Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Say Can You See?

In a patriotic tribute..Word Verification does not fail me! Mind you, I am on a family road trip vacation for 11 days so my creativity is a little on the flat side this week!!!


perhaps wOrd verificatiOn knew what he was talking about when he realized that my family would be spending 2 plus days in a strange town in Virginia while the car was has 2 cracked rims and flat tires. We are scheduled to be in DC and it seems like nothing is going right for yes, bOredum is on the list of tO-dO's that we can crOss Off!


Oh Yes!!! There is spendige when we are on vacation....even if we try not to have spendige. Way more then we ever plan on spendige!


If only our trunk could speak! The LOAD that poor poor baby has been carrying for 1200 miles and only 1200 more on the way back!!

and here is the winner for the week...


ah yes, as we take our children on a vacation to Washington DC we are paying TRIBUTE to our nation, the people who serve us every day and the amazing monuments here in DC.

So, I would personally love to say an enormous THANK YOU to all of our troops, the wives, and husbands and even children who serve our country to make it better.

We could not BE without you!!!

(in the funny words of Receiver "Fanks Soldier Mans")

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! ;)


  1. Ah yes..spendige is what vacation is all about :)

    Well said Receiver!! "Fanks Soldier Mans"!!!!

  2. OH NO! I hate that you had car trouble. I hope everything is going well for y'all now. Man, 1200 one way trip?!!! Shew, just getting to your destination is a lot of spendige.

    I wanna Fank the Soldier Mans too for all they do!

    Have fun and be safe.

    Love ya,

  3. spendige...I love that word and use it ofte actually. I hear ya. We just got back from a vacation of much spendage. Ugh.
    Receiver is so cute.

  4. Funny! I thought of you last week when I got the word urine :)

  5. We just dealt with vacation spendige too! WAY too much spendige...LOL. So sorry y'all had car problems! But you spent the Fourth in DC? How cool would that be?? I bet the fireworks were spectacular.

  6. Those were great! And that shot of the Washington Monument is beautiful. Did you take it yourself? Love it!

    "Fanks Soldier Mans".... too cute, but so well-put!!

  7. Another Great WVW!! Hope your car troubles are behind you and you can enjoy DC without too much more spendige!!

  8. Hope your luck is getting better!! Have a great time on the rest of your trip and try not to spendige too much! :o)

  9. sorry you had a minor side-trip on your vacation. enjoy your time

  10. Spendige...1 vaca down and 1 to go...enough said. Hope the rest of your vaca goes according to plan, break downs are not so much fun. Can't wait to see you on Friday. Be Safe

  11. What a great post...too funny abt the on vaycay and a little spent already! Have a blast!

  12. ahh you ppor thing. the boredum the's all so sad. hope you have a great time regardless!! :)

  13. The spendige, oooohhhhh the spendige of being on a vaycay!!! But they are so much fun (usually, lol!).

    Loved your son's "fanks!" So fanks for a fun post and have a wonderful time with no bOredum.

  14. How funny that BOREDUM would make its way to word verification. I have been hearing that word popping up a little to much this past week.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week on vacation!!!

  15. How come I always get boring word verifications?! I hope your vacation was wonderful - or is if you are still on it.

  16. You will enjoy D.C. no place like it in the world. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.


  17. I'm sorry you've had car trouble on your vacation! Been there, done definitely have to deal with "spendige" when it comes to car repairs.

    I admire your bravery in taking such a long trip with your children...pat yourself on the back, girl! LOL

    Hope you are having a great time.

  18. P.S. I live in Virginia! Waaaaaay over in the far Southwest corner of Virginia. You shoould've dropped by! ;-)

  19. Aw, I'd love to hear your little guy saying 'Fanks!' ha ha! What an awesome pic! Hope all your spendige and bOredum paid off, and you still had a great time! bummer with the car, glad you are all safe and sound, though!

  20. I just love all the monuments in Washington DC. I've only been once and can't wait to go back someday!! Awesome place!!!!!!

  21. I hope you are having a great time on your trip. praying for safe and comfortable travels for your and your family

    I am Fankful for th Soldier Mans too!

  22. I try hard not to think about the spendige cuz it'll ruin my fun. Do they call that denial? No, no, that couldn't be it.

    I love Receiver's sweet words.



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