Friday, March 26, 2010

Truth Or Dare?

How About Both...

I DARE you to leave me a COMMENT
Tell me the TRUTH...

What is your Guilty Pleasure?

Come's not like I'm asking you to stick your tongue to a cold pole.

Mine are...

Iced Coffee


Do share yours...

Needing to indulge & have my Piggies Painted,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delivery Dreams

Remember when you were a kid and the sweet sound of an ice cream truck came to your ears?  Well, somethings just never change.  Kids still go crazy for the ice cream truck.  

Today the One-Minute Writer asked what delivery truck would have you adults out there running towards it like a mad barbarian. 

My vote goes for Starbucks Coffee!!!!!!!!!!

What would the delivery truck of your dreams deliver?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have been a little blue...
I'm trying to snap out of it, I feel UNMOTIVATED and OVERWHELMED!
I wake up early, go to bed late and in the middle I feel like I am spinning my wheels...
and THEN..THEN, I saw this photo and it made my day!

Just had to share!
Hope you are all feeling ready for spring!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Harmony Horses

So... Ummmm... I got nuthin' today.

But just to brighten your day, I'm going to send you to a fun little link. This one speaks for itself. Literally.

The site will open, and just click on the horses. If you time them just right, it sounds kinda cool.

Someone has WAYYYY too much free time on their hands, that's for sure!

Meet the Harmony Horses!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Weather Is Going To Be WHAT?

Cracking up because Last Week I was talking to Stacey on the phone & she was getting ready to come to Michigan. She asked me if she needed a winter coat.
I told her it had been beautiful all week & I have been wearing a Hoodie all week.
So she decided to not bring her Winter coat.

Back up a few more days when I was talking to my Cousin Tarah on the phone & she was telling me how great her weather was in Minnesota...Rainy & Cold.

* Important Side Note*
We ALWAYS *90% of the time* get Minnesota's weather 2-3 days later.

Knowing that, I should have told Stacey to bring her Winter Coat. was Dreary, Rainy & Cold 90% of the time poor Stacey was here for a visit.
The sun finally poked it's head the last 1/2 day she was here *PHEW* glad she had her hoodie.


I don't even need a Weather Man...I GOT TARAH!
*I need a Brain to remember, but I don't need a Weather Man.*

Thanks T for the Cold Rain & for the heads up on the yucky weather change.

Sorry Stacey for telling you that you didn't need a Winter Coat.
Hope you didn't catch a COLD!

I just got to write a post about my two Besties.
How fun!
You all know them too...
Even more fun!

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quirky Is As Quirky Does

Today I came across a fun meme.  It's called Top 3 Thursday and it was brought to me by Confessions of a Working Mom and The (Un)Experienced Mom.  Each week they set the tone for your Top 3 lists.  This week's theme is all about getting in touch with all our QUIRKS.  At first I thought, man, I've got nothing.  My brain was drawing me a ______(blank)_______.

I said to my brain, "Brain, don't fail on me now!  Work with me.  I need a post and I know there's got to be something a little off about me.  It's pretty obvious to everybody else so surely you'd be smart enough to pick it up too.  They don't call you a brain for nothing! So, come on get with it!" 
After having that little pep talk with Brain, I started getting these images of me doing some pretty quirky things.  They may not be the most outrageous things imaginable but  for a girl that's as laid back as me, it's not gonna get too weird anyway.

So, here's what's on my TOP 3 QUIRKY THURSDAY LIST!
  1. I can't stand to be barefoot.  I hardly ever kick off my shoes and relax my feet.  My shoes are with me til the very last minute of the day.  Socks are really dear to me too.  I've got to have some on my feet 24 / 7.  But not in the shower of course or on the beach.  Too bad though.  That would have really been quirky.... 
  2. I can't stand stepping on a wet floor (of course with my bare feet).  YUCK!!!!  Just thinking about it makes me cringe.  But you know what, now that Brain has me thinking about, wet floors are gross with or without bare feet.  I wish the hubby would dry up a little more before stepping out of that shower.  (shiver, shiver)Wet socks are gross too! 
  3. I think I think too much....... if I were a contestant on American Idol, I'd be as stiff as a doorknob.  (stiff as a that how you say it???)  I don't even know if any of that sentence above makes sense at all.  Maybe I don't think as much as I thought I thought.  Ok, I think my brain has officially punched out for today.....
So now it's your turn.  What makes you QUIRKY?  If you wanna post about it, make sure you link up with the two ladies above.

This QUIRKY post was brought to you by Miti

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You know what they say......

What will you do today?
Me {thanks for asking}
I'm planning on dressing my kids up as ♣leprochauns♣,
wearing green & making 4 leaf clover pancakes and split pea soup for dinner w/ green milk! Yummo!

Hope you enjoy the day!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Jelly Bean Diet

Ooops! I totally forgot about doing a post for today. Frankly, I blame daylight savings time. And spring. And sunshine. And my diet. And jelly beans.

Whaaaaaat? Jelly beans aren't on your diet?

Well, they aren't on mine either but who cares? Spring is coming!

So I hope y'all have a lovely day today and pretend that this is a post about something relevant. You know, like it always is.......... :0)

If I had the time and the creativity (and the energy) I would do a whole post about the kind of diets that they should have out there.

You know, like the chocolate diet.

The good book diet.

The sunshine and cool diet pepsi diet.

The no-exercise diet.

You know, a fun diet.

Instead, I'll let you write the post today. Feel free to leave any comments about the kind of diet you'd like to be on!

Monday, March 15, 2010

If I Were A Man

If I were a Man, I could get ready in 10 minutes.

There'd be no hair to wash and straighten and fluff!

There'd be no make-up to apply!

There'd be no panty-hose!

There'd be much less fuss over what to wear... t-shirt, button down, polo?

There'd be fewer shoe decisions: tennis shoes again!

I could wake up in the morning with my face lookin perfect.

I could swim and my face would still look perfect.

I could jump in the shower, jump out and be DONE!

No eyeliner or blush. No mascara or lipstick!

And public bathrooms would be SOOOO much easier! Am I right ladies?

But ya know what, I think I prefer my girly hair, my make-up, cute clothes and styles! I think I prefer the shoe selection and the variety of hairdos!

But no matter what, the one thing that I'd miss the most.... is that title of "MOMMY." I could never trade that.

Thank you God for making me a woman!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Advice On A Not So Good Day...

The other day I was talking to my husband on the phone...
He knew I was having a stressful week.
He knew I was having a stressful day.
He knew I was busy...
He knew I was just tired.

I asked him as I always do...because I am a SAHM...

"Is there anything you need me to do for you today?"

My husband gave me the BEST & SWEETEST answer ever...

"Just keep breathing"

Big *sigh*

"I love you & I will keep breathing this week just for you!"

He loves me!

What sweet things has your husband said to you lately?

Hoping your week was full of Fresh Spring Air & lots of Deep Breaths!
Taking in all the deep breaths I can!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What do you want on your TOMBSTONE?

You know the commercial...
(I mean the only major difference here is that we are NOT talking about Pizza)!
Check out these rather unique ways of saying goodbye.....
I mean Richardo can't be bitter if he didn't chip in can he?

YOWZA...this one had to hurt!

It is YOUR civic duty as a bloggity friend to make sure that my Husband does NOT do this to me!

Now this one sounds more like my dad...I mean who can resist asking good ol paw for a $20?

Have a great week!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did I Just Sing That Out Loud?

First of all, I think Bluetooth is a strange name for a phone. O.k., it's not really a phone exactly. It's an ear piece thingy that uses your phone. Or something like that.

But seriously. Bluetooth? Shouldn't it be called BlueEAR? Because if you talked on the phone long enough without taking a breath, wouldn't your face turn blue, not to mention your ear?

That said, I think I need one.

I mean, think about it. I could drive in my car and talk to myself all day long and no one would ever know about it. I could sit at the stoplights in my car and sing songs and talk and laugh, and people would think I was talking on the phone.

I could walk through grocery stores and talk to myself and no one would think it strange. They would just assume I was talking on my Bluetooth. My hair is long enough to cover my ears and I could probably pretend I have one and no one would know I didn't.

I need one. I just don't like sitting at stoplights, singing along to the cd (or the radio) and having people see me sitting in my car, all alone, and know that I am singing along to it.

It's kind of embarrassing.

It's kind of like singing in the shower. Only without the water. And of course, you're dressed and in a car with an audience next to you.

Who is laughing at you because you're all by yourself singing in a car.

Not that I sing in my car, of course.

Not that I talk to myself either.

That would be pathetic.

I never talk to myself........well, hardly ever and I never argue with myself because I always win and I am a sore loser.

If you want me I'll be in the car. Singing and talking to myself. Feel free to laugh and point.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!

Today on the Five Moms I would love to hear what you have to Thank God for this Friday.
I tell you...
This week has been hectic, stressful & yet amongst the chaos I have been blessed.

About a month ago I got a ticket for Failing to Signal...I know *gasp* who forgets to signal right? Apparently 90% of Americans so says the Magistrate on Tuesday when he dismissed my ticket. Thank you God.
I also got a Gift Card for Dunkin Donuts in the mail from my sweet bloggy friend Sam. Thank you Sam & Thank you God! He knows I am trying not to spend money this month on frivolous things.
Those are both little things, but definitely blessings.
I am exhausted my friends but I still want to give God the praise for all things!

What do you have to Thank God for this Friday?
Please share with us as a way to publicly Thank HIM for HIS Blessings in your life!

I'm hosting a giveaway at my personal blog today...come check it out!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google, You're Fired!

I'm so frustrated right now! I no longer have googly-shmoogly eyes for Google. Today, I got the urge to update my cake website, but guess what?! Somebody decided to take my little website and mess it all up. It's a good thing I checked in today because if I hadn't, there's no telling how many people would have clicked in and right back out. It is such a mess that I'm considering telling Google, "YOU'RE FIRED!" He decided to play hooky and pawned off all my hard work to a Mr. Google Sites. WHAT! Does he think that just because they have the same first name, everything's gonna be just dandy?!

He doesn't fool me. I can tell a difference. The margins are off. There's duplicate photos. The headings aren't where they should be and everything is sqooshed together. And now this new guy has the nerve to even put surveys on MY website.


I didn't approve this!!!

AND I DON'T know who YOU think you are, but there's no US and you're NOT helping me one bit!

How could he just take control like that?! Does Google NOT remember how LONG it took me to put it all together?! And NOW he wants ME to clean up his mess?!!!!

So, now I have a BIG decision to make. Should I stick it out and try to work things out with this new Mr. G. Sites or should I just say, "YOU'RE FIRED!", and be done with it. That sounds like a better option. Besides, who needs the hassle when I could hire Mr. Blogger to keep up with all my cakes. He seems to be doing a great job here and at Pieces of Me.

What do y'all think?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I suppose you're wondering about the title. It's only fair that I explain it.

Sometimes I notice that my husband has pulled the covers up over his head when sleeping. How can he do that? Ugh. I just need to breathe, man. I need fresh air.

As a turtle pulls his head into a shell, my hubby just sort of pulls his head in under the shelter of the covers. Like it's his own private little cocoon. So maybe he's a butterfly. Or a moth. :0) Do you think he does it because I'm snoring? Am I snoring?

He is more than happy to pass this quirk down to the next generation. Yesterday morning I walked past my son's room and the only part I saw sticking out from under the covers was his knee. Like turtle like son.

This can be quite entertaining when hubby is pulling the blankets up to cover his head, and I am pulling them down to uncover mine.

Oh, and might I mention that I am a blanket-stealer?

I didn't know that until my husband pointed it out one morning soon after we married. Fortunately for me he was smiling. He was also pointing out who had all the covers. Me.

That means I win, right?

He (she) who has the most blankets wins.

I wonder if he's still smiling.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Alphabetical Comments

Look, I'm not normal. I admit it, I'm not.

I was wondering if it was possible to get people to ONLY leave comments in alphabetical order. I know... weird thought to even wonder about.... but is it possible? Would people really obey, listen and wait their TURN to sign? It would require Andrea or Angela to go first.... and then possibly Bridget would pop in next. Then Carrie or Cathy or Carol could be third (and fourth). Darcie could be next. Then for E, we can get the OTHER Erica to come comment. Some might totally miss their turn and be annoyed with me. We might get to a letter and get hung-up.... like when we got to Q. Who could sign then? Well, I know a Queen Mumma blogger... so she starts with Q.

Anyway, I decided to quit wondering and put you bloggers to the test. Now if you get stuck, you can contact your friends (or some of the ones I've mentioned) that start with 'that letter' and tell them to get over and leave a comment just so we can get this thing moving again.

Now let's see how far we can get. No cheating, Ladies!!! Miti and Mimi, you can fight it out for the M slot. Nan, you may go right after them. And Tarah, you'll have to wait a bit longer than them. You may comment right after Stephanie!