Thursday, July 23, 2009

A FULL Plate of LIFE!

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Do y'all ever feel like y'all have too much on your plate?

Not literally. I mean too much on your mind. Of course y'all do. If we didn't life would be too perfect. Right?!! Well, that's how I'm feeling these days. Sometimes I wish I could just wiggle my nose and just like that, time would sit still for a moment so I could take a breather. My plate has been so full lately that I haven't had enough room for the tiniest side of blog. It's true! It's so bad that I FORGOT today was my day here on the mom blog. I KNOW! I should be ASHAMED of myself! Blogging has taken a back burner for the past couple of weeks. I hope the other 4 moms aren't too mad at me for just now getting a post up. Sorry mamas! It wasn't intentional. Our promise!! If I haven't been blogging lately, you know something's going on. I wrote a post at Pieces of Me last week and I haven't been able to put the finishing touches until just a few minutes ago. I thought I'd better get something out there before everybody forgets about me. Who am I kidding.....? Y'all probably haven't even noticed my absence. But anyways, sadly, I must return to the real world now and leave the wonderful world of blogland behind. Wipe your tears away. I know it's sad. But I really must be on my way.

Life isn't just calling...

Til next time,


  1. Of course we're not mad! Life happens. I've had times where I forgot it was my turn until the night before!

    I figure if somebody forgets they forget and the world will go on, so don't worry about it my friend!

    Now go on, scoot, your phone is ringing, lol!

  2. Hey I got to make the first comment on our blog, wooohoo! BTW, I was so busy I didn't even make it on here yesterday to read Tarah's post so now I'm playing catchup.

  3. Oh are missed dearly! We are not mad at all. Life is just crazy busy this summer for everyone it seems. Somedays are like that. Catch up on life & we will still be here. I should check in with you a bit better! You are loved!

  4. Oh Miti!

    I think ALLLLLL of us are feeling the summer 'busies' right now! I haven't been visiting all of my normal blogs and I feel bad for anyone who might be noticing my absense. BUT we'll all be slowing down soon enough and get back to blogging when we can. Do NOT fret!

    Life is more important. =0)

  5. It is summer. We are all so busy enjoying life and all there is to do outside that it is hard to get the time when you do have a spare second to knock out a post!! We forgive you and miss you!

  6. Don't worry we all have times like that and it's summer time to, summertime can definitely be a busy time!

  7. It's been crazy around here, and I completely understand!! It's really hard for me to blog too sometimes! You do have a lot going on right now, and we'll all still be here when you get back to blogland!

  8. I totally know what you mean! It's summer and everyone is busy, so you're forgiven! Go and enjoy these wonderful days! :D

  9. Not to worry...we will be here!!!

  10. Yeah. Since when did we say that summer and busy could creep up on us...I know I speak for this mom when I say...girl we all gotta take breaks!!!!

    Enjoy a little R & R!!! ;)

  11. You are most certainly not forgotten! Life happens and gets busy but we all have times like that so understand completely.
    Love COllette xxx

  12. Of course we've noticed and been missing you. We'll be here when you have some free time!

  13. Its OK! We are all still here for ya!

  14. Hoping you feel the peace of God in your heart and know that you are loved and missed! Hang in there!


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