Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let Us Pray

We Bloggers can PLAY together, so why not also PRAY together?!

We Five Moms are spending our Sundays with our families and will not be responding to all of your prayer requests, but just know that we can ALL view them and we can ALL take the time to pray for one another's requests.

Join us if you'd like by leaving your prayer request or praise as a comment!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Shout-Outs!

Hey there, Peeps! It's SATURDAY!!!
Woot, Woot!
R U excited? We R!

We wanted to take the time to thank some of our sweet friends and followers for sharing some great awards with our new little blog in the past two weeks!

Our first shout-out is to Carrie who gave us
our very first award ever.
It's the "One Lovely Blog Award." Thanks, Carrie!

The next shout-out goes to Tamela
who gave us "The Adorable Blog Award." Thanks, Tamela!

Thanks to all of you who have mentioned this blog in your blogs.... or have added OUR BUTTON (in the right sidebar) to your blogs! You're helping to get more viewers over here for us, and we appreciate you!!!

And now for some individual shouts from we Moms...

• Our friend Hope really cracked me up this week when she responded to Nan's DMV post and then went on to post her ...uh ...not-so-great Driver's License picture. Then she did an additional post to prove that she is capable of taking a good picture, too. So hop over to Hope's blog to see her funny posts!!! ~Erica

•Thanks Francesca for the follow & the sweet comment you left yesterday! It made my day!~Mimi

• I loved the comments from chili pepper, on Tarah's word verification post. She jokes about how her husband believes children's Advil will cure anything from "runny nose and fever" to the "leg cramp" and the "I can't sleep whine" that may pop up in the middle of the night...." Hmmmm, I am going to try it the next time my kids seem to be on the computer to long! ~ Nan

• I'd like to give a huge shout out to Beth. I just met her this past week and she is a ROCK STAR commenter... I ♥ that!!! ;) ~ Tarah

• My shout-out is to Josette, Miti's sister that made our really, totally, super cute header. I mean dang...she made me look good! For that I give her 2 thumbs up! Thanks Josie! You Rock. Wanna take a stab at my personal blog? ~Mimi

• I'm gonna ditto Mimi's shout out to my sis Josette. Without hesitation, she was so happy to help us out and she did a GR8 job at it too, if I must say!!! Josette, you're so sweet! I'll be sure to make something EXTRA sweet for her wedding day in September. {Wink} Love ya Sis! ~Miti

• Hopping on the big, bloggy "Thank you" shout-outs to Josette!!!!!! She is a sweetheart to work with and didn't she make us all look fabulous? ~ Erica, Nan & Tarah

•I raise my plastic medium sized cup to McDonald's for their Happy Hour BOGO Iced Coffee's. They are so scrumdelicious & YUMMY! Everyday 2-5 here in Michigan!~Mimi

• While we're giving shout-outs I'd like to give a shout-out to the sunshine. It's supposed to be hot, hot, hot today! Hoo to the Wooo Hoo Hoo! I need to shave my legs, dye my hair blonde (a shade I've never been before but sounds all summery), and lose ten pounds all by this afternoon. (After all, gotta fit in my summer clothes.) Summer......bring it on! ~ Nan

• I had to laugh when BeLoVedAiMeE commented on Tarah's Word Verification post by making a lot of her very own word verifications --- and they were REALLY funny! Great job, Aimee! It deserved a shout-out! ~Erica

• I wanna also give a shout out to SHOUT. I LOVE THAT STUFF!!! ~ Miti

• Um, I would like to give a shout out to the 5 moms...are you guys out there? Oh wait...these girls have been writing this post all week and I'm a tail ender...GOTTA LUV THOSE MOMS!!
~ Tarah

• One more thing from me and I'll stop all my shouting. I just finished watching Benjamin Button. Boy was it a looooong movie, but I LOVED every bit of it. AHHHHH...Brad Pitt. Need I say more????~Miti

• I'd like to give a shout out for PIZZA! Why? Well just because I love pizza. ~Erica

• I'd like to give a SHOUT OUT to Word Verification..if it was not for him, my blog life would be boring and meaningless and there would be NO reason to type 85 NON words per minute. Keep them coming mysterious man in my computer screen ~Tarah

So that's it from us... for now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The 5 Moms

Friday, May 29, 2009

Where's Clearance?

I totally pride myself on being the Queen of Clearance. Yes, that is a Country & Yes, I am the my own little world. My Country...Clearance...has Sale Racks on every corner & Coupons that NEVER expire. Oh isn't that a dream come true?

That being said, I can find a Clearance rack with my eyes closed. I know when the stores have their extra % off sales & I make sure I am there. I even carry along my coupons to use with the sale. CHA CHING! Double Bonus! I am proud of my shopping accomplishments...most days.
But there are days my Crown looks a little crooked.

My wise husband helps adjust my crown after a day of shopping with his thought provoking questions "Did you really need it? or was it just a Clearance sale?" OUCH! Ladies, why does he always take those cheap shots? (I know, because he wouldn't take expensive shots because that would be wasting money!) Doesn't he realize the money I saved? I almost went to jail over that deal it was such a steal!

Are you with me?

You know the deal I am talking about...that $1.99 picture frame (Retail Price $29.99) that you just knew you were gonna use & it is still in the box buried in some closet...Guilty right here!

The truth hurts my people of did we go from a county to a small town in like 3 paragraphs? Never mind, we must press on!

Oh hear me (I mean hear my husband/Dave Ramsey)...if you don't need it, don't buy it. Even if it is a steal & on Clearance. Again, Clearance is good...(I should know, I am the Queen of it) but only if you need it!
Did I just type that? Boy, I better practice what I preach or give up my crown.
What am I trying to say? Not sure, because I love to shop...I am just preaching to this choir, this shopaholic, this Queen of Clearance. Thanks for listening to the ramblings.

OK, I'm a little depressed after this post...anyone wanna go shopping?

See you at the Mall! You know where you can find me...Clearanceville!

Subliminal message...If you mUst Shop...PAY CASH!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

All this talk about CCD and funny word verifications got me thinking about how WILD & CRAZY we are about speaking in code to each other. You know exactly what I'm talking about. We all do it and we do it so well.

Shall we begin with the expression of laughter. Of course, you've got the tried and true LOL. What would we do with out it? Sometimes I just have the slightest little {giggle} on the inside and, somehow or another, LOL still manages to sneak up on me. How does it do it? Are y'all seriously sitting there at your computers engulfed with a crazed, uncontrollable laughter? I always wonder about that. That would be GREAT if that were the case COS,I gotta tell ya, I LOVE making people laugh.

Sometimes that truly is the case for me and for those moments I like to use a more intense version of LOL. It's called ROTFL. Now, if you ever see ROTFL in one of my comments then yes, picture me on the floor rolling around with my feet up in the air, holding my belly and LOLing like a mad monkey. It's true! I wouldn't lie to you. Well, except for the times when LOL wants to sneak up on me and I'm NOT literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

Oh and then you also have the sound effects that we all just can't get a nuff of. Yes, it's the {hahaha}s and the {hehehe}s. It's so GR8 to actually be able to hear your laughs. Hmmmm...ironically, y'all all have the same laugh. When y'all read those comments, do y'all really read them with a {hahaha} and a {hehehe}? I do. Makes me feel a little silly and giggly (on the inside.)

There also comes a time when you want to express some sort of disbelief or excitement. You know what's coming. It's the good o' OMG! If you ever need to give a comment a sense of WOW, then OMG is the code to use. I guess you could just simply say WOW, but I think the "G" in OMG trumps the whole wow-ness of WOW. Am I right?

When something makes you wonder, it makes you just wanna say hmmmmm. And when something makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside you just can't help but say Awwwww. And then you've got the creative use of colons and parenthesis to draw the cutest little faces :0) Aren't they just adorable! Don't forget about all the body language too {wink} {wink} & {HUGS} {HUGS}. Yes, you can really let your personality shine through with all these sound effects and crazy codes.

Or, could it be that we just LOVE to use these codes cause we're just a tad bit lazy? JK. Yeah, that's just me JK-ing around with y'all COS I love to JK every now and then too.

By the way, did I mention the BTW. It's a classic. There's all sorts of acronyms that make the comments grow fonder, but BTW is one I LOVE COS it makes the comments grow longer. Yes sir-y, the longer, more full of personality your comments are, the more I love them!

So keep on
{wink} {winkin'}
{huggity} {huggin'}
hm hmmmm-ing
OOOO and awwwwww-ing
Til the cows come home!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday

Ah, already on the 2nd week...
my how time flies when word verification is throwing out some doozies!

Outsnot (Out-Snot)

Boys tyically try to Out Snot each other. I mean have you ever seen a boy that WANTS to wipe away his snot? No. The reason being....his older brother hasn't wipped his off his face either....its just the beginning of that competitive nature. Of course, it works with girls as well, only with them, we are talking about eye rolling! Sheesh.
Lets see who I can Out Snot this week
(insert eye roll).

This lovely number was submitted by Tamela...thanks so much for allowing me to rack my brain endlessly to only come up with something that is HIGHLY lame. Its not my fault it is word verifications fault. He wants to see me fail..I am certain of it! So, here we go:

Bedupsyn (Bed UP Syn)

This is something that you might hear at say about 3:30 in the morning when your toddler waddles into your bedroom and mentions that they might need a little medicine BEDUPSYN.
Of course that little fever and head cold has you completly woken up and feeling miserable for that poor thing!

Pansag (Pants Sag)
The word verification man is hard at work at his little keyboard this week. Last week he mocked me for not having a core and this week he is noticing that my Pants Sag.
TRUST ME on this one....I'm flattered (even if he is a liar and it should really read PANTSWAYTOOTIGHTHONEY)! What Ev.

Fortstu (pronounced Fort Stu)
Well.. this is obviously a little competition for the lovely blog Fort Thompson!
You should really head over to FortStu and check her out!
I hear she is a really funny lady who need LOTS of followers!

Now that I have tricked all of you onto clicking on FortStu, you might want to administer some virtual Slappens. This is also word verifications way of letting me know the he is still boss...

YES SIR! I hear you loud and clear!

Till next week......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I know that all states don't list a person's weight on their driver's license anymore but, for the sake of today's post, please remember back in the day when they did.

Because. It's. Confession. Time!!!! 'Fess up people. Does anybody actually weigh the weight listed on their driver's license?

I'm just wondering because when I first got my license I was pretty skinny. Not my fault, just couldn't gain weight (Sadly I seem to have overcome that problem now, however, sigh.....). Several years and children later it still showed me at the same weight. So how come the people at the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) didn't call me a liar? Clearly I am not the weight of a teenaged child anymore.

How come the people didn't laugh in my face and say "you have GOT to be kidding me" when I went to get my license renewed? How come they didn't reach across the counter and grab me by the neck and squeeze until my eyes bulged and forced me to tell the truth? How come they still gave me a license, knowing they couldn't trust me to tell the truth????? How come???

They know I'm a liar. It says so on my driver's license. Right under the part that says "weight." Still, they believe that they can trust me enough to allow me to have a license. Talk about putting their faith in me........I promise I won't let you down, DMV.

Still, the guilt. Oh the guilt of it all!!!!! Every time I tried to correct it and tell them my true weight the lady behind the counter kept telling me "Oh it doesn't matter....You'll lose it eventually...." and she never changed it. Giving me eternal hope.......and eternal guilt.

In my defense I had good intentions. I figured I probably would never get down to that weight again, since I was pretty underweight to begin with, but I figured I might at least get in the same zipcode or ballpark, or state, or country, or planet, or solar system......

That's kind of the theory behind buying a pair of cute jeans in a smaller size. In theory, you have every intention of being able to fit into them. They are the catalyst, the inspiration, the motivation for your desire to lose the "last five-ten-twenty pounds of baby weight" you gained recently.

So what if your baby is 20? There's still hope! Don't tell me you've never done this, or if not done it, you've at least thought about it. I know you have. Haven't you? You mean you never have? Not even once? You mean I'm all alone in this? Bummer.....

O.k., maybe one person hasn't, and you know who you are, Erica!!!!!! Ahem. So people, if you're not sure about where you stand in all this, go weigh yourself and then go check your driver's license. Make sure you're sitting down first, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself when you pass out. Not trying to accuse you of lying of course, we all forget things.....

I wonder if the people at the DMV are trained for this. I wonder if they are put in a little room and forced to watch hysterically funny shows and not be allowed to laugh outloud or even twitch. I wonder if they are forced to have people lie to their faces all day long and learn not to blink an eye. I wonder if they lie on their driver's license?

Monday, May 25, 2009

C.C.D. = Comment Conversation Disorder

Do you have it? I know I do!

You don't know what it is? Oh boy, then let me try to explain!!!

Do you ever find yourselves getting to know people, like me, via comment boxes? Okay, so it may start off by visiting their blog itself, but then you leave just one little comment. Later that day, you'll get a new comment from them back on YOUR blog. But somewhere in their comment there's a question or a funny ----and you feel the need to respond or reply?!

Oh you know you've done it, too!

Sometimes someone asks a question via comment and how else do you respond but to hop on over to their blog and leave them a comment. Before you know it, you're in a comment conversation! This past week I found myeself doing that very thing with Vanessa. I think she found me first, and then I hopped over to visit her. She hopped back, and before we knew it, we were in a full-fledge conversation via comment boxes. Now we didn't go to the same post each time, but worked our way down through various older posts.

Now this is truly not abnormal for me. It's how I've made many a bloggin' friend! It's how I met the "other four moms" on here, along with Tiffany, Sara, Carrie, Aileigh, and the list goes on and on. The only PROBLEM with these type of conversations would be that as my readers scroll through my comments, there's suddenly these totally random comments that really make no sense to THEM whatsoever?! They would probably think "What the heck is THAT about????" But I'm hoping that if you're leaving a comment, and see one of 'those' comments you just think, "Oh there goes Erica in one of her comment conversations again," and move on.

Now how many of you are SO addicted, so nosey, and so obsessed that you then feel the need to jump back and forth and try to piece these weird conversations together and make sense of them all? Oh... you don't? Well, then good....cuz I...uh... would never do that either. NEVER!

(((Yes, I can deny it! Afterall, this is Monday--- and I always play "NOT ME MONDAY!" with MckMama over on my blog. I can't help it it overflows slightly over to this blog, too!)))

So anyway! Take care, Happy Monday, and feel free to Converse via Comment anytime. I have C.C.D. and I can admit it!! And as you know, admittance is the first step to recovery! {wink}

"Hi. My name is Erica and I have C.C.D."

PS - Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Closed for Business, Open for Prayer!

As we mentioned on our Grand Opening Day blog, we will be CLOSED on Sundays. HOWEVER, we will be hosting a Prayer Request Sunday where we welcome comments in the form of PRAYER REQUESTS or PRAISE!

We Bloggers can PLAY together, so why not also PRAY together?!

We Five Moms are spending our Sundays with our families and will not be responding to all of your prayer requests, but just know that we can ALL view them and we can ALL take the time to pray for one another's requests. Join us if you'd like!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things That Make Ya Go "Hmmm?"


  • Why sour cream is yummy but sour milk isn't? ~ Nan
  • Why "W" is the only letter in the alphabet that has more than one syllable & it's got THREE? ~Erica
  • Why when someone puts on a "pair" of pants they are really only putting on one set and not two? Yet it's still called a pair? ~ Nan
  • Why people wear fanny packs on their pelvis & not their fannies? ~Mimi
  • Why Mimi's name is very similar to the word meme, which she loves to do? ~ Nan
  • Why sheep don't shrink up when you put them in the dryer? Oh wait... nevermind. ~Erica

  • Why Erica is obsessed with putting sheep in the dryer?????? ~ Nan

  • What Tarah's nickname was growing up? - Tarah

  • What Mimi's nickname was growing up? - Tarah

  • How often do you change your bed sheets? - Tarah

  • Why some people say Pop and some say Soda? - Tarah

  • How did we meet our spouses? - Tarah

  • Why the light always changes just as you are halfway across the street and then you have to run? ~ Nan

  • Why women shave their legs and underarms and men don't? ~ Nan

  • Why I am always to full to eat another bite of dinner but I always have room for dessert? ~ Nan

  • What 2 mints are in double mint gum? ~Mimi

  • What I will do to Tarah if she tells my nickname from childhood? ~Mimi

  • Why people want to know secrets so badly? ~Mimi

  • What kind of toothpaste the fifth dentist recommends? ~ Nan

  • How much money it will take to bribe Tarah to tell us Mimi's nickname? ~ Nan

  • Why children can't hear you calling them from three inches away but they can hear the words "Do you want to eat at Mcdonalds?" from three blocks away? ~ Nan
  • Why eating asparagus makes your tinkle smell? {P....U!!!} ~ Miti
  • Why birds suddenly appear every time you are near? ~ Miti

  • Why tight rolling your jeans was ever cool? ~Miti
  • If it's still cool to say cool? ~ Miti

  • Why monkeys have bare bottoms? ~ Miti

  • Why monkeys like to pick their bottoms? ~ Miti

  • If zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes? ~ Miti

  • What Mimi's nickname was growing up? ~ Miti

  • Why the chicken crossed the road? ~ Miti

  • Why can't I stop asking why? ~ Miti

  • Why do some people like to count sheep and others like to dry them? ~ Miti

  • Why Goofy talks and Pluto doesn't? ~ Miti
  • Why the phone only rings when you're in the bathroom? ~ Nan

  • Why somebody came up with a game about hitting a ball with a stick and running around in a big circle and people pay to watch them do it? ~ Nan

  • Why chocolate isn't a food group? ~ Nan

Now it's your turn!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Free For All Fridays!

ADMIT IT...You clicked on here because you thought it was a Giveaway!

To put that wild fire out right away...FREE FOR ALL FRIDAYS IS NOT A GIVEAWAY. I will leave that to Heidi.
I just liked the catchy title.
This Par-tay just got started on Monday & guess who already has Blog Block? Seriously! Who gets Blog Block with their first post?
Why you ask? Because I am the Queen of Memes! If you have been to my blog, you know that I do a Blog Meme everyday except Sunday. Therefore the title Queen of, without a Meme to guide me along...I am terrified & lost.
I would love some help to get this Free For All Started...please leave me any topic (silly or serious) and I will attempt to come up with an entertaining post. OK, maybe not entertaining, but definitely a post. If there are no helpers out there...then Fridays will be Fly By The Seat Of My Pants Day.
This could be fun...or N0t!
Who will be the first to leave an idea in that little comment box?
Don't make me start dropping links here & call you out by Blogs...
Cause you know I will!

Throw me a Bone...Help a Sister out. I repeat, this could be fun.

I'll be here waiting...right here...waiting...while you think of something for this crazy girl to post about. *sigh*

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Welcome to day 4 here on Five Moms and a Blog. I've been picking my brain trying to think of something remotely interesting to write about. The pressure was eating a way at me so much that all I could think about was the other Moms giving me the BIG, BLACK, POINTY boot right off the bat. I mean really, how am I gonna top those word verifications? Then, all the sudden it hit me right smack in the face. No, you silly willies, it wasn't the boot; it was the answer staring right back at me. Granted, it's no where as good as Tarah's funny words but it will have to do for now. My question to you is..........


Blogging, of course. So.......


Well, I'm not gonna state the obvious, but what I am gonna say is that this whole blogging thing has turned out to be more than what I expected. Like many of you, I started blogging so that I could write about my life as a stay-at-home mom. And, that's mostly what Pieces of Me is all about. But, as my posts grew, so did my followers. With no pens in hand, my Penless Pen Pals have become a virtual support group of some sort, always here to hear me out. God Bless Y'all!!

One day while sharing Pieces of Me with some real-life friends, one made a comment, "Only Miti has the time to do this." Well, let me tell ya, it's not like I wake-up, put a plate in front of my little guy and BAM I'm done for the day. There's always a bath to be given, a mouth to be fed (literally), potty training to be trained, and manners to be taught. OH....And don't forget about the tons of housework that mysteriously accumulates. You'd think there was a kindergarten class living with us.

So, what it all boils down to is NO, I don't have the time to blog, but I make the time for it.


Simply because I spend most of my day with a three year old who, at times, doesn't seem to get me and I need to have some sort of contact with those who do (that would be y'all).



O.K. Good! Shew...I was beginning to think I was talking to myself again.
Anywho....just as these 4 Moms have welcomed me with open arms, so has the WWB (wonderful world of blogland). After it's all said and done, blogging is the best and cheapest form of therapy out there. And I NEED therapy!!


So, thanks y'all for hearing me out. I hope you've enjoyed my little rant cause you'll be hearing a lot more of me. I'll be here every single Thursday. You can't get rid of me that easily.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Word Verification Wednesdays...1st Installment

I am Tarah. I am crazy. It is Wednesday.

Without further ado, I am introducing a little number on the mom blog for Wednesdays titled ♦♦WORD VERIFICATION WEDNESDAYS♦♦

What is this you ask?
Well, it is where I (Tarah) make fun of word verifications that pop up on your (various followers, picked at random) blogs! Always truthful..this is what pops up. I can't condone it,
I just MOCK it!

Is it fun you ask?
Obviously. I mean, I am creative, silly, sarcastic and a blogger...
that makes this a marriage made in word verification heaven!

So, lets get started:

Runbalfurun (Run-Balfur-Run)
Yes, in case you were wondering Forrest Gump really does have a brother. Of course, with the name Balfur no real movie deals are in his future but of course...he does run like this brother!

Hateurcore (hate-your-core)
Honestly, I am curious how Word Verification knows that I workout 5 days per week and I still hate my core...sometimes it amazes me the things he knows. No thanks to those numerous amounts of sit ups, YES I still hate my core! (Wonder when Tummy Tuck will pop up ;)

Indomock (in do mock)
Again, always stating the obvious..Yes, I am indomock. Word Verification Wednesdays would not exist without a little indomock! Hopefully you are indomock also!

Kinja (kin-ja)
This is your brother,sister,aunt or uncle (heck any kin) who THINKS he or she MIGHT be a NINJA. It is absurd, but please don't tell them they are NOT a Ninja or Kinja!
Trust me I have learned from experience,
they might not be Ninja's but they can still punch pretty hard.

Yesafe (ye-safe)
Need I say more?
Beearthur (Bea Arthur)
Of the one and ONLY Golden Girls. Yep, not quite sure how this popped into word verifications head but it did...and all I have to say is "THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND".

Last but not at all least...DBAWITY this is where I say
Don't Believe A Word I Tell You.
This is ALL word verification Baby!!! If you ever have a word verification that you would like to submit, please click on my profile and email me.
I will be happy to mock it, just as any other word. Until Next Week....

No blogs have been harmed in the making of this post. Some blogs may have been offended, however it was their own word verification that did it to them. The words selected have been protected and will never be allowed to tell which blog they originated from.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello! I'm Nan and I blog at Mom's The Word and I'm excited to meet you all. I will be blogging on Tuesdays, and I'm just going to jump right in here with this blogging thing and you'll get to know me as we go.

In the past I have posted about things of earth-shattering importance, such as the battle of the leg hair or waxing my upper lip. But I have never tackled the final frontier.......a pedicure.

I used to think people who got pedicures were a little, well, prissy........until I had one. Oh. My. Word. The song "A Whole New World" comes to mind but I won't sing it because then you will run away screaming, and I want you to stay so we can get to know one another better.

You know, there comes a point when your leg hair gets so long that you either need to mow 'em or grow 'em, shave 'em or braid 'em. I decided to shave them before my pedicure as I didn't want the gal to be blinded by a stray leg hair while she was clipping my toenails and actually cut off a toe or severe an artery or something.

So the day came. MY FIRST PEDICURE (cue music). I put on my shoes and socks and headed out the door, then realized that perhaps I should wear flip flops so as not to ruin the pedi. I drove to the mall and met my friends there. After all, you can't get a pedicure alone can you? Can you?

We all sat in the chairs and I removed my flip flops and tried to hide my ugly toes by putting my feet in the lovely, blue swirling water. As I put my feet in the water it occured to me that I needn't have bothered shaving. The water was so hot it would have boiled the hair right off my legs (and some of the skin too) and saved me alot of trouble.

Once I got used to the steaming caldron I began to enjoy myself. That is until "she" came. I call her The Torturer.

She sat on my chest so I couldn't breathe, grabbed my leg and bent and twisted it as hard as she could, laughingly manically at my sobbing......the pain was overwhelming......I couldn't breathe.....I.......oh, sorry, I guess I got a little carried away. Never mind.

The massage was nice. When she started using the smoother-thingy (I am really up on all this stuff, aren't you thrilled?) on the bottoms of my feet, it was all I could do not to squirm away. What can I say, I am very ticklish. I darned near kicked her teeth out trying to get away, poor thing. I hope she has insurance.

Then, Miss Torturer decended on my poor little toes with her torturous, sharp, whirrring table-saw. She called it a nail file but I know what I saw. Whatever.......

As the sharp, dangerous blade nail file came close I flinched smiled, after all how bad could it be? As I watched the lady saw my toes off, one toe at a time, I begged for mercy, sobbing "stop, please, stop!" But she showed no mercy. It was really a piece of cake, no problem at all and I will never go again I would definitely do it again!

The funniest thing was, the rest of the day I could hardly keep my eyes off of my perky toes! I heartily recommend a pedicure if you haven't tried one! Then you can have perky toes too! Just give me a call and I'll run away screaming in fear be happy to go with you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

Well, this is quite the new ADVENTURE for lil' ol' me!

In case you don't know me already, HOWDY!

I'm Erica from over at Scottsville. If you don't like me over there, you probably aren't gonna like me too much over here either. Still me, same personality, same quirky style, new location! Ha! Anyway, it's good to meet you. =0) To meet me "in person" you can see my VLOG (video blog) right here.

First of all, let me do a little explainin' about how I got sucked into involved in this joint-blog-thingy...

I met my bloggy-friends MiMi and Tarah ages ago here in cyberspace. I feel like we know each other rather well! A couple of weeks ago, I harassed MiMi in order to win a contest, and in the process, I made some new friends. After showing my... uh... true colors over on MiMi's blog (and winning the contest, by the way),a couple of these gals approached me with the idea of co-authoring a new Mommy Blog. A few million e-mails and lots of random discussions later, and Voila!!! Here we are: "Five Moms & A Blog!"

I will be the "Monday Mama." In other words, Mondays shall be my day to post all things ME!

Honestly? You can expect to never quite know just what to expect from me. Hopefully all of you moms (and dads too!) out there can relate to some of what goes on over here. We hope you'll get addicted enjoy this blog and will want to follow along in our adventure. We are excited to hear your comments, and we welcome your suggestions. [Doesn't mean we'll listen, but we will at least read them all!]

So until next Monday...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Secret is OUT!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This site is currently under construction, but we hope to be up and running soon.

Please check back later, and thanks for stopping by!

~The 5 Moms

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