Monday, July 20, 2009

It's How My Brain Works... Sorry.

You are entering another dimension.

A dimension not only of sight and of sound... but of scarey things.

This hollow place is known as none other than...

(((((( echo )))))))
(((((((((((((( echo )))))))))))))))))

Ahem. Okay, enough of that.

Let's just pretend for a moment that Adam (you know "THE" Adam) had switched things up a bit. What if he'd named dogs "trees" and trees "dogs".

Would we then roast hot-trees on a stick? Would sticks still be called sticks, or might they be called legs? Would trees have legs or sticks? Hmmm.

Would there be such a thing as wienie-trees? You know, those long skinny 'trees' with short legs?

I guess trees would be covered with fur, and dogs would be covered with leaves.

And trees would no longer 'have' bark, but they WOULD actually bark! (Or should I have said "wood" bark.) - ha ha ha, crackin' myself up over here!

Cats would climb dogs as fast as they could to get away from those pesky barking trees!

To keep your trees in the yard, you just might tie them to a dog.

At Christmas time, you're family would sing carols as they set up the Christmas Dog.

(((((( silence )))))))

{{crickets chirping}}

(chirps seem to echo in here)

Yea. I was blank. This is how my mind wanders. It's Monday, I had a long weekend (see here), and I'm sleepy. What do you expect?


Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. I think that mini vaca turned your brain to mush!!!

  2. hehehehehe! Oh Erica, you're cracking me up!!!

  3. Join in the "hollow place" club! I am a long time

  4. It may have been a last minute thought, but at least it was a very funny thought!!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  5. Girl, I'm feelin' ya. That's how I got some of my very strange posts, like the one about my hairy legs. When I am tired, I shudder to think what I will post about....hehehe. Loved it!!!!!

  6. Erica, you are seriously too brain couldn't even think that way when it was fully functioning. Thanks for waking up my brain this morning.

  7. Even with the coffee, my brain still functions very much like yours. When my husband asks, what are you thinking about, he usually ends up regretting doing so.

    My stories are like yours. :)


  8. We are beginning to expect more of your craziness all the time! But we love it!

  9. Take two aspirin and call it a day. :o)

  10. Crazy girl! You made my head spin! :)

  11. ya lost me at hot-trees on a stick. not enough coffee for this post.

    good luck with that echo. <3

  12. Good Lord you have me so confused right now! I need to walk my tree I think...

  13. Uh, I am not sure what to say...I'm sorry maybe? I just bought a new tree then...yep you heard me correctly...We have a Tree a new baby TREE!!!

  14. You are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh!

  15. Lol.too funny!!
    You don't want a look into my brain on

    have a blessed day sister!

  16. wienie-trees....


    ha. snort..ha!

  17. Yep, I think like this sometimes. I actiualley fusterate myself thinking like this too long. Well have a good week anyway!

  18. Erica,
    my brain must be even more hollow...I couldn't even keep up. LOL
    YOu are too funny.

  19. Haha! When your mind wonders it really wonders! I'd never have been so creative when my mind was blank!

  20. Where do I start...ok, maybe I should just end here.

    LOL! Silly girl.

  21. Ok, Erica, you're crackin' me up, but you're scaring me a little too! lol :)

  22. So funny. That was great! My brain definitely doesn't think that way.

  23. You're crazy! At least you came up with something creative and funny. That's an accomplishment.

  24. Girl, you are CRAAAAZY! That's why I love ya. For a moment, I thought that Dr. Suess had miraculously posted on our blog. hehehehehe

    Thanks for this. I needed a visit to La La Land.

    Love ya,

    P.S. I don't know if Tarah was a tree hugger before, but I'm definitely sure she is now.

  25. You need a vacation in the woods, away from everything, with no phone, cable, email, and dare I say blog world for a spell. That is the only cure for such things.


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