Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time to Come Out of the Closet.....The Maternity Closet!

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

There's something I've got to confess.


YES, I KNOW! It's been 3 WHOLE YEARS since my little guy was born. I've come to the realization that I needed to call my own INTERVENTION. So, I'm writing this letter in hopes that y'all knock some fashionable cents (opps, I meant SENSE) into me. Thank goodness the fashion world finally came around and put an end to the muumuu maternity look, or not...

I would have been walking around for 3 WHOLE YEARS looking something like this,
(ummmm....minus the baby).

For those of you who had to endure the horror, my heart goes out to you, but I know


I understand. You simply had no other options. It was either wear the muumuu or wear nothin' and If I were in your shoes, I would have reached for the muumuu too.

I'm pretty sure y'all had more sense than to keep wearing those tents 3 years after the fact. In my defense, the maternity fashions of yesterday are a far cry (and I mean CRY) from the maternity fashions of today (or 3 years ago). But, I know, the clothes may be cuter but it's time to let them go.

So until next time....
Farewell Motherhood labels.
Toodaalooo elastic pants.

Your services are no longer needed.
But, don't worry. It's just temporary.



  1. sounds like it is time for some retail therapy to me!

  2. Miti,

    That is too funny. Just over the course of 4 years from child 2 to child 3 the styles changed so I loved wearing maternity clothes with Stunt Man. I still felt cool...with the girls I looked like a tent.
    But yes, probably time to put them in a rubberbmaid bin until next baby:)
    Love ya,

  3. aw! Just think of all the fun you will have shopping for new clothes!

  4. Miti, you're too funny! I couldn't WAIT to be out of maternity clothes --- just so I could 'say' I was out of maternity clothes. =0)

    But hey, if they're that cute and we wouldn't know it, heck wear 'em til they wear out! They may not always be in style, so I say rock those stretchy pants! =0)

    Love ya!

  5. Oh, y' about should have seen the maternity fashions from when I was pregnant over 20 years ago!!!! They were NOT a pretty sight! LOL

    You five are so cute that it wouldn't matter WHAT you wear!

  6. I remember those days!! Recently, at the gym I was asked when I was due? Keep in mind I am 43 and my husband is 66...our kids are grown or almost grown. I told the lady..."I am not pregnant, just fat...that is why I am here" then I told my husband who was on the machine beside me, "you should take this as a compliment since you are old."

  7. I had got within 2 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight before I did it again, but that 2 pounds equated to a whole pants size. How is that fair!! Good luck on your quest!

  8. Too funny! Maternity clothes are pretty nice now...I have one pair of maternity jeans that look better on me than my non-maternity ones! I wore those a good 8 months after I had my youngest!

  9. so is it a problem i'm still wearing my maternity clothes eight months after. :0) we're trying to get pregnant again...i figure it doesn't pay to switch out of them now!! :0) lol.

  10. lol Hey there are some nice maternity clothes out there, Nicer then what I could find when I was carring Jacob, Hmmmmm as a matter of fact our walmart at that time did not have any.
    Although I didnt need much, a firned Jeff worked withs wife just gave birth when I got preg so I had just about everything I needed from tops, to pants to shorts :)I have to admit I couldn't WAIT to be out of maternity clothes either lol.

    LOL Amanda you got a point lol

  11. Too funny! Things change quickly. I look around at all the cute maternity fashions and even the latest baby gadgets and wonder how I survived. You would think that thirteen years ago was the stone age or something! :)

  12. I can't believe how far maternity clothes have come from even when I was last pregnant...12 years ago. Some of the clothes are so cute, I almost think about having another baby. For a second...then my brain returns. ;o)

  13. As soon as you say goodbye, you may need to dig through the garbage to find them again. At least that is what always happened to me!

  14. I agree with everybody else, maternity clothes are much cuter nowadays. However, maybe there's a theory behind them being ugly.

    If they're ugly, you won't want to wear them and you'll work like crazy to get out of them, right?

    BTW, I had a friend that wore hers for quite a long time! They came in real handy at dinner time, lol!

  15. I can't say anything. I just give you my best wishes. You'll look great!

    I am above 9 mos. pregnancy weight now and I cannot wear maternity clothes. It just wouldn't work for me.

    It's ridiculous to let myself go like this. But I have.

    Talk about raining on your parade...I didn't mean to. Enjoy shopping for new, cute clothes.

  16. Mitti,

    I am amazed at how far maternity clothes have come since I had my first almost 18 years ago. My last baby (who is 18 months) dare I even say I looked stylish?

    Actually, I have one top I got that I like so well, I still wear it today. It is on my post "Confessions of a shoe addict" if you want to check it out. Red cute. When I wear it everyone raves about it. They are always stunned when I tell them it was a maternity top!



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