Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Got UR Backs...

Together (the 5 moms) collaborate on our weekend posts.

The past weeks have been an interesting take on several things from snacks to embarrassing moments. Well this week we all got a little hairy....SO MUCH going on over the summer that our collaboration went a little south (well OK, so we didn't have anything prepared) so I am hopping on and writing a little something and they can just add in throughout the day as their schedule permits. That's what we do around here ;)
We got each others backs...or at the bare minimum at least each others computer screens!!!
So here is just a little something that I LOVE about each one of my partners in crime:

She is so darn bubbly...Honestly, you could read the emails at midnight and still detect that smile on her face! I love that about her. Makes me strive to be a little happier!

Aside from HAVING to like me because I am her cousin...I could not ask for someone who understands my sense of humor more....GOTTA have that in life...FOR REALZ...Right Blair!!! ;)
PS...this is the girl that keeps me in know who that is in your life ;)

Miti -
Seriously...we have one of the most adorable people on the planet helping us on our blog! How lucky are we...Miti...a girl needs a girl friend who bakes GORGEOUS cakes and just brings them over for no good reason...I mean aside from the fact that it might take you 48 full hours for that masterpiece and it only takes me 8 minutes to eat it. Good thing we are not neighbors!!

I gotta get my NAN fix! She has the best insight! Some really great wisdom and a really great sense of humor to boot + She is a great example of the kind of wife that I strive to be.

So Ladies....
I was up until 1:30AM assured ;)


It's now 1:42 a.m. my time... and I just stumbled over to the computer to see what was up. What do I find? This super sweet post from Tarah - so sweet, that I dare not touch it. It needs nothing more. Other than for me to say "Thank you!!!" to Tarah. Oh wait.... it does need this:

Tarah -

I ran across the most awesome word verification the other day. It said simply "Sweetheart". Yep, spelled out perfectly, just like that. And who is the WORD VERIFICATION QUEEN? Yes, that would be Tarah. So who else could it have been talking about, but our dear sweet Tarah. See, Word Verification does actually love you, Tarah.... and so do we! ~Erica


  1. I think Erica said it best. Even though you didn't call me back and haven't really called me all week. Hmmm
    Get rid of the dog. LOL
    Hope you had fun last night and thanks for catching this post for us...YOU ROCK!

  2. Wow Tarah!!! You are the SWEETEST!!! I couldn't agree more about all of you! I feel so bad, because lately I haven't been the best bloggy buddy. Moving and building has really stirred up my pot. I really do love my Dearly Beloved Bloggers. All of y'all have been so sweet to me. I miss you all very much. I was planning on chiming in last night after I put the little guy in bed but I ended up falling asleep too. I just woke up and found this sweet post. I wish we were neighbors. That would be awesome. But then again, that would probably make it REALLY hard for me to move too. LOL.


  3. Sweet words! I think you are all great and very gifted writers. thanks for sharing your worlds with honesty and humor everyday.

  4. You guys have a beautiful blog that encourages and uplifts daily. Each of you are valuable treasures, uniquely designed by GOD to grace our lives during the week. We are "all" blessed! As I read your post today, I was reminded: "GOD has our backs" when we do not know what to do or say! So as we have each others backs in prayer, encouragement, love, and laughter....there is someone far greater who has our backs when we feel deeply alone or discouraged and after all....He gave us each other! What a wonderful Heavenly Father we have! I am thankful HE brought each of you into my lives.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. You guys make me feel all mushy! I'm so thankful for my bloggy friends. I know I don't get to blog too much, and I feel badly for that, but I always know that I can come here for a big smile and laugh. :) Enjoy your weekend girls.

  6. This was such a sweet post. I loved reading all of the tributes and then the one in response to Tarah was so fun. Thanks for making me smile.

  7. What a sweet post! I love that I feel as though I know each of you IRL (which I do with 2 of you), but I love waking up and reading all the funnies on the 5 Moms Blog! Way to stick together and I couldn't agree more with what was said about ALL of you! Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  8. AWWWW! You all love each other! How sweet! I think you are all wonderful too!

  9. Tarah, thank you for the sweet comments, my friend, and for watching our backs! Like I said, with my son's car accident I just totally dropped the ball. Thank you for picking it up and running with it for all of us. Touchdown!!!!

  10. You definitely are linked together with some great women. The 5 of you need to meet in person. :o)

  11. This is such a sweet post...I'm feelin' the LOVE y'all have for each other! :-)


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