Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Slip-ups

SILLY or SCAREY! We've had our fair share of "Slip-ups".
Do we dare admit them? Hmmm...

Sure why not!

• I was 21 and playing Liesel in the Sound of Music. I was singing and dancing my lil' heart out and suddenly my feet got all tangled up. I looked down and saw my slip.... my skirt had fallen off and was now at my ankles! I pulled it up, ran off stage, fixed it, and it was on with the show! ~ Nan

• I used to 'pad' the top of my swimsuit a little back in my younger days - trust me, it was necessary! So I jumped off the diving board at a pool party only to have the padding fly out of one side. Yea, that was LOVELY! ~ Erica

• I'm not sure that I am fully prepared to share this story. It still wakes me up out of a dead sleep sometimes....but Erica is insisting (LOL) so here I go...Age 14: Location: Novi Mall Michigan: Time of Year, Christmas. Shopping with my mom and we had about 20 bags each on our joke. I stepped on the escalator and my mom and I started joking around she pushed me a little, I lost my balance and I fell.....BAD. I mean, so bad that my long hair got stuck in the escalator at the bottom. My hair had to be cut off and Yep you guessed it. There are now stop buttons on escalators thanks to me and MANY of my unfortunate escalator falling friends...YIKES..I am NOT coordinated. ~ Tarah
(I had nuthin' to do with this one! ~Erica)

• I am always opening cupboards to get stuff out, similiar to how you get things out...except I always forget to shut them until I run my forehead smack dab into it while turning around to get something else out of another cupboard...I seriously do this once a week. Thank Goodness Black & Blue are two of my favorite colors to wear. ~Mimi

• I have two little brothers. Both are adopted. When we were still just "fostering" but already in the adoption process with the 2nd/younger one, we had gone grocery shopping. Grant (14 months old) was in the seat part of the shopping cart. We hadn't put a single grocery in the cart yet when I (7 years old) decided to stand up there on the cart... right there with Grant. To my dismay, the whole cart started tipping towards me. I was able to jump off and get back, but poor little Grant held tightly as the cart tipped forward.... his hands gripping the bar that it would land on. The weight of the cart....(brace yourself).... popped all of his little fingertips. He had to get stitches in all of his fingers, and it was all my fault. I can still see it all.... in SLOOOW MOTION in my head. Poor baby. =0( AND they still let us adopt him, DESPITE me. ~Erica

• My hair used to be long enough that I could sit on it. One time I rushed out the door only to be painfully yanked back. Somehow my ponytail had caught in the door hinges and the door was now closed. I was stuck. I tried reaching behind me to unlock the door but I couldn't get close enough to unlock it (I had locked it when I slammed the door shut). The only thing I could do was slowly (and painfully) tug my hair free a little at a time. ~ Nan

• So my thumb has a permanent dent in it from when my dad accidentally shut the car trunk on my hand. Looks like my parents should get the parent of the year award! ~ Tarah

• When I was about 17 & in the Youth Group, we were all at the church having a bon fire & just goofing around. Our church was off of an old dirt road at the time. It was very dark & we were all silly to the point of no return. A car pulls slowly into the church parking lot towards us with the high beams on & I jump in front of it holding my right arm up while singing "Stop in the name of Love" only to realize that it was a police car. My singing career took a sudden halt that night! ~Mimi

• Yeah, I'm an allstar volleyball player who WEEKLY takes a ball to the I ever going to get depth perception???? ~ Tarah

~ The 5 Moms


  1. LOL ... ok, they were all funny except the shopping cart (ouchie) incident and the escalator fall. Those were dangerous. Owie!

  2. Great stories... a few of them had me cringing and others I rolled with laughter. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh poor Grant!
    oh poor Nan´s head!
    Oh poor Erica´s hair!
    oh poor Mimi´s forehead!
    Oh poor Tarah´s face!

    I laughed out loud and groaned right along with you!

    I have one! but maybe I won´t post it and just keep it for when we meet in person some day. LOL

  4. Oh my goodness! The escalator story make me grit my teeth! AAAHH. Tarah!

  5. is an adventure...taking twists and turns of craziness!
    Thankful for stop buttons, but very sorry you are responsible for getting them for the rest of us clumsy people.

  6. SATURDAY Slip up or Humility SUNDAY ...?

  7. I love your-alls' blog. You just crack me up almost every time I read it. Erica' story about stuffing her swimsuit...:), and Nan's hair in the door...ouch!, poor Mimi's forehead...double ouch! etc. etc.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us ladies. You are great!!


  8. Great slip upss! The grocery cart incident actually almost happened to us too, only my little one was in it and the middle one stood on the side of it,, it started tipping but I grabbed it just in time!

  9. Ouch! All I can say is Ouch =)

  10. Thanks for sharing ladies...some had me groaning, others had me giggling, but I am thankful that you have all made it through to make my day!

  11. Tarah, I had to laugh at your comment about your parents, lol!

    Mimi, was this your dad's church? Lol!

  12. you, know. I used to leave the cupboards doors open all the time. Once when we lived in an apartment with a galley style kitchen, there was room only to turn around between the two rows of cabinets. I turned around one day and the next thing I know I was laying flat on my back on the kitchen floor. I actually knocked myself out. Guess what? I close the doors now!

  13. Thanks for sharing girls, I feel so not alone now! Hope you all had a nice weekend!

  14. You ladies are funny. Poor things...way to much pain blood and heebee geebees in this post.

    I'm going to try out the southern saying...

    Bless your hearts.

    (how'd I do?) :)


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