Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Call Me Cheyenne, As In Wyoming.....

Sometimes I visit someone's blog and type my comments in a hurry, and sometimes I accidentally type my name "Bab" instead of "Nan" because I hit the wrong keys. I have done this several times.

I am seriously wondering how many people think my name is Bab?

I never really liked my name. I wanted something exciting, mysterious, fun. I mean, who can get excited about a name that is spelled exactly the same, whether it's forward or backwards. This is called a Palindrome, by the way. Like Bob, or Hannah, or Eve.

How can you make a nickname or shorten Nan? Na?

When I was in 7th grade I wanted to be named Cheyenne, or Tiffany. Not Tiff-ney, but Tiff-A-ney. Don't forget the A, people.

I used to write my "dream" name all over my school folder. I would match up my dream name with my dream boy. You know, the cute boy that you liked back then? My dream boy had glasses and braces and I wanted glasses or braces soooooo bad just because he had them.

Of course he was my dream boy for all of maybe a week or two. Girls are fickle when they're in 7th grade.....

The "dream" boy changed (and eventually I married my dream man!) but my dream name never did. I still think that there is a Cheyenne buried deep down inside of me. Or maybe a Tiffany. With an A for Attitude.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Haven't Been Ignoring You...

I have just been busy with my new JOB!

I have started driving a Taxi.

The pay is not great, but the people I drive around make the job so worth it.

I have three passengers that use my Taxi on a regular basis, so I am busy learning their schedules.

I am supposed to be picking up more hours in September too.

The job is very demanding...

Long hours...
Tight schedules...

But listening to music makes the drive time more bearable
listening to my passengers conversations is good entertainment.

So, I am not ignoring anyone or anything on purpose...just adjusting to the new job.

Anyone else drive a MOM TAXI?

Enjoying the RIDE...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tees Into Rugs

As I was looking for inspiration for today's Thumbs Up, I ran into a really cool reuse project via Re-Nest by Laura @ Xoelle.  The project comprises of taking your old t-shirts and turning them into a rug.  

My husband has mounds and mounds of t-shirts that, honestly, have seen better days.  Some with raggedy necks and teeny tiny holes and spots here and there.  But now, I'm seeing them in a new light.

(don't worry sweetie, your t-shirts are not in any danger, I respect your private property and will ONLY take donations :o)  

I'm now realizing that he has a treasure in his dresser drawer.  I opened it and a ray of light hit my face.  There laid his t-shirt loot with festive images of Margaritaville and softies telling me that Life Is Good.  Life is good when you can re-purpose something old into something new and useful.  

Thank you Laura for sharing this great little project.

To See How Laura Turns This...

Into This...

Click Here.

 With ♥ Miti
(Thumbs Up Thursday, where AWESOME GREATNESS comes to light.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a Wrap Party

How come a man can figure out how to put together a baby's crib but can't figure out how to open a box of saran wrap properly?

My box of plastic wrap is mangled. It looks like its been through a war. Either that or men get together and have a wrap party where they all get together and mangle it at once.

People, those things aren't that hard to open. The hard part comes after you open it.

Seriously, who hasn't wrangled with a roll of plastic wrap?

I can't tell you the number of times I've wrestled with one and the box has won. Reminds me of that famous song "I fought the box and the....box won. I fought the box and the...box won." Something like that anyway.

Usually what happens is I get maimed. That's right. I leave skin, blood and a little DNA.

There is probably a secret to that stuff, but I don't wanna know it. I like having a knock-down drag-out fight every time I am attempting to cover my leftovers.

Sometimes it's the only exercise I get that day. Well, that and trying to burp the tupperware.

Which reminds me, there are only two things you burp....babies and Tupperware, right?

Just don't get the two confused.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man Vs. Machine

During summertime my hubby is obsessed with mowing our lawn. He considers it a personal insult if the grass dares to grow beyond what he thinks it should.

If it grows as much as a quarter of an inch past, it is ON, people! It's quite entertaining to see the battle o' the green.

Hubby drags the lawn mower out and begins to mow the lawn. The lawn mower says "I don't think so, mister" and proceeds to make a loud noise and give it up.

I jump at the noise and go running to the window because I think that the lawn mower has eaten my husband. I am happy to see my husband alive and with all his limbs attached.

My hubby is thinking "No blood, no glory" and fiddles with the mower a bit.

He gently coaxes it to work again with tender promises and outright lies, and then goes back to the business of mowing. Sticks fly, grass goes everywhere, and I forget he's out there and send the dogs out.

"Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!".......oh, sorry........would you prefer "Who? Who? Who? Who?"

Yes, it was me. I forget and let the dogs out while hubby is fighting mowing the lawn. I then try to get the dogs back in, or at least the toy poodle before that mean ole' mower eats all five pounds of her.

Then he will mow right over some of my flowers in the flower bed and I will call out the window "Ummmmm......that was a flower........" Then he mows over some more flowers and I think that maybe I should take his warning to weed the flowers more seriously. After all, when the grass begins to grow into the flower beds, who can blame him?

Hubby is out there for about five years because we have a lot of lawn. Once again he thinks about how much easier it would be to have a riding mower. But once again, his frugality gets the better of him.

Well, that and I think he really like to fight with the thing. After all, nothing will make you man up like having to fight with a lawn mower. Do I hear an "amen" grunt?

Lately, our sons have been taking turns mowing the lawn. Recently, I think I saw a tear of nostalgia fall from my husband's eye as he watched, probably thinking "That used to be my job." Cheer up, honey, there will be lots of lawn mowing years ahead of you after the boys leave the nest.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puttin' IT on the Ritz

The light bulb in my head lit up when I made an interesting discovery today. It's something that had crossed my mind but I'd just shrug the thought away.  So, when I saw Dana implementing it and making it into something great, I knew it'd be worthy of a Thumbs Up. 

Here's a little background info for ya... 
Growing up, my mom ALWAYS stressed the importance of cleaning your plate.  I usually didn't have any problems with that.  And just as the world turns, somethings just never seem to change.  I'm STILL cleaning my plate.  I can't seem to bring myself to trash the left-overs.  Maybe it's me thinking of the poor starving kids in the world OR maybe it's me just loving to eat.  But, as much as I'd like to, I can't eat it all either. 

That being said, I'm left with a fridge on the verge of a left-over EXPLOSION.  You better watch out cause you may just get a BIG'O'TUB of homemade buttercream icing smack you right up-side your head. For some reason, I ALWAYS seem to make more than I need and that's what I'm left with.  LOTS AND LOTS OF SWEET, CREAMY BUTTA.

That's what makes today's little discovery so awesome.  Icing's not just for swirling on a birthday cake anymore.  It also fits perfectly nestled between two buttery Ritz Crackers.  How simple is that?!!  It's a little sweet and a little savory and it sounded so good, I HAD to try it.

So, I reached for the huge tub of icing and made myself a little batch.
Here's my final result with a minor tweak.

No Ritz.  No problem.  Little Keeblers worked just fine.
I popped them in the freezer and, in a matter of minutes, they magically turned into mini frozen treats.

Aren't you tempted?  I sure was. 

No longer will my buttercream sit in the cold, waiting for the next cake order to come in.  With a wink and a smile, I'm putting it to good use right away...


With ♥ Miti
(Thumbs Up Thursday, where AWESOME GREATNESS comes to light.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's My Wallpaper And I Can Take It Down If I Want To

Oh wow, I totally forgot about my post today. Sorry! I do have a post all prepared and ready to go, but I totally forgot to "publish" so it is still sitting in draft. Guess I'll use it next week.

As I mentioned on my "Messy Monday" post on my personal blog, I am trying to tear down the wallpaper in the bathroom.

Pray for me.

I think the people put it on with concrete because it won't budge.

At times like this you start thinking that maybe having a room with bits of wallpaper torn off wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps we could call it "art." Or "shredded art."

After all, that whole "shred" thing worked for Jillian Michaels. I could be the Jillian Michaels of wallpaper art.

If I can't get that wallpaper off I am going to hire a demolition crew and take that wall down, people. That wallpaper is not going to beat me. No way.

Kind of makes you feel bad, though. Any wallpaper that fights that hard to live deserves to. But not on my wall.

Maybe I'll make a dress out of it and sell it on ebay. Any takers?

Friday, August 6, 2010

What A Week...

I think I have just finished the most boring week in my entire life
I think...

You know you are having a boring week when...

10. You only have a few things on your to do list
you have plenty of free time
Mid week they are still on your list

9. You can't remember what you did the day before

8. People keep asking you...Are you alright?

7. You have to take your Dog to the Vet

6. You have to get your blood drawn & it was the highlight of your day

5. Your van sounds like it is going to fall apart at any moment

4. You go to bed early

3. You are late to VBS every day

2. You have only taken 5 single pictures all week & only because you have to for your 365 project
They were all taken with your point & shoot camera because you were too lazy to bring out the big guns

1. You don't have anything to blog about


Hope your week was a good one!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Easy-Peasy, Handy-Dandy Scrub

It's no secret.  Everyone wants to have skin as soft as a baby's bottom.  Even you men out there.  Don't deny it...  You know it's true....  But did you know that it doesn't take a trip down the skin care aisle to get it.  The only place you need to head is to your kitchen cupboard.  Amidst all the culinary ingredients, lies an ALL NATURAL Easy-Peasy, Handy-Dandy Scrub.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Olive Oil
(Equal parts of both)

    And for the easy-peasy part:
    • Just mix...
    • Scrub your hands...
    • AND RINSE!

    Oh yeahhh.....
    You feeling it???? 
    Just LIKE a baby's bottom but without all the fuss 
    (and none of the poo).

    With ♥ Miti

    (Thumbs Up Thursday, where AWESOME GREATNESS comes to light.)

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010


    When the kids were little we used to go camping a lot during the summer. My parents and brothers and sisters (and their families) would go as well, so it was a lot of fun. And a lot of work.

    Any mother knows what a chore it is to pack clothes for your child for a camping trip. You pack about 20 pairs of pants and about 50 shirts, plus about 100 pairs of socks. And that is just for the first hour after you've arrived.

    My kids used to go through clothes while camping like it was nobody's business. If you're really lucky, at some point, you get the proverbial rain. If you haven't been camping in the rain you don't know what you're missing, people. It just oozes with fun.

    So you're up camping and it begins to rain. Every child's delight and every mother's nightmare. Because camping is in the dirt, people. That's the oozing part.

    Do you know what happens to dirt when water is poured on it? Lots of water? Lots and lots of water? Well, let me educate you. It becomes mud.

    Mud that gets all over your child's clothes and into every pore and piece of skin that they have. Did I mention that you are up camping?

    That means no baths and no showers, unless you are at a campsite that has those and certainly we never went to any place that had 'em.

    My children were thrilled. All that dirt and mud to play with and not a bath in sight! I was horrified as it was pretty much my major goal in life to keep my children clean. Or at least, semi-clean. I mean, you never know where that mud has been!!!!

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    WARNING---- BORING, yet I bet you can relate!!!

    It was a Sunday afternoon... just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, Sunday afternoon. The kids had just left to go see their daddy, so it was just me in the house. It was quiet. Too quiet. Must have noise!

    The TV is always good for filler-noise. Who knows, maybe there's something entertaining on!

    And so it began. The HUNT. All I wanted was the remote. Just one simple, little remote control. It had been a few hours since I'd last seen it, but I new it was here somewhere. It could NOT be far.

    Hmmm, usually it is found nestled beneath a couch pillow... or inside the doors of the entertainment center. Checked all the regular spots, no remote. Not under there, not on top of there, not on that little table.... must dig deeper.

    And so began the removal of couch cushions. And THAT, my friends, is when it happened.

    That is when I found.... uh..... well, it might be easier to list what all I didn't find! I did not find a live horse, no kitchen sink, and no kitchen mop. But everything else was under there!

    The more I looked, the more my blood seemed to boil.

    BIG COUCH - (the most common sittin' spot)

    Cushion #1 -
    3 Butterfinger wrappers (the miniature kind though), 1 cotton ball, one Star Wars III movie in case, 1 Bugle Boy label off of some socks that we bought who knows when, 1 red 80-sheet wireless notebook, a dirty sock, a ballet slipper & some crumbs

    I thought that was bad, til I moved to the next one:

    Cushion #2 -
    1 purple shirt, 1 white tank top, 1 pair of panties, 1 bra, 3 socks, a hair tie & the other ballet slipper (all of THAT belonged to Riley), a washrag, a screwdriver, a PSP game, a miniature skateboard, 6 used kleenexes, a pencil, a battery, 2 paperclips, a firework, a couple of Legos, 4 pieces of notebook paper, a kids-meal book from Whataburger, some tiny pieces of trash, a few air-soft pellets, and more crumbs.

    Seriously? This is ridiculous!

    Cushion #3 -
    a magnifying glass, 2 pencils, a scarf (this one's actually MINE?!), a few pieces of random paper, 2 receipts, a sock, 2 game pieces, a Tic Tac, and more crumbs.

    Ya know, after the big reveal under cushion #2, this one seemed so MILD!


    Cushion #1 -
    half an easter egg, a hole puncher, a pencil, an eraser, another Lego, a bag of BBs, a papertowel, a key, a battery, more loose air-soft pellets, and a Gatti-land game card.

    Cushion #2 -
    a sock, a toy walrus, a cardboard boomerang, the other half of that easter egg, a pen, a hair-rubberband, and an unknown object? (the kids will surely know what it's for)

    Someday... some way... my house will be clean. That day will probaby not be until I no longer have kids at home, huh?

    2 dirty socks, a playing card, half of an ink pen, and a ton of loose air-soft pellets, and a cracker.... but no longer in "whole" form.... make that a million cracker crumbs.

    And ya know what? STILL no remote control.

    So I began looking UNDER the couches. And ya know what? It was WORSE than under the cushions:

    5 socks, a rag, 2 stereo speakers w/ cords, a fanny-pack (I've never seen this thing before in my life), a t-shirt, trash, a nametage cord, a Nintendo DS game, a spiral notebook, a CD holder, lots a trash, a pink basetball bat, a camp badge, notebook paper, many Legos, a variety of batteries, a magazine, mail fliers, a knife, scissors, dumbell, half of a recorder, a walking stick, a straw, a kleenex, and a thingamabobble (I have no idea what it is)!

    And ya know what? Still no remote.

    Now my living room which "appeared" to be clean just 30 minutes ago is literally TRASHED! And my kids aren't even here to clean it up. So begins the job of putting it all away... also known as DUMPING it all in their rooms so THEY can clean it up when they get home.


    Guess what? Upon duping off a load of said junk in the boys' room, I found my remote... Lying on Mathew's bed. Figures!

    Now, go check under your cushions and leave me a comment telling me how bad your's are. Come on, this Mama needs to feel better about HER house.