Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Fall Top 10

My favorite season? Perhaps. Why you ask?
(Ok, well maybe you didn't ask but you clicked and that is just as good a question to a blogger)!

It's time for my annual Fall Top 10 and just in case you were wondering...(YES, I am like David Letterman).

You know it is FALL when:

10. Your gutters fly off your house from that 40mph wind gust in the neighborhood...
uh, thanks to the neighbors who might be reading this and brought them back...Yes, it is NICE to live where I live!

9. A school fundraiser comes home with only 10 days to ravage your
family, friends and innocent bistandards. (Ooo..I LOVE the wrapping paper)!

8. Your family requests Chili for dinner and it is NOT even October yet.

7. You have finally traded in your Mom-Kini for your "COMFY" Jeans and Sweatshirt

6. All things PUMPKIN come around..

you know Pies, Loaves, Muffins, Lattes, Spreads, Butters, WAISTBANDS

5. The Sun goes down almost before it comes up...Boo Hoo!

4. You have a collection of THESE laying around your house because it is
NOT cold enough for a full coat yet!

3. You don't care what your toes look like anymore because they are covered by supa cool boots.

2. You find your husband laying on the couch like this because he has Football-itis

And the # 1 Reason you know FALL is here:

Brunette just became the new Blonde!!!

Hope your enjoying the beginning of FALL as much as I am.....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Once I'd Like To:.....

Just once I'd like to.......

.....use the aluminum foil without cutting my finger on the sharp edge of the box.

.....get the shampoo without hitting my head on the shelf that's on the nearby wall. Yes, I could move the shampoo somewhere else, but I refuse to let it win. It's a pride thing.

.....chew gum without biting the inside of my cheek.

.....blow a bubble without getting gum all over my face.

.....choose the right line at the grocery store.

.....type a whole post without making a typing error. Slow down, you say? What would be the fun in that?

.....Shave my legs and not have the hair come back before I even have time to put the razor away.

.....blow my nose without having people wonder where the honking goose is. an entire t.v. show without feeling like I have to have the t.v. remote in my hand or nearby. Just in case. Because you never know when you might miss something.

....not burn myself when baking!

.....have my hubby be surprised when I do strange things for my personal blog, like taking pictures of several pair of my jeans (you can see it here).

.....have vegetables taste as good as dessert does.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Know What I Hate????

Yes, HATE is a strong word, but


"Can summer already be over?
I mean really?
It just got here!!! Didn't it?"

Yea, those are the thoughts that go through my mind each year as fall arrives. Granted, I live in Texas and we'll still get up in the 90's for a while for sure --- but we had a cold spell (daytime temps in the 60's) last week, and it was a harsh reminder of what's to come. I'm sure all of y'all are already MUCH colder than that, but still...

I hate being cold.

Yea, last week I sat in my office with tennis shoes, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and my heater roaring behind me. Nobody else thought it was cold, but I did. I don't have a ton of padding, and frankly...

I hate being cold.

There's nothing worse than having to climb out of a warm toasty bed on a cold winter's day. There's nothing worse than having to walk out of a cozy house into the frigid cold and climb into an iceburg car that takes 10 minutes just to warm up...

I hate being cold.

There's nothing worse than sitting out in the COLD at a football game. Why can't it just stay warm? Why do we need winter anyway? Can't we just SKIP it and go straight from fall to SPRING? Have I mentioned that...

I hate being cold.

Oh wait... if we skipped winter, I'd miss Christmas, and I DO love Christmas!

Okay, I need y'all to give me some more things to look FORWARD to about these upcoming cold months.

Cuz, well, ya know...

*And just a warning --- Don't say things like "the beautiful SNOW", cuz remember... I'm in Texas! We don't get snow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guess What I Forgot...

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever forgotten?

A kid? Matching shoes? Deodorant? Makeup?

• One of the million times I bought a pair of jeans from the Gap, I forgot to take that long what SIZE you wear sticker off the back leg & wore it around town all day until some guy told me at 7pm in Toys R Us that it was still on the back of my leg. Sheesh, now the whole world knows the SIZE of my backside. ~Mimi

I forgot to set the parking brake once and as the car started to roll down the driveway (it was icy) I tried to get behind it to "stop" it but my brother wouldn't let me. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wasn't. ~ Nan

• One time I got to work and realized I'd FORGOTTEN to put on a bra. Yea, like HOW the HECK do you forget THAT? I was probably about 21 years old and was in a dress... luckily I had very little to 'hide', but talk about embarrassing! Seriously! ~Erica

• Did I mention that sometimes I forget to eat? Yeah, I know. It's not like you can tell by looking at me, but many times I get so busy I forget to eat lunch. Yesterday I didn't eat lunch or dinner so had popcorn at about 9:30 at night! ~ Nan

• Um, yeah Nan...I'd forget to eat too....except my stomach won't let me. I TRY and TRY to forget to eat but it is like my car is on autopilot to yummy places like Panera and Starbucks...It's ALL their fault I am over weight!!! ~ Tarah

• I'm totally NOT kidding when I say that I totally spaced out that I was in charge of adding this post and scheduling it...That was NOT the other 4 moms forgetting on was THIS mom who forgot. I am a real team playa!!! ~ Tarah

• One time we were having a Garage Sale & Actress posted the sign on the Van's back window...I had to run an errand & drove around town with a Garage Sale sign the size of a Tow Truck on my back window. Sweet! I was like the Pied wonder all those people were following me. ~Mimi

• I forgot to do my taxes one year when I was single...No big deal. I'll see you in 10-20 ~ Tarah

• I forgot my son once. I thought hubby had him and hubby thought I had him so we both left church and then we got a phone call asking if we were missing somebody. ~ Nan

• I forgot that I left all the windows open at home when a MASSIVE rain storm hit my city. And when I say city, I really mean the storm just found MY HOUSE. Water about an inch thick and 25 large drying fans...Ahhh, good times! ~ Tarah

•I have forgotten to bring underwear to the gym when I am getting ready there. I mean it could be worse right? Well...not really, that is pretty bad. ~ Tarah

• Last week, I had a friends daughter for a youth event and they were babysitting Riley for me. After the event was over, I dropped off their daughter, waited for her to get in the door, and started driving off. Suddenly, they came back out to tell me, "YOU FORGOT RILEY!" Uh...OOOPS! ~ Erica

So what's the worst thing you've ever forgotten? Do tell!!!

Or maybe you've forgotten what you forgot?

Have a great weekend!

~ The 5 Moms

Friday, September 25, 2009

Multi-Tasking Mama!

Multi-Tasking is an ART.

Last week I found myself Multi-Tasking without even knowing it...

I had just left Starbucks...Thanks Jane Anne...& was on my way to get a Pedicure...You're Welcome Little Piggies. As soon as I arrived I picked out my color, sat down & began to unload all of my paraphernalia. Hang onto your hats...

I was getting a Pedicure...
Enjoying a Massage...
Blogging on my laptop...
Checking my email...
Watching the time, so I wouldn't be late to pick up Stunt Man...
Munching on a piece of Pumpkin Loaf...
Sipping a Spiced Pumpkin Iced Coffee.
While enjoying the Peace & Quiet.

That my friends is a Master Piece of Multi-Tasking ART...
It doesn't get much better than that!

So how do you Multi-Task?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Kiosk Kraze

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Have you ever been in the mall, just minding your own business, when all of a sudden someone JUMPS out in front of you from behind a kiosk? Man, I hate when that happens. Don't you?! It scares the bee gee bees out of me! They must see me as an easy target cause it happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the mall. I tell them I'm not interested, but even that doesn't seem to work. Did the mall get invaded by telemarketers or something? Good Grief Charlie Brown! Sometimes I feel like I'm Super Mario trying to conquer the glorious castle.

I know. I know. They're just trying to bring home the bacon, but this girl doesn't have any extra bacon to give. Yeah, I'm at the mall, but I'm here on a mission, to buy clothes and nothing but the clothes, not a $50 nail kit or to get my eyebrows threaded or shredded. :o| Whatever that means. Last week, a man literally came out at me with a mirror, YEAH A MIRROR, basically telling me how my eyebrows were all out of wack. Ok Ok, it may be true, but just because it's true doesn't mean that I'm gonna let the salesman pressure get to me. I will not let his sneaky tactics defeat me. I've got my pride....(and some shopping to do). So out of my way! I'm still on a mission.

Then I enter the food court and a dude is chasing me down with chicken teriyaki on a stick. I know. I know. It's very sweet of him to offer, but no thank you Sir. I'm in a RUSH and I'm just passing through.

On Sunday, I paid another visit to my glorious mall with my sisters and a friend. And what do ya know?! It happens again. I told y'all it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. From across the way we hear a woman yelling from the top of her lungs, ((((When was the last time you had pictures made of your kids?))))) Boy, they really know how to get to ya and apparently they're not too proud to beg either. But we stayed strong and focused on our shopping mission. Isn't it obvious we weren't at the mall to make appointments with Olan Mills. We just wanna get a pretty little black dress, for goodness sakes.

So, onward and inward to Dillard's we go, dodging the kiosk kraze along the way.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this kiosk kraziness!

Yours (Truly!),

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heaven Scent? I think so...

Well at first, I was not sure about this coffee thing.
I mean I must admit that in my vibrant 20's I needed little to keep me going except a
Slim Fast and Milky Way!
(Hey- Don't judge me people...It should try it!) forward huh hem...10+ years later and I just can't seem to break it. I drive out of my way to find it, I stop what I am doing because I "NEEEED" it, I revolve my errands around it, my kids think I am *Cranky* without it, and even hubs has fallen under the spell.

Apparently, I am NOT the only one in this took some digging but here we go with some of the more interesting Starbucks establishments around the world.

Remember when it was weird to see the golden arches in Mexico? I think our entire world has just become sooo under caffinated that Starbucks felt the need to "Caffenate" the WORLD.

Tokyo, Japan

Beijing, China


Montreal, Canada

Moscow, Russia


Seoul, Korea


AND This...This is where all the magic began! Until this...
The best part of wakin up was FOLGERS in your cup!

1st Starbucks Location, Seattle Washington

So have a Grande, Non-Fat, No-Whip, Iced,
White Chocolate Mocha...On Me
(oh, and don't forget the pumpkin loaf)!

So whats YOUR guilty pleasure? I'm just brewing..thinking about it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T.V. and Me

I talk back to the t.v. Yes, I do. Occasionally I even yell at the t.v. "Don't go in there! It's a dark alley! Everybody knows you never go into a dark alley! Don't go into the dark places! Stay in the light! The light!"

Occasionally my hubby feels the need to say "You do know that they can't hear you, right? You do know that, don't you?"

Way to go, hubby. Way to burst my bubble. Yes, I do know that. However, I have to talk back to the people on t.v. I have to. They'd be helpless without me.

I have warned the people on t.v. about dark alleys and dark basements, and told doctors what the diagnosis is. I have helped parents make a decision and have laughed and cried with people. Yes, I know it's not real but I don't care.

I still have to yell at the t.v. It just makes me feel better. That way I prove that I'm "right."

And really, isn't that all that really matters?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere!

Okay, so if you're here... I mean sitting in a chair, staring at your monitor, with your hand on a mouse as you scroll through reading blog after blog after blog....

Or wait, maybe you don't read blog after blog after blog. Maybe you only read OUR blog! Yes? Nah, surely not. Surely you're a blogger who has made, what I like to call, "BLOGGY FRIENDS".
So do you ever think you see them out in public? I mean has it ever happened to you, too?

Seriously, I was visiting my mom's church a couple of months ago and they had this out-of-town singing group come in. One of the ladies looked SOOOO familiar, that after it was over, I literally walked over to her and asked her her name. I was just SURE she was a blogger. But I couldn't think of a name, just thought she had to be one that I'd seen before. But after she told me her name, I still had no clue. She didn't look at me like "Oh, I know you too!" so that was another sign. But alas, I finally even asked her if she had a blog. I'm sure at this point she was like "WEIRDO!" But I just smiled and laughed it off when she said no. I mean honestly, she was super sweet about it. Oh well... I'm a moron.

Wait, you don't do this too? It's just me?

Well, what about those famous blogger kiddos? I mean we all see each other's kids more than we see each other, right?

For instance, I try to have lunch at my kids' schools with them once a week. I take turns - Cam (12) one week and Riley (9) the next week. Back and forth, back and forth. My 18 year old, Mathew? Well, he doesn't WANT to be seen having lunch with his mommy. I mean even if I am one super cool mom that all the kids say, "Sunshine, your mom is so cool! You're lucky!" (Sunshine would be Mathew's nickname) Still, Mathew doesn't think having lunch with me would be so cool. Eh, no biggy. That just means more of me to share between Cam and Riley!

So anyway, where was I?

Chasing a rabbit..... yea.

Oh yea, I was talking about seeing blogger's kids out in public... or at least THINKING I do. So last week, I went to Riley's school and had lunch with her. And as I'm sitting there with her in this sea of 3rd graders, I look over and see a little boy. Instantly I'm like WOW, that looks so much like Mimi's twins Ross & Sam. But this isn't uncommon, there's a set of TWINS here in our town that look SOOO much like her twins too.

So back to the cafeteria.... Then while we're sitting there eating, I see a darling little girl and I thought, "Hey, that's what Emily will look like when she's 9! I wish Carrie could see her." I should've grabbed my camera, but how weird would that look? I mean I know I'm weird, and you know I'm weird, but does Riley's school really need to know? I think not. Not just yet.

So I sat there eating. Of course I tell none of this to Riley. She'd have no clue who the heck I was talking about anyway: "Carrie who? Mimi who? Emily who?" But I sat there thinking "How odd is it that I know these other bloggers so well, that I am seeing their look-alike CHILDREN out in public.... and even know their names?!"

Then I smiled.... knowing I have friends all over tarnation that I consider FRIENDS and I know them and they know me. Hey, more friends is always a great thing!

Can't have too many friends.

Hugs & Smiles!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The 5 Moms Giveway highly anticipated results are IN!!!

The winner is # 17 (  Steve @ Gotta Have Faith

He has won the Casting Crowns CD!!!

*Disclaimer* Steve did NOT win this because he gave us an award..*Wink Wink*

 Look for future giveaways from your 5 Moms!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's New With You?

So what's new at FIVE MOMS & A BLOG?

Well, you may have noticed that we gave ourselves a bit of a blog make-over. Tarah found us a vibrant new background, so we changed up the fonts a bit, and voila! Done! We think we LOVE the change. What do you think? (If you see flaws, glitches or spacing problems, please tell us in your comment so we know what to tweak. Thanks! ~Erica)

Hmmmm.... what else is new?

Well, Steve from over at "Gotta Have Faith" created this great new little MOM award and ever so sweetly honored we 5 Moms as one of it's first recipients. Woo hoo! Thank you so much, Steve!

If the rest of you haven't checked out his blog yet, be sure to stop on by!

Mimi is also having a giveaway right here on yesterday's post. You can still enter by commenting on that post... or even by commenting on THIS post! Why not?! It only takes a click & a comment.

So what's new with the Moms?

• Mimi is running crazy busy with 3 kids in 3 different sports, some on the same day some on different days. The minivan is racking up the mileage. Nuff said right?

• Miti has a VERY IMPORTANT wedding cake coming up next Saturday for a VERY SPECIAL couple. Her sister, Josette, is tying the knot in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee. WOW! A destination wedding!! Please pray that all goes well, including the cake arrival :0

• Nan made homemade tortillas (go here to read about it) and lived to blog about it. Between spilt water, cottage cheese on the floor (don't ask) and her dog licking the spatula they still managed to turn out and were yummy!

• Nan will also be mourning the loss of Diet Pepsi and chocolate this weekend, as she gave them up a couple of weeks ago but still misses them greatly.....sniff....snort....sniff.

• Erica has a whole football team coming to HER house today. Yep, her son Mathew turned 18 yesterday, so most of the football team will be invading her house for a party today. Yikes! Wish her luck!

Tarah might...

• Have a nervous breakdown after Wednesdays Post...stay tuned for hospital information if it happens!

• Try to rig the Giveway contest that is going on at 5 moms......What? I am not allowed to participate???Looks like one of YOU might have already rigged it....;)

• Actually cook dinner for her family for the 1st time this week.....hectic schedules really make me NEVER want to cook..Are you with me????

So what's new with YOU?

Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend!!!

~ The 5 Moms

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Giveaway? NO WAY? YES WAY!

I love Friday Freebies with Heidi...So since I post on Friday's here at the 5 Moms blog I thought that I would have a little giveaway here at my second home!

So what is up for grabs?

The Casting Crowns CD

Track Listing

If We Are The Body
American Dream
Voice Of Truth
Here I Go Again
Who Am I
Praise You With The Dance
So Much Much
Your Love Is Extravagant
What If His People Prayed
Shadow Of Your Wings

What do you have to do to WIN this AWESOME CD?

Just leave a comment on this post.

For another entry leave a comment on Tomorrows post too.

I will use & will post the winner on Sunday!

Hope you win!


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

I've got a happy dilemma. I know. You're asking yourself, "how in the world can anyone have a happy dilemma?" Those two words don't belong in the same sentence; but, let me assure you, it's very possible. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty certain that YOU TOO are suffering with your own happy dilemma. Let me clear things up for you.

MY HAPPY DILEMMA!Who would have thought that this little box would cause such havoc to parents across the globe?! Show it to any kid in the world and, immediately, they're all hyped up with happiness.

The Happy Meal has been part of civilization for 30 years now. Just short of two months, it's been around my whole life. So, ok, I'll admit it. I was once a hyper active kid myself, waiting in line for my very own box of happiness. Needless to say, the tables have now turned. I grew up lovin' it and, thanks to my little guy, I'm growing OLD lovin' it too. He can spot the golden arches from miles away, but ask him to pick up his toys and suddenly his vision becomes impaired. It amazes me!

This guy may be a clown....
But he's NOT a bozo!

There's a strange magnetism about him. Kids practically throw themselves at his BIG red feet. Sometimes that's a good thing, like when you have to bribe your kid to leave the play area at the mall. Other times, it's pure torture, like when you're trying to zip up your one-size too small jeans. Yup, it's not a pretty site; but, nevertheless, I bite the bullet burger, if that's what it takes to get some meat on my little guy's bones.

Make no bones buns about it...
It is what it is.
What's a mom to do? I guess I'll order the salad.

Yours (Truly!),

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tales from my mind...RANDOM

The past 7 days have been a blur. I'm on my couch typing on a laptop with squinty eyes,
a hot coffee (Yes, I know it is 11:30pm) a warm neck roll and I've just taken (3) of these babies.....I know. IT MUST BE BAD you are thinking. You would be right.
Parent information night @ School...NEED I SAY MORE? I have a 3rd grader.
Not an adorable 1st or 2nd grader. A 3rd grader and MAN, does he have some homework.
This is year that I begin to realize that he will surpass me in intelligence (it was bound to happen sometime, I have been preparing)! So, I would like to issue this to my son. Of course, it has NO bearing because I am not his teacher but makes me feel like I care a little bit more.
Hockey - Which rink? What time? Which kid? I'm taking who with me? Why? Did he eat? When will his mom be here? Does he have his gear? Oh you have GOT to be kidding me? Now, I am here with MY 5 year old who totally wigs out and DOES NOT want to skate in the slightest. HOCKEY GEAR takes like 25 minutes to get off and on...and no is 8:15pm and this kid is 5 and he has been at school and a parent information night today..... I am beginning to see why us hockey moms get such a bad rap. So, to this child I would like to issue this....take your time buddy, NO RUSH on the hockey thing if you ask me!!!
The last thing on my plate this week....Hubs new job. Well sorta. After he worked for the same company for 19 years he left a couple of years ago. Now, he has headed back. Would you like to know when his 1st day was? Yep. Monday. So, I am sooo happy for him but me, me on the inside (and honestly on the out as well) I just wasn't prepared. We had the last 3 years of flexible scheduling (meaning that I could get a massage mid day and not have to work around kids or anything) Ahhhh...BLISS....and then hit me...He now goes to the office Mon-Fri and I am SOLO...SOLO...SOLO and I am fading FAST! So to my hubs I would like to give:
Congratulations Graphics me, to me I would like to say...BUCK UP Sold-JA!!
You have some long days ahead and this is just what the doctor ordered:
(Yes, it is REAL and yes, the little one is a NORMAL size mug)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am a mom. You all know what that means, don't you?

Moms have x-ray vision. They know when their little one is feeding the vegetables to the dog.

Moms have the ability to predict the future. They know that a toddler, colored markers, and a living room wall is not a good thing.

Moms have awesome powers of deduction. When my son's milk glass was empty and there was a milk-ring in the sink.......detective mom did not need you to draw her a picture.

Moms have super hearing.
They can hear "Hey, you want to sneak outside and play instead of go to sleep?" from two floors down.

Moms can run faster than a speeding bullet. They can detect an accident about to happen and rescue the lamp, dog, bowl of spaghetti or toddler before it hits the floor.

Moms have super hearing. They know when their toddler is tearing up books instead of playing quietly in his room. They can hear the quiet.

Moms have healing powers. They can make an owie better with just a kiss and maybe a cookie.

What super powers do YOU have?

Monday, September 14, 2009

HTML, Per Your Request

After my Helpful Hints and Tricks post, a few of you requested a post with some pointers for some basic HTML codes. Well, guess what?

"Ask and ye shall receive!"

Now if you aren't interested in HTML or tweaking your blog, scroll on down to the last paragraph. For those of you who want to learn a few things, here are a few tricks of the HTML trade.

The first thing you'll need to know is that THESE things below are the brackets: All of your codes will begin with a bracket and end with a bracket.

If you want to BOLD or italicize a word, the letter "b" or the letter "i" in the tools bar allows you to do this quite easily. But to do it using HTML, you would type this for BOLDING:

and then the word bird will look like this in the sentence. Or you can italicize it by using the letter I instead of B in those same tags.

Sadly, blogger doesn't give you the option to UNDERLINE words. So if you want to underline the word "cat" for example, you'd type this: and then the word cat will look like this.

If you want to Strike Thru something, type this:

and then the word dog will look like this in a sentence.

And if you've always wanted to know how to make things scroll....marquee style, try these out for size!

We scroll left

We scroll right

I will scroll up!

Now you can also scroll IMAGES --- not just words. You can put the marquee brackets before and after an image/images, and it/they will scroll as well. In fact, if you look over in our RIGHT sidebar, you'll see that each of our blog buttons are on there and they are scrolling in an UP pattern. This is exactly how I did it! It's actually quite simple!

Now, let's say you want to move an image off to the right side while having text on the left of the image (see how Mimi's van is on the right while the text stays to the left of it?). You can simply select the "RIGHT" align button when you upload your pictures. BUT what if you want to insert a picture that you've used before like this van for example. I did not re-upload it thus having it in our "photo storage" twice. I simply copied the code and pasted it inside brackets. (Did I just lose ya there?) Well, if you already have the image code, you can type it in and include the align code inside the brackets like so. The code just needs to be inside of quotes and then the align="right" part is what tells it to put the picture off to the right (or left, or center).

Now, if you want to "link" any picture or any words to take your viewers to another post or picture or web address, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the site that you want them to be taken to, and copy the web address from the ADDRESS bar at the top of your screen. (right click & select COPY)

2. Then in your BLOGGER screen where you're creating your post, highlight the word or picture that you want your viewers to click on. (left click as you scroll over it)

3. Once you have it highlighted, click on the tiny "LINK" button (it looks like a piece of chain over a green circle) in your tools bar above your blog compose box.

4. Paste (right click and select PASTE) the 'address' that you copied previously into the botton rectangle marked URL and then click on OK.

Now your photo or words will automatically take your viewers to your recommended destination!

FYI: After typing any of the above codes, just click the "preview" button to see how they will actually look to your viewers. After exiting "preview mode", your compose screen may look like the codes disappeared, but the codes ARE still there. They just like to hide themselves. Click on "preview" again, and you'll see that they're still there and working.

NOW, I'm fully aware that many of you might have NO INTEREST whatsoever in these codes. BUT there are a few of you Geeks out there who just went "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, cool!" and got a little bit excited. So if you're in that few who got excited, these were for you! For the rest of you? I'm sorry for the jibberish and come on back next week when I'm sure to be a bit more GOOFY and a lot less NERDY! =0)

But for this week, I shall be referred to as the one, the only "SuperGeek!"

PS - My "Pay It Forward" GiveAway ends tonight! Better hurry if you want to win!