a popular medicine they use here.

    They drink things like Robinson's and Vimto so what's she talkin' about.

  5. Love these!!! Yeah, and thanks for sticking those jingles in my head girls! Have a great weekend!!

  6. Cute post.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: urgent prayer request on my blogs for a fellow blogger.

  7. Funny stuff! Y'all crack me up. And Mimi, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one ordering chicken strips at Red Lobster. It's hard to live on the coast and not eat seafood-I get razzed ALOT!

  8. I am a pepper but I hate Dr. Pepper. I ate at Red Lobster took weeks of steroids to repair the damage...but MIMI, HOW CAN YOU HATE SEAFOOD??????????????


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