Friday, July 24, 2009

I Need A Sick Day!

Why is it that when Moms get sick life must still go on? Isn't there a Substitute Mom line that we can call when we need to take a sick day? I sure wish there was, because this girl would totally be dialing those digits!

I am so sick of being sick. I have had this terrible cough for 3 weeks & 1 day now. I mean really. I rarely get sick & when I do it usually lasts for less than a day. This cough has found my Kryptonite. My healthy cells have surrendered & are waving the white flag!

This is a serious cough...

I wake up hacking so bad & gasping for breath that I throw my hands in the air & wave them like I just don't care...but I do care, because at that very moment I am not able to breathe! I run like a crazy ape down the hall to the bathroom soak a washcloth with scalding hot water & breath in the vapors. I am able to catch a breath. Long enough to tell Agent...I am seriously going to die. He rolls his eyes cause he has been hearing that for 3 weeks & yet I am still around. I was never good at follow through.

When I eat anything I get that tickle in my throat just about the time to swallow & the coughing starts again followed by choking. It turns into a 5 minute ordeal where everyone just stops & stares in amazement that I can hack that long without passing out. Anyone know the Heimlich me!

I tried to take the inhaler that was prescribed to me to help with my breathing & I almost died puffing that stuff...I think it went down the wrong pipe & then that pipe closed up because I was bordering Smurf complexion.

Good Grief Smurfette!

I had asthma & an inhaler growing up...I should remember how to handle this breathing situation a little better without thinking I should start planning my funeral every time the cough arises...but breathing freely for some 20 years can really cause amnesia as to how to deal with suffocation. I you know where Actress gets it. Right?

Nighttime is actually the best time for me if I can just get to sleep...because once asleep the coughing stops. No wonder my body has been wanting me to nap like 4 times a day, all that coughing can wear you out!

Sleep is good when you are sick...

Sleep is not allowed when you are a Stay At Home Super Mom of 3 busy children

Must keep eyes open & on them at all times...

It is my JOB!

Must kick this cough...

I need my JOB!

Wish I could call in a Substitute Mom...

Anyone have the number?

Anyone wanna SUB for me for a few days while I catch my BREATH...Literally!


  1. Oh Mimi,

    Don't you crave for the communities of the past ... or is it just some romantic delusion that our mums and mums moms and moms moms moms would be around a lot to stand in our 'dying days' gaps.

    And our generation thinks we are stacks more savy than the past ......

  2. Oh goodness Mimi! Sorry you are so sick!

    Drink lots of ginger and lemon water! I'm talking lots and it will help stop the cough and irritation.

    Drink it with some cayenne pepper, as much as you can tolerate in each cup. It works! A little pica "spicy" yes but if you want that cough to go away try it :)

    Blessings and love!

  3. I'm so sorry you are still sick! It's so hard when you're a mom and you're sick...and life must go on. I think that's why it takes us moms so much longer to recuperate when we are sick. We don't get the rest needed to get well.

    Prayed for you to get better quick!

    My stepmom swears by Delsym cough medicine.
    I've had some good results with the Mucinex DM, I think it's called. Or sometimes, good old Benadryl to stop the drip that can cause that kind of cough, just make sure it's safe to use an antihistamine with asthma, though.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Maybe you can send them all to the grandparents for the day? I don't know if they are close, but that would be my attempt at sleep!

  5. Sorry you are feeling bad. I is hard for a mom to take a sick is just not allowed.

  6. Oh Mimi, that's so miserable! Do you have any Vicks Vapo Rub? Rub it ALLLLL OVER your FEET and then put on a pair of socks to keep it from gettin' on your sheets/blankets/floors. It'll absorb in and help!

    Next trick? When you feel that tickle at bedtime and everything in your body says "Cough now!", fight it and stifle it. I know it's SOOOO hard to do, but if you can stifle that tickle for just a few moments, it'll go away and then your body can just relax off to sleep! And if you can't totally stifle it, cough the stupidest softest little cough you can possibly hold back. Every time you cough, you get 'inflamed' once again. So if you can resist long enough for that to relax away, then YOU CAN RELAX AWAY!

    Poor thing. I'll be praying for rest and healing!

  7. Oh Mimi! Hope you feel better!!!

  8. Aww I'm sorry hun! If I find that number, I'll be sure to give it to you first!

  9. Oh my sister....I can't believe that you still have that cough! Poot thing. I agree with Erika on her remodies....try'em and see. I hope you get better soon and you know if I was there...I would sub for you anytime!

  10. Sorry, but I had to laugh. McCraken just said "Poot Thing" instead of "Poor Thing". That's FUNNY!


  11. I should really reread my comments before hitting that post button....huh! Good thing I am a kindergarten teacher!!!!! LOL
    Erica...glad to have made you giggle!!

  12. Have you tried using a "spacer" with your inhaler? I have to use one with mine. I'm just not coordinated enough to use the inhaler by itself. Ask your doctor about one.

    Speaking of doctors, you HAVE been to see your doc about THIS cough haven't you, and you aren't using a previously prescribed inhaler??? Just askin', because I have been guilty of doing that. You wouldn't do that, though....right???

    Also, something that has helped me with coughing is VINEGAR. Put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (brown vinegar) in a glass of water and sip it throughout the day, whenever you get that tickle. As soon as you drink one glass, fix another. The taste is an issue at first, but you will adjust to it.

    Several years ago, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was a Friday evening. I remember this because my hubby so generously offered, "Well, I can help out this weekend, but then I have to be at work on Monday. You've got two days, then you'll be on your own after that." Nice, huh? He didn't mean to be insensitive...he just didn't realize how sick I was. Anyway, a couple of years later HE got pneumonia. He missed work for a week, and spent that entire time apologizing to me for the way he had treated ME when I had it! LOL

    I'm praying for you!

  13. Hi Mimi, Love your posts here! They are sooo funny! Sorry you are sick! This is just a suggestion but go to the Nutrition store and get some oil of oregano! If you can stand to take it by mouth(it is really potent) or just rub some on your feet! Good luck! Love, Michelle

  14. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so sorry that when I talk to you that you have to take a 10 minute weazing break!!! ;)

    I'm glad that you are not good at follow through cuz then Agent would be calling for dinner recipies!!! ;)

  15. I am so sorry. You should do what I do when I am not feeling well but have to keep working-- go to the nearest starbucks. Seriously, it will make you feel better. Lattes are great medicine. I promise it will help at least a bit.

  16. I'm so sorry about your cough! Seriously, though, have you been to a Dr? My MIL had a nasty cough a while back that lasted forever and when she finally went to the Dr they told her she had 'walking pneumonia!' I had never heard of it until then, and still don't know what it is exactly, but your cough might be a symptom of something more serious!

  17. Yeah, whenever I use my inhaler for my asthma (when I haven't used it for awhile) it makes me cough like crazy for the first several minutes. In fact, I have coughed so much I almost gag.

    But I think that's because it loosens up the gunk in the lungs. After that I feel better and breathe better.

    I also take Robitussim DM cough syrup and that helps too.

    Hope you feel better soon. Go to the doctor!

  18. I would substitute for you if you lived close to me! That is a great idea actually. Someone should start a substitute mom business. Someone creative with a flair for good business get on this right away and let me know when it is up and going! LOL

  19. I feel your pain. I've had the same thing since after the 4th. We just got back from the dr. with Phoebe because of the same thing, only with a fever. Said her lungs were loaded. She is on an antibiotic for a week.
    Honey helps a cough. Take care girl. REST! You've had a busy month.

  20. Sorry to hear you have been feeling so rough lately! Mums just have to keep on going don't we! When my hubby is ill he has"man flu" and lies on the sofa but when it's me I still need to do the 6am rises etc.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Collette xxx

  21. Ahh, Mimi, I hope you feel better very soon. Have you been to your chiropractor to make sure everything is lined up in your spine? It's not just for low back pain and headaches like most believe. I would do that, of course I would... I am one! I would also try some natural remedies like Erica and Blessed Mom of 8 said.

    Blessings to you.

  22. I'm so sorry your sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  23. This happens to me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I get sick and my cough will last for a month or two. When I try to talk, it feels like somebody is kicking me right in the chest and knocking the air out of me. I took QVar inhaler for a while plus Tessalon Perles cough suppressant. I am currently seeing an ENT in hopes of getting this craziness under control. Hang in there! I know how aggravating it is :-(

  24. Ah yes. If there's one benefit that stay at home moms need but don't have it's definitely sick days.

    I'm sorry you're sick and hope you get to feeling better soon!

  25. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better! Praying you are.


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