Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Barking Wording Verifications

Its Dog Gone time to get started..
Of course, I am talking about word verifications.
I write it down, or it is sent to me, or someone leaves me a comment with one...whichever way, I have a list as long as my 5'3 body of strange word verifications...

So onward fellow blog this weeks pet homage;)
(isn't it ironic that my boys are begging me for a pet and this just happens to pop up)?

I can't decide between a really cool Dog name or
if this is something that I would BARK out to my dog
(I know I already BARK this to my kids...go Fetcha backpack)
So, you be the kennel show judge on this one!

Yep, I know...this is another WV that could be interpreted 2 ways.
Should I *Fleas* from purchasing a dog?? Or will the dog that we purchase get *Fleas*???
No BONES about it, I'll be getting Front line ;)
I just love this word. Snaaz! Makes me this of Snausages for some reason..remember those commercials? The dog was roaming the house with his Snaaz, and smelling Snausages...
Now go say that 5 times fast to your Pooch!

Will I do it?
Will I become a Paris Hilton who carries her little pup in her Bootsees in my purse?

I guess only time will tell...
(let me just say yes, if I find them on sale in our pups size)

One might think that this has NOTHING to do with a pet post...but Alas, my personal blog Eyeglasses & Endzones may have just found the name for our soon coming pup.....

Sounds kinda cute doesn't it?
Is this all just a coincidence? Or are we ready to take buy the kennel???
With a face like this....It seems like we might FETCHA ourselves one rather quickly.


  1. Ha ... you aren't right. I love the puppy with the pink collar. Awwwwwwwww.

  2. don't do it...I am sending the boys jerseys for their birthdays...isn't that enough? Don't do it! Super cute though I love the snausages commercials.

  3. Ugh, I will rue the day when my boy asks for a pet. :o)

  4. Awwww, how could you say no?!! Puppies are the cutest! I think you otta fetcha a Bootsee of your own. :o)

  5. OH "Touchdown" would be the PERFECT name!!! How cute is that?!

    Great WV's again, as always, Tarah! You are the Queen!

  6. Oh...Tarah: You know I love all the furry kids and the furry word games....blessings, andrea

  7. That picture of the dog with the booties had me laughing out loud. Too funny. Perhaps Paris is onto something. If nothing else, maybe you could star in her new Be My BFF show on MTV if you follow in her footsteps.


    PS: Erica left a comment re what the acronym SYTYCD stands for. It refers to So You Think You Can Dance on Fox TV. What is everyone in Texas watching exactly? :)

  8. aww everybody needs a cute little puppyy!!

    I love the name Touchdown. That would be so perfect!!

  9. Ok, I love puppies as much as the next girl, but bear in mind-thanks to our last 'cute little puppy' we had to replace ALL the carpet in our house. He LOVED to chew up and strow garbage-especially diapers, and he chewed on my babies! We gave him to a family with other dogs of his breed who have no little ones and he is doing fine. But he has certainly burned us on getting another one anytime soon!

  10. hehe how cute! Touchdown would be a cute pup name!

  11. We got our dog when she was about 7 mos. old. Well, she actually found US, but that's a whole 'nother story. She has truly been a blessing in our family!

  12. My husband thinks that dogs are good for kids. So after our first one died I didn't have any trouble persuading him to get another one and sure enough, the kids loved playing with her.

    I say do it!!!! Love the name Touchdown!

  13. Awww! Cute picture and cute puppy! Go for it!!! :D

  14. Aww! all of the dogs on here were so cute!

  15. We had friends with a dog named Touchdown...he is a HS football coach! BUT just say NO!! Dogs are always better at someone else's house!!!!

  16. Are you going to get a puppy? Remember you will probably be the poopscooper, bather, walker & feeder. As well as getter upper in the middle of the nighter.

    I got a cat. They're independent. They tend to be hard on furniture, but I've known a dog or two to ruin more than furniture.

    Enjoy whatever you get. I personally love both.


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