Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Red, White & Blue Saturday

Hope you are out and about today... celebrating our country's Independence Day! Is there a parade in town? Are you wearing your patriotic clothing?

Erica ~

My family and I are usually IN our small town's 4th of July Parade every year. This year, however, we are not. We're just going to sit and enjoy the parade, watching all the floats as they pass by! After the parade, we're heading to friends for a relaxing party, and from there we'll all head out to go watch our town's fireworks together.

My favorite 4th of July memory would be of the 2nd parade that we were in
back in 2004 when I was pulled along in a RICKSHAW right alongside our church's huge CATERPILLAR full of our kiddos!

Nan ~

We usually spend the Fourth with our family and friends. We eat way to much food, talk and laugh to much, make s'mores over the firepit and watch the fireworks show on the lake.


This year we will all be in our Old Navy Flag shirts just like every year. My husband hates it, but humors me every year. That is one good man!

He loves me enough to even get a family picture in our cute shirts. Pick some up for your family for just $5 at your local Old Navy or at Old Wonder if I will get paid for that infomercial?

We will eat lots of food, get fat, feel a little sick, eat some more, feel a little more sick & then go watch the fireworks.

Yep, bloated bellies & fireworks...nothing better on July 4th!

Happy Independence Day!

Miti -

This year, we're celebrating in true patriotic spirit. There's nothing more American than enjoying a good ole game of baseball and eating a hot dog with all the fixin's, while rooting for the home town team. Our Hickory Crawdads are playing against the Hagerstown Suns. After the game, fireworks will be lighting the Carolina sky. Our 4th will be a home run, for sure! Except for our dog Petey. Hopefully, the chamomile will calm him just in time for the booms in the sky.

Even though I wasn't born in this great country, I still feel a great sense of pride and I'm blessed to call it my home!

We hope you have a wonderfuly 4th of July spent with loved ones! ~♥ The 5 Moms


  1. We have a BIG fireworks show in our town, at the football stadium. It's a big community event with games/rides for the kiddos, live music, concessions, and (of course) the big show. We take lawn chairs and blankets, and fill the football field. Seems like the entire town attends. It's a chance to visit with friends and enjoy good, clean fun.

    My family usually has a cookout at home at some point, but not necessarily on the 4th. Sometimes it's the day before (or after). That's our walk on the wild side...livin' on the edge! LOL

    Happy Fourth of July, y'all!
    P.S. I'm inviting everyone over to my blog... come check it out! I've posted some pics of the beautiful mountains, where my family lives.

  2. Party at our house, with fireworks at dusk. Food, and more food! Have a safe and happy 4th.

  3. Keeping it quiet today....Hubby and kids are going to see fireworks this evening. I am staying home with the dogs. One of our dogs is afraid of fireworks/thunder and lightening and the like....I don't want him to be here alone and get scared.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. I finally made it over, Mimi.

  5. Happy 4th, Ladies. Thanks for sharing what you all will be doing. Have loads of fun!

  6. Had lunch at the in-laws and then an evening movie at home. Nice somewhat low-key day. :) Happy Independence Day!

  7. BBQ chicken, too many side dishes and desserts and we eat it until we can't eat anymore. We hang out and eat more.

    We set off fireworks and others in our neighborhood go nuts with the fireworks they have. So we have quite a show right here in the hood (I mean neighborhood).

    My son went camping at the ocean with friends and my sis just took my daughter for ice cream and to the waterfront to see what they are dioing down there to celebrate their 50th anniversary (the little city down there is 50).

    Waiting for it get dark so we can enjoy the fireworks. Pray that there will be no fires, it is soooo dry. Unseasonably dry for June & July.

    Happy Birtday America
    Nannette from Life: Be In It

  8. Hope yall had a Great 4th

  9. I hope you ladies all had wonderful 4th celebrations. Sounds like everyone had great plans!

    I love those old navy shirts :)

    Happy 4th of July!



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