Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mom Mobile!

A vehicle similiar to the Batmobile, but driven by a Mom with messy hair, sunglasses & PJ bottoms on...ok maybe the messy hair, sunglasses & PJ's only applies to me. Whatever, you get the point.
Maybe you drive one & maybe you don’t, but we have ALL seen one.

That vehicle you get into that screamsI’m driven by a Mom with young children!!!

You know what I am talking about…

Car seats & Booster seats are the first giveaway that you have just entered a Mom Mobile.

At this point you should either exit the car before she puts it in B for Boogie or Buckle up for the ride of your life. While cruising down the road you may observe the following features of the Mom Mobile.

•Fingerprints all over the back windows…sporting everything from grease to dried milk.
•Trash wedged in between the wall & the seats...straw wrappers, food containers, crayons, & hair ties, because that is a better place than the trash...right?
•Stains on the carpets & seats…from all the drink pass backs while driving.
•A DVD player…with several kid DVD’s shoved in the back pockets of the front seats.
•Kids CD’s…that we end up jamming to even after we have dropped the kids off at their destinations.
•Baby Wipes…for messes & quick clean ups.
•Kleenexes…for the messy sneezes & the occasional nose treasures.
•Snacks…to quiet cries & to avoid McDonalds…which never works, because we end up needing an iced coffee for the caffeine just to make it through the drive.
•Spare clothes…for the occasional accident or just in case the kids are asked on a whim to spend the night with friends or the grandparents.
•Happy Meal Toys…for their brief entertainment.
•Some type of sports equipment from the kids events…my favorite is the soccer ball the rolls continuously back & forth when I turn the corners. I keep telling myself to take it out when we get home, because the season ended 3 months ago…But...I have to keep up the Mom Mobile Status Quo.
Come on…be honest…how many of these apply to your sweet rides?

Is there any I missed?
Drive Safely & Buckle Up...It's the LAW!


  1. LOL! Don't be talking about my car like that! It's like you have a camera inside mine! So true...I actually took the soccer balls out, and the baseball bat out finally! That's an accomplishment! Now, the old fries and stepped on cracker crumbs...I'll get to it!

  2. Love this post! Our car actually got cleaned out yesterday but up until then it really did resemble the pictures above!
    Love Collette xxx

  3. Too funny! My kids have long past the car seat stage, but my car still manages to look like that. I hadn't had time to clean it, so I ended up paying my son 10 dollars to give the poor car a much needed clean. I'm proud of myself, for it has been a week and we are still driving clean!

    So glad I'm not the only mom with a messy car from time to time.

  4. I'm scared to admit how many of those apply to me! Just glad I'm not the only one!!!!

  5. Ahhhh.....wish I could say my car stays cleaner with teenagers who drive their own vehicles most of the time...but I actually think that late at night, when everyone is asleep...their garbage and dirty clothes float out of their car and into mine!!! Yep...that's my story!!

  6. WOW...what a site!!
    My car is full of dog hair!!

  7. HA! this is a FUNNY ONE! I totally fall into the wet wipes, (anit-bacterial pump too) wrappers, toys, trinkets, shoes, crumbs, hand prints catergory! HOWEVER, because we have one vehicle and I am more or less a clean person. I try realy hard everytime we get home to grab the garbage and bring in some of their toys. If I happen to see a spill or splatter of something on the interior, I will reach for the wet wipes and clean it up. Thanks for the reminder of the mom car. P.S. I DON'T HAVE A VAN .... SIGHHHH... FEWWWW!

  8. That can not be YOUR car???? My husband would kill me if mine looked like that!!!

    Great post!

  9. How did you get a picture of my car? :o) I am sure some day we are going to miss those messy cars. Maybe not. :o)

  10. I'm feeling pretty doggone good since visiting you. I thought my car was messy but maybe it's because A is only 17 months old. We have the Kleenex everywhere, the box of wipes and just general trash. Woo woo, yay me! I'm sure it will all go downhill when he gets older but I do try to get the trash out every couple weeks.

  11. Boy...sounds familiar...but what we need is...a sign that says...
    My house DOES NOT look like my car. Can anyone tell me how I can keep a house clean but my van NEVER gets clean!

  12. Oh my goodness! How did you get that picture of my mini van??? I laughed all the way through the post. That's my car! I had to move a car seat out for someone else to sit the other day and cheerios and other various kinds of crackers went flying! I'm so glad I invested in those little mats to go under the car seats!

    Although, now I feel the need to drag the shop vac out and clean my car... at least the middle row!

  13. Is that your car ???? LOL. I know that you would not be able to sleep if that was your car!!

  14. Mine USED to look like that, but since getting a new car in DEC, I have been the mean mommy who makes them clean it out after every ride!!! And they have since grown out of their sad! Super funny post!

  15. Ok my suv doesn't look quiet that bad, but I just cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago!! The back window was covered in milk spots where Joshua had shook his cup. I am guilty of rockin it out to the kids cds and then realizing that hey I don't have to listen to that if I don't wanna!

  16. car was always pretty clean all except my son's toe prints on the windshield. Now the van I just got stuck with, a WHOLE other story!!! :D

  17. Oh, I remember those days!!! LOL We did have one other thing in our van that you didn't mention...probably because you've never done this...We used to keep small, empty Sunny D bottles in our van for emergencies for the know. We went on lots of trips and their dad wouldn't stop the car for anything, and...well, when you gotta go, you gotta go! We were forever screaming at other little kids who got in our van, "DON'T DRINK that Sunny D!!!" Hahahaha!

  18. Spare clothes and Happy Meal toys are the only 2 we do NOT have, everything else oh yeah....much to hubby's dismay!!

  19. A lot of those apply to I catch myself singing to the cd long after the kids are out of the

  20. I couldn't stand it...I'm sorry! I'm not perfect by any means, but I just cannot stand garbage in my car.

    Now, the outside is plenty dirty. So I guess I care about myself, but not what others see. Ha!

    It's all the same. Busy moms = dirty cars.
    Take care

  21. that is funny because I just went out to lunch with Stacy and the kids and I wore sunglasses had messy hair and pants that i usually wear to bed....I just don't care anymore, at least not all the time.

  22. All of these apply to my van! LOL

  23. Can anyone tell me a good place to buy good push toys for toddlers?


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