Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Text, The Whole Text, And Nothing But The Text

I am not high tech. Dude, I am so not (I also can't pull off this whole "dude" thing). How about if I say doooood.....is that better? Dudette? Your royal dudeness? Sorry! Movin' on!

I have kind of got this whole blogging thing down, well, not really since I can't do html but what do I need to do that for when I have Erica? I can tweet with the best of them....maybe mine are a bit boring, but still I'm working on it!

Facebook? Well, I haven't ventured into the world of games and sending gifts and such, but I think I have the friending and the status posting down.

Aw, but texting. There's the thing.....texting.

I can't master it. I can't! I have tried. For one thing, my nails get in the way (go here for that story). For another, I am all thumbs........lol! Sorry, couldn't resist. Sometimes I just crack myself up.

My first text was a huge failure. I tried to text my oldest to ask where he was. I texted him "wher dtut" with a cute little smilie face on it (have no idea how I managed to do that).

As I was typing it suddenly a little message popped up that said the message was sent and I was hollering into the phone "Sent? What do you mean sent? I wasn't finished yet!!!!!!"

Amazingly, the phone kept it's cool and never hollered back. I admire that in a phone.

So my son called me on the phone, laughing, and said "Were you trying to say something to me?" He was, however, very impressed with the fact that I somehow managed to send a smilie face.

Last week my son and I were sitting in the doctor's office and he handed me his iPod -iTouch whatever that thing is called - and told me that I could go onto my facebook account if I wanted. He handed it to me but I could not type my information in.

Frankly, I blame my nails. My nails are just to long. They really aren't that long but I haven't got the hang of them yet, I guess. Anyway, I tried and kept messing up. Finally, my son takes his index finger, puts it in front of the iTouch and says "Here, use my finger to do it."

I tried. I really tried. But the thought of grasping onto my son's index finger and using it to type in my account information was so funny to me that we both burst into hysterical laughter. Every time I tried to grab his finger, poised in front of the iTouch, I dissolved into tears of laughter again.

I am sure the entire office wondered what on earth we were laughing about. I am sure they wondered why I was holding onto my son's finger and laughing. I could have given my son my information to type in but I really wanted to do it myself, you know? It was a matter of pride.

My children gaze fondly at me when I attempt anything high tech. Kind of like watching a toddler trying to walk in his daddy's shoes. They're just to big for him.

So I am just so done with high techy stuff. I am over it. Just when I learned how to program the VCR then they came out with DVD players. I take that as a personal attack on my ability to keep up.

Texting, for me, is the final frontier. At least until they come out with something new. Then I will have something else to whine about.


  1. You're so funny! My grandmother is like that. She'll leave her VCR unprogrammed until I get in town and then get me to do it. I'll walk her through step by step and then a few days later when I'm home again she'll call confused.

    I laughed at your doctors office experience though...that's a cute one!

  2. I am with you totally!! I am only in my mid 30's and feel out of "touch" :) My friend's 15 yr old daughter can text with the phone in her pocket and I can read every word! I am amazed!! I have no equivalent to when I was 15. The VCR stumped me back then!! I get my 9 yr old to help with me blog posts!! Sad, I know!!

    You always crack me up!! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. I do a decent thing with the blog thing, I think I've almost mastered facebook, but that's it for me.... I haven't got into the tweet thing. I don't have text on my phone never mind internet capabilities. I wish I could have been in the dr's office with you (o:

  4. Oh, I have tears in my eyes from laughter!!!! Our kids seem to teach us more these days than we teach them. If it was not for my 12 yr old son everything thing in my house would still blink 12:00!!!!!

    I think however that I am doing pretty well with the whole texting thing but I have not ventured to Facebook or My Space.

    Thanks for the laugh to start my deary day here in North Carolina!!!!

  5. Yea...I hear ya. We were in the phone store the other day looking at new phones for me & possible agent & I was asking the guy some questions & my 9 year old knew the answer and he looked at me and said "yea, she knows, just what she said". I almost died. How do they know this stuff so young?

  6. What a great post, made me laugh! I am not too bad but I know my kids will surpass me once they are a bit older!

    Love Collette xxx

  7. Everyone I know laughs at me because it takes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to text. And I don't know all the cool shortcuts, so I type all the words out completely like the old lady moron that I am!

  8. That's why I love having the little keyboard on my phone! It works so much beter than the whole T9 function.

  9. Well, sadly when I was a kid, I was the technical one. But lately... not so much.

    Recently Jason and the kids were gone for an overnight trip and I was at home in total peace and quiet and solitude. Problem was that the entire time they were gone, I had absolutely no television cuz I couldn't figure out how to go from their gaming unit to the TV. I tried EVERYTHING and got nowhere. Talk about frustrating!!!!

    So yea, I get it, Nan.

  10. Maybe the people in the drs. office thought you were "pulling his finger" (if you know what I mean) and then bursting into laughter. That's why they were looking at you weird :-)

    I'm with you on FB...I'll do the commenting and status updating but all those applications just clutter my page and my brain. I don't need that.

    And, I sold my IPOD at a yard sale because I just couldn't figure out how to load music. The $80 was much easier to use than that dang IPOD.

  11. I couldn't text either, until my hubby got me a phone that opens up with a keyboard. I do "okay" now.
    I don't play the games on fb, either!

    Blessings, Andrea

  12. I had issues when I had a flip phone from AT&T. But when I switched to MetroPCS, I got the messenger phone. It is much easier to be able to type like I would on my computer. Only difference is the keys are tiny. Good luck with the tech things!

  13. oh that was priceless lol.. sitting there try to type away with your sons finger..thank you for my first giggle of the day my friend! <3

  14. I am laughing at you and your son at the Dentist office, and I wasn't even there! ;o) Texting...one thing I haven't even tried...someday..maybe...or maybe not. Great post.

  15. I am a text-a-holic! I seriously would die without my cell phone!!

    I have always referred to myself as a social networking butterfly (FB, MySpace, BLogger, Twitter) but recently I am really getting burnt out on all of it...

  16. I just started txting late last year and now I text ALL the time...I am even learning the lingo! MiMi doesn't text either....*sigh*! Visualizing you and your son at the Dr. office made me lol!

  17. That is funny. I can just picture you about wetting your pants in the doctor's office. LOL!

    Gotta trim those fingernails to come to the tech age girl!

    I have my little tiny phone and having to hit the buttons to change the letters and even worse, needing a number from the same button and needing to pause...urghhhhh

    Now my Firehubby, he is always texting me...easy for him, he has a keyboard. If i had a keyboard, I might actually become a texter. MIGHT is a big word. :)

  18. Too funny! If I didn't have my husband and my 12 year old, I would be oh so lost! My husband and son set up my blog, they load songs onto my ipod, and program the remotes. But hey, I did Facebook all by myself...well, I don't play the games, though...

  19. Well, I'll get tested in this area tomorrow. My new phone is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and for the 1st time we have unlimited texting. Of course, I'm getting one with the mini keyboard on it. Hopefully that will help. My daughters get phones tomorrow too so expect the whole texting world to come to a dead stop as my husband says they girls will totally gridlock the system with all the texting they plan to do!!!!! lol

  20. Funny story! Love those types of laughs, you guys will always remember that!!

    Tech stuff comes naturally to me ... don't know why but my sister is going to pay me to fix her computer!

  21. Man, I get you with the tweeting and the facebooking and the blogging and then I might as well just attach the laptop right to my belt and keep commenting 24-7 no wonder I have insomnia...I get you on the texting I can't tell you how many times I text the wrong thing!!!

  22. Keep at it, girl. My guys make fun of me, but I can text with the best of the moms out there! Well, almost. I'm slow, but I can do it. So, let that be an encouragement. If someone MY age can do it, I know YOU can! Maybe you could trim your nails a litte? *Gasp!* LOL

  23. I love you! I am not alone in this huge electronic world...

  24. Try using a pencil eraser to push the buttons...works for me.

    Funny thing about text is this. You know it is such a pain to push all those little buttons but it works great in our family...I don't have time to get stuck in phone conversations with my mom and dad that last for two hours just to find out where we are meeting for dinner. So I got my mom to give it a whirl. she loved it! But she asked me to teach her some shortcuts to help her texts go faster. I went on google and printed out a list of text shorthand, so to speak. Well, she learned all of them and text us all the time...it has worked out great for our family...except most of us don't know half the shortcuts she uses so we have to guess at the majority of what she is saying!

  25. Hilarious!! I don't even attempt these things. You're brave and some day I know you will just sit down & do it and it'll be natural. LOL!

  26. This computer I am typing on! that is as high tech as I get!

  27. Hey Nan. Don't feel bad. I'm not in the texting loop either. I don't get it. What's so great about it. I'd much rather talk to communicate. I guess it's a good thing if you want to be discreet. But, it takes me FOREVER to send a little sentence. And what's the deal with people texting while driving? How on earth do they do it and live to tell about it. Crazy stuff!! NO TEXTING FOR THIS GIRL!

    Love ya,


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