Friday, July 3, 2009

What's Your Plan?

Since Sweet Miti talked about turning in the Maternity clothes yesterday...I started to think about my weight loss & workout plans over the years...

While in High School it was so easy to stay thin. I shared lunches with friends, skipped meals, attended PE classes & participated in Athletics! Those were the days!

College came along & it was the fat free diet for me. Chicken, Baked Potatoes plain, pretzels to snack on & lots of water. Even while dieting, I still had early morning workouts with Tony Little. EVERY SINGLE DAY!What a hoot. Look at that huge Muscle Man with long hair...a mullet...even back then he cracked me up with his excitement for working out! If you have never worked out with have no idea the fun you are missing.

After college, I got married & gained some weight...yea,that about sums it my cousin Tarah introduced me to Billy Blanks & Tae Bo workouts. Wow! Billy Boy is one tough cookie, but his workouts are very fun! They wore me out, but kept me in great shape even into my first 6 months of pregnancy for Actress when I switched over to...

Denise Austin's Pregnancy Plus Workout. That just seemed so easy compared to Billy, but I wanted to keep both me & baby safe. So I Charlestoned along even though I am super uncoordinated when it comes to dance moves. Lord knows that was hilarious to watch! It is during the last 3 months I packed on the pounds...gee, I wonder why? Going from Drill Sergeant to Pregnant Mommy.

After each baby I got back on the Billy Blanks bandwagon until I accidentally kicked one of my sweet children into a rocking chair while doing some side jump kicks.

I took a huge break from working out, Until...recently...

NOW...I am painfully suffering through Jillian Michael's 30 day shred & have successfully made it through the first 30 days. I am still going strong. I love this DVD. I haven't seen any weight loss, but I do see some tightening in areas & most of my clothes seem to fit better. So, for not dieting along with the workouts...I am pretty happy with the results. Now if I could just get back on the Weight Watcher Wagon, I could get rid of all my fat pants & break out the skinny jeans again.

I blame those yummy Iced Coffees.

What are you doing to get back in your skinny jeans?


  1. Even though I am not a mom nor have had a baby, I just bought the "30 day shread" too. I wanted to start this week, but got sick. We go on vacation in a week and a few days, so I am waiting until after. Glad you like the "shread" though. It gives me hope!

  2. Oh yes, Billy Blanks and Taebo were "it" during my sophomore year of college. I took Aerobics and we Taebo'ed.

    I lost a pound this week on the 30-Day Shred but I think it's more toning than weight loss. I'm not "dieting" per se but I would like to see more weight loss. I think one of my problems has been eating lots of bagel chips. They are FULL of salt and of course, are bread! I'm all out now so I'm resisting the urge to go buy more. We'll see at weigh-in next Thursday.

  3. I have tried many of those same exercise plans, but I stop when the pain gets too hard. I hate exercise, sweat and I unfortuantely do not have an athletic bone in my body, so I have never been one to "enjoy" working out. I need to, because just thinking about it never seems to have any results! :)

  4. Hey Mimi! Guess what I'm having for breakfast right now. That's right. A yummy Starbucks frap. Why do they have to be SO GOOD?!!!! I blame them too for delaying the arrival of my skinny jeans.

    My husband got me a gym membership for my birthday. It's a really nice one with a pool, sauna and a separate workout room for women. They even have a place the kids can go to play and watch t.v. while the parents workout. But, every time I mention to the little guy that we're going to the gym, he starts with the no's. He's not used to me not being right next to him. I have managed to go to some of the zumba classes. They're really fun.

    So that's what I'm doing (or NOT doing). But seriously, I think you look great! I wish I looked as good as you. I know you said you just don't feel right, but you look great. Hopefully the doctor will help you feel great too.

  5. I hate to diet...but I did lose weight pretty easy after my second by following Weight Watchers! I am still in that post baby {almost 10 months later} rut and I haven't been working very hard at losing all the baby weight I gained! I SO need to start back WW soon, and maybe pick up one of those videos!

  6. Oh, the woahs of my lack of will power and dieting! Pre kids, I worked out all the time and then pre move I joined a gym and worked out again. I REALLY need to start back up and I have a plan! After I am done vacationing, (I know! Life is a vacation!) But when I am back home, I am planning on joining weight watchers and start slow with the exercising, like on my eliptical which just sits and collects dust and on my Wii Fit, which I started doing daily this summer, but faded! I hope for motivation and will power!!

  7. I was breathing hard just reading about all that exercise. I know I need to do some, but I HATE IT with a passion.

    I'm thinking about starting out slow with some sort of yoga though. I've been saying that for a year now. Need to get off my butt and just do it.

    Maybe I'll start on Monday!

    Happy 4th!


    also headed back to Weight watchers next week too.

  8. I am trying to do my hip hop abs videos, but i'm not too successful at keeping to it... I really need to just do it, but everyday life usually gets in the way... I just need to make it part of my routine... again, not an easy thing to do..

    I have started eating better.. somewhat... lol..

  9. I would have to lose 10 YEARS to get in my skinny jeans again. Getting older is really hard on keeping the weight off. Although if I would exercise more......

  10. Well Mimi, if you're talking about the new "Skinny Jeans" that seem to be coming back into style - I am NOT GOING THERE! I hate those things and they look AWFUL on my scrawny legs!

    As for the working out, I sooooooo need to tone up, but I don't want to lose any weight. HOWEVER, in the past when I did work out, I'd gain muscle AND add a few pounds. I know I felt better and looked better, so why won't I do it? Oh yea... HATE IT! Hmmmm. I do love Jillian Michaels though.

    Could y'all somehow MAKE me get started? Thanks!

  11. Yeah...I have seen all these DVD's, and have a few dozen random ones myself. About the skinny jeans...honey, I don't think I EVER fit in a pair of skinny jeans...didn't happen for these hips I was given...but I am learning(slowy) to embrace them.

  12. I have struggled with weight through out most of my adult I eat mostly organically and I need more exercise. That is the area I most need to work on...

  13. I finally threw my skinny jeans away as i was thinking, "girl you know it is never going to happen." :(
    And if I ever get motivated and change my mind, I will buy new skinny jeans. :)

  14. Used to love doing Taebo, but unfortunately can't do much upper body heavy workouts now. I've been doing Wii Fit lately. I have heard the Shred is awesome!! :D Does it have a lot of heavy upper body working out? I have issues with between my shoulder blades and upper back.

  15. I have Taebo, I have the Shred, and I also have Yoga Booty Ballet (I skip the meditation part). I also have a treadmill.

    What I don't have is the motivation to do it everyday as I have become lazy. But I am working on it with Hope! (meaning Hope as in her blog, but I have hope too, lol).

  16. Oh, how I love my workouts!!! Unfortunatly, I love brownies and White mochas more!!!

    Great post..that one really made me laugh, I remember your Tony Little kick!

  17. I just gave up my beloved Dr. Pepper for Crystal Light...R.I.P my sweet, sweet Dr. Pepper. I am starting the P90X in the next few days. The chin up bar & resistance bands came today. If you don't hear from me for a while, don't be fingers are just too sore to type :0)

  18. After my baby was born, breastfeeding was how I lost the weight! Besides being good for the baby, it had an added benfit to the mom! HAHA! After I stopped nursing, I gained a few now I am running and sometimes (when I'm really motivated) I do a P90X workout. But it is so hard! I can't do even one pull-up! I also really like the Cardio Boot Camp DVD from The Crunch Gym. I have been thinking about trying Jillian's 30 day Shred, too.

  19. I threw my skinny jeans away. It only took me ten years to realize I was never going to look like I did in high school. It's unrealistic. Now my goal is healthy eating. With the occasional cheat of course! I'm also doing Biggest Loser Cardio Max...when I feel like it. :P

  20. can someone tell nan I can't access her blog for the life of me. her header shows up and that's it the rest of her page is black. it's been that way for a week. I have no idea why, is anyone else having problems? I still love ya Nan!

  21. Oh my I remember tony :) Billy Banks kicked my butt when I tried him once! I need to get into something but oh I'm so lazy! and honestly I'm scared of Jillian.

  22. Oh, man...I really don't want to give up my iced coffees, either...but I've been under the weather since my earache...and haven't had them every day...I'm trying to wean myself of them! So I've been a little grumpy, but I'm just going to have one or two a week...YIKES! ha ha! other than that..maybe not eat chocolate-chip cookies at night! You're awesome...I've never been one to work {not because I don't need to!} Keep up the great work...for all of us!

  23. I detest exercise videos, I get so bored so quickly with them and then give up! My problem is will power and finding something which fits in with two small children. I am overweight but just so lazy when it comes to losing it!
    Love Collette xxx

  24. Walking is what I do, but unfortunately I eat more than I walk. I look at it this way...if I didn't walk I'd be bigger than I am.

    I need motivation. What else is new? You go girls, keep kicking your kids across the room and dancing and booty balleting your way into skinny pants.

    God bless you all,


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