Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Slip at the Wheel

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Boy, it's good to know I'm not the only goof ball out there. Saturday was confession day here at Five Moms and a Blog and what'D'ya know? Who was missing once again? Of course, that would be me.

Until now that is....

I've had plenty of slip ups. A couple that come to mind involve wheels. But these wheels were NOT the kind that spin in your head during the thinking process, cause I definitely was NOT thinking at the moment.

The first mishap occurred as a young "experienced" teenage diver (or at least that's what I thought I was.) I was taking my mom to do some errands in my sister's little Ford Festiva. It was a tiny little thing. We used to call it THE RED BULLET. Sounds FAST and FURIOUS, huh?!!! Well, that could not have been further from the truth.


The DANGER really lied behind the wheel.
It was ME!

Things were going great. We made it home safely. Well....close enough, anyways. It had started raining on our way back to the house. As I approached the driveway, I began to gear it down. Everything was just dandy... that is until we noticed something was just a little off. Maybe it was my driving. Maybe it was the DRIVEWAY. I don't know. All I know is that I steered clear of everything except for our telephone box. I ran FAST and hoped that my sister wouldn't be FURIOUS :0| Oddly enough, I wasn't worried about what my mom thought. I just kept thinking about how my sister was going KILL ME! She bought her precious little RED BULLET all on her own. It was her baby! I ran inside the house crying and wondering where would be the perfect place to go into hiding. Apparently, it was in a little corner of my mom's room, cause that's where my sister found me begging for her forgiveness. Thankfully, she did forgive and I lived to tell the story.

But, unfortunately, my slips at the wheel don't end there. Years after THE BULLET incident, another slip up occurred. This time, I couldn't blame it on my inexperience. By now I had been driving for years and driving pretty well for that matter. This time my brother-in-law's Plymouth Breeze was the victim. I had backed my car into a parking spot as I waited for him. He showed up. My sister hopped into his car. We began to set the cars in motion and then BAM! The Plymouth Rocked and Shook. Sometime or another, the wheels in my head stopped turning again and I forgot to put the car back into drive. I sat still for a moment. This time I had no where to hide. I thought I was a goner for sure. It was bad! I crushed the whole side with my Explorer. Luckly for me, I kept it in the family once again. If it would have been someone else, either time, I know they would not have been so understanding.

Hopefully, my days of slipping at the wheel are over. The wheels in my head have been greased up and running smoothly ever since.

Yours (TRUELY!),


  1. I haven't had a bad crash yet thankfully! I have scratched cars several times and bumped stationary cars. I am a terrible terrible parker.
    Love Collette xxx

  2. Well, I think I am even with you...I hit a drunk driver. remember that story on my blog. Yep. Just trying to help out the police i guess. Then I backed into my parents car while my mom was in it. Horrible. Hoping that now that I have kids riding with me that my wheels are greased too:)

  3. wow. lol. i only backed out of my parent's garage. and took the side mirror off of the car. big car. small garage...i'm serious...:0)

  4. My hubby backed into my car with his huge truck! I have had my share of car mishaps. Thankfully none recently (knock on wood..IMMEDIATELY)but enough in my time driving!

  5. I am going to have to "knock on a lot of wood" when I say this, but I've never had an accident or a ticket. I don't think it is because I'm a good driver (because I have come very close to having an accident too many times to count) but rather I'm so bad, cars steer clear.

  6. Ahhh, driving! Brilliant to give a 16-year-old a couple thousand pound rolling machine and throw them onto a nice smooth surface among other huge rolling machines and say "now don't bump 'em and you're good." YIKES!

    The funniest 'fender bender' for me was when Jason and I were dating. He was following me out to my parents house and I stopped at a yield sign. He was glancing back and thought I'd gone on so he plowed right into the back of me. We both jumped out and the exhange of "Are you okay?" and a hug and a kiss and accessing the damage occurred. I bet everybody who saw thought "Dang, I've never seen a lady react like THAT when she's just been rear-ended!"

    But hey, were young and in-love and forgiveness came so easily back then. =0)

  7. I got into my first fender bender a few months ago. Luckily all it did was put a small hole in my bumper and nothing to the truck I hit.

  8. I guess I'm doing ok so far. The only thing I've crashed was my parent's new riding lawnmower into a light pole when I was about 8. I guess that's why children aren't supposed to even be near lawnmowers until they are 16!! No one got hurt but I guarantee that pole still has green paint on it!

  9. I ran a stop sign into the LARGEST pick up truck on earth!!! Guess who stepped out? A man in overalls with NO shirt underneath..You guessed it.
    I was totally foggy and I still found time to laugh!!!

    Great story Miti!!! ;)

  10. I have had a few shares of slips at the wheel...once when I was in HS, I hit the side of the garage as I was backing out, so I messed up the front bumper as well as the garage door...I went into a few ditches as well. But then I have had a few done too me as well...just since the beginning of the year I have rearended TWICE in my brand new car...that was not fun! No injuries in any of them that was good!
    You are missed, hope all is well!

  11. Earlier this year, I posted a Not Me Monday where I ran into a light post and dented my car...the dirty details-the light pole was in an EMPTY parking lot and it was the only light pole there...

    My defrost wasn't working well, so I pulled over in this particular parking lot to let the windshield defrost a little more. When I went to pull out of the parking lot, BAM, I smacked the only light pole on that acre parking lot...I will NEVER ever live it down, never!

  12. I once hit a rock. It was 4 feet tall. I told my dad it was in my blind spot.

  13. I once hit a ladder in the middle of the road that I did not see until I was right up on it. But I ran right over it with my little plymoth horizon and kept on going. I don't think it was quite right after that though. :)

  14. I was driving my dad's station wagon - The Blue Bomb - driving down a big hill, when I decided I should put the car into neutral to save gas (this was in the days of gas rationing). Unfortunately, I slipped it into reverse, instead...BOOM!!! It took several tries to get the car started again. Then, it shuddered and shook all the way home. I was petrified that my dad would tan my hide. Fortunately, I just knocked loose some sort of hose connection. My hide was saved!


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