Friday, April 30, 2010

Help Wanted...Help Needed!

Have you ever helped your Children?

Of course you have...
Sometimes they want our help & sometimes they just NEED our help.

Today I want your help...
AND because I am so NOT creative...
I NEED your help too.

Actress has an assignment for school where she has to Create, Market & Sell a product to the kids in her school & at the end of the day...Make a PROFIT.


We need to make something that kids would want to buy...
Something that is inexpensive to make...
Something that will sell for a fair but good price.

Some ideas we are throwing around are...

•Paper Airplanes
Cheap & she could decorate them by coloring them

• Flower Pens
We have tons of pens & would just have to buy that green tape

• Clothes Pin Magnets
For the kids lockers but we have no supplies for this.

Any Cute, Easy, Cheap ideas would be appreciated.

If you have any ideas...Please share!
I will for sure show you what we ended up doing in a later post!
Thanks in advance for your help!

I am having a giveaway at my other blog & leaving a comment here is an extra entry over there. So check it out Here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Doctor.....

After I recently went through some medical testing and stuff, the doctor gave me a picture of my stomach and colon, and while I was touched, I wasn't really sure what I should do with it.

Should I put it in my wallet and break it out and show people? "Oh, what beautiful children you have! Want to see a picture of my colon?????"

I don't think my colon is as cute as my doctor obviously thinks it is. I mean, he must think it's cute, why else would he have given me a picture of it? I'm looking at my stomach and colon and trying to decide if they take after my mother's side or my father's side........whom do they resemble more?

I have never been really into a lot of those "keepsake" items. Yes, I do have some of my children's baby teeth but my hubby said "We gotta keep that!" after they fell out. I'm really not sure about the charm of keeping old teeth that even the former occupants are no longer using, however my hubby is sentimental that way.

I still don't know what to do with that picture. It's not exactly something that you want to frame and put up on the wall. However, I would almost love doing that just to hear the comments I would get. Maybe I could make an adorable little name plaque for it and put it underneath.

Wouldn't it be funny to go visit someone and get to see a whole new side (or inside) of them????? I think I am going to send my doctor a thank you letter.

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for this lovely picture of my insides. Now I suddenly feel so much closer to them than I did before. I have named the puppy.....or the colon. Suddenly, they seem so much more real to me, now that I have a "face" to go with the name.

I am thinking of using it as the picture for next year's Christmas cards and you will be one of the first to be blessed with one. Please send me your home address as soon as possible.

I am also thinking of using it as my profile picture on facebook. Please let me know if you want to be my facebook friend so you can see it. Please don't tell my stomach that I will using my colon's picture as my profile, because I don't want my stomach to get jealous.

If I ever get my appendix out, I can only assume that I will leave the hospital with a lovely parting gift. Your generosity knows no bounds.

I am sure, in the years to come, that my colon and I will form a lasting friendship. Thank you for sending me the picture. I will cherish it forever.

Your friend,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, Hidey-Hoe Neighbors!!!!

What's new and exciting out in Blogland?

I'm happy, healthy, and for the most part, things are good. I am HAPPY! That feels GOOD to say!

My job is going great!

My boss is wonderful!

I'm dating and happy!

HOWEVER, I did come home this past Thursday to find out that we'd been robbed. Someone had been in my house... and taken both of the boys new laptops. Cam had been saving for MONTHS AND MONTHS for his. He didn't get "gifts" for Christmas, but got "money" so he could finally get his laptop. So both boys had gone to "after-Christmas sales" and bought their laptops... and here we are four months later and they're gone. =0(

But nobody was hurt, nothing was damaged, my camera (which serves as income for me) was not taken, and laptops are just "things". I'm thankful that my kids aren't seeming fearful in our home even knowing that someone was HERE... inside our house. I'm glad that God is our protector and provider.

He is blessing us!

So.... what's new with y'all? Because I am so rarely online, I'd like for all of you friends to give me a STATUS UPDATE via the comment box! Fill me in! Tell me your latest updates, tell me what I've missed, and make me feel "caught up" again, please!!!

{{Hugs}} to everyone!


Friday, April 23, 2010

I Got Nothing

Totally not fair!

I had this great post in my head about how I missed my fellow 5 Moms & their posts.
Then Erica posts... (Yeah)
Then Nan posts... (Yippee)
So I set that one aside.
Then guess who goes all MIA?
Yes. Me.

Friday snuck right up on me.
But you know what?
It was my first step in letting go.
I just have to let some things go...
You can't even begin to know how HUGE that was for me.
I still have got nothing for a post...

Life is Good, God is Great & It is Friday!
Happy Weekend My Friends!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When 5 Year Olds Make Decisions....

OK OK...So I have not posted in over a month on this blog
{muy muy apologies for that one ladies}

Well I am about to make up for that one right now.
I mean this post and this post alone will make you wet your pants!

So, onto the story.

He has been requesting for weeks....
Mom and Dad have been very hesitant because we knew what would happen.
But THIS 5 year old was determined....
Determined to be BALD.
*Parenting Tip: Do not let your 5 year old make decisions that will alter his self confidence in 3 seconds flat!

Remember this know HAIR..GLASSES {yada yada}....
Well this is the BEFORE photo;)

The I'm Gunna Be BALD EXCITMENT Shot....

The I just turned 75 and I am still excited! Otherwise known as "THE OLD MAN"

The "I Can't Believe that my mom did not stop me...what am I doing to myself" LOOK
*Poor Baby*

The..I'm not just MAD, I'm ANGRY face / look.

So, I am well aware of the Mother of Year Award that I just lost out to the woman who locked her kids in the car while she decided to gamble at the casino but I guess my son will now realize what the term BALD means and I will no longer have to hear about that one!

Hope to catch up with all of you soon....Life in the fast lane has been insane lately!!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Some Reason.....

For some reason, whenever someone is in the upstairs bathroom, that's when I suddenly develop the need to go. I gotta go. I gotta go NOW.

Whenever someone is on the phone, that's when I discover that I really have several urgent calls that need to be made (and no, I don't want to use my cell phone). They can't wait. Urgent. Somebody desperately needs to hear from me.

Whenever my husband borrows my car, I remember that I really WAS going to need my car just as he drives away (and no, I don't want to use his car). My car is cuter than his car and don't I need to show it off?

Whenever I get a cut on my finger it doesn't hurt.......until I notice it. Then it hurts like crazy. Pain. Call the medics.

Whenever I hear about lice, my head itches.

Admit it.

Your head itches now, doesn't it?

Whenever someone coughs, I feel the need to cough. *hack* *wheeze*

Whenever someone cries, I feel the urge to join them.

Whenever someone yawns, I suddenly have to yawn too.

Pretend I'm yawning now. Anybody yawning yet? Just wondering.

Oh, and whenever someone is eating something really wonderful, suddenly I crave something yummy too.

Hmmmm, I can't decide if I'm just easily led or open to the power of suggestion! What do you find yourself doing?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey ya'll!  Hope all is well in your lives.  I haven't been blogging much lately cause I've been pretty busy myself.  There's t-ball to take Mason to on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   It's definitely worth the one hour round-trip just to watch him practice.

Last week I had 2 cake orders...

One was a Hotwheels cake and the other was a pair of roller skates.  Now I'm here posting when I should be working on another cake but I've missed hearing from my bloggy friends so here I am...

When I'm not taking my little baller to the ball field, I'm taking my big behind to the gym for some Zumba on Mondays and Wednesdays.  And on top of all that I"m planning Mason's Batman birthday party.  Which brings me to another busy weekend.  I'll have a wedding cake and Mason's birthday cake to complete back to back.  I'm trying to stay ahead of the game, though.  The party has been booked at Chuck E. Cheeses Judges and I finished his invitations.  But y'all know how crazy the kids birthday parties are.  I love planning his birthdays and I try to do more than just hand the party off to the professionals.  I'm just one of those crazy obsessed, creative types that can't leave it alone.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't.  There's still lots to be done, but I'm sure I'll be going non-stop no matter how much I plan ahead.

So that's my life at the moment.  
What's going on with you?

The Busy Bee,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Mad" Money?

I once read somewhere that Bill Gates would lose money if he actually bent down to pick up a $100 bill. Hmmmmm, we all should be so lucky, lol!

I know that some people seem to be money magnets. They walk along a road and they find money, they walk across a parking lot and find do they DO that? I don't find money when I go for walks. However, I must admit that I'm not looking for it either. Maybe that's my problem, I'm playing too hard to get.

Sometimes I am better at making money disappear than I am at finding it. I have to admit that for the most part I am fairly frugal, but I do have my moments.

Did you ever look under your couch cushions for money? Did you ever find any? I want to know why I never find a $20 bill under there. All I ever find is lint, the occasional raggedy dog chewy, and stale popcorn.

I am beginning to suspect that I need to make people submit to a shake down when they come into our home. You know.......I could have them stand near the sofa and then maybe "accidentally" yank them upside down and shake them up and down a bit. That way, all their loose change would fall onto the couch and in between the cushions, for me to "find" later. Do you think they'd notice?

I still have to figure out how to do that, however. Maybe I'd better bulk up a bit first.

I just think it's much more fun to "find" money. It's like a surprise. I've been known to stash a $10 or $20 bill somewhere in my purse. My mother calls it "mad" money. I guess I was supposed to use it if I got mad at a date and had to take a cab home?

Anyway, after awhile I forget about the money and then one day I will come across it again. Wooohoo! Surprise! "Free" money! Didn't make me mad at all to find it!

If you ever do this I highly recommend that you carefully look through your purses before you give them away to the thrift store. Otherwise you may be giving away money!

Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend, Riley... my 10 year old got ahold of the camera.

And I'm so glad she did!!!
This little freckled-face makes me SMILE!!!

Gotta Love Her!

Thanks for the smiles, Riley!

So do your kids do this too? You should hand them the camera every once in a while. You'll get lots of weird photos, but every once in a while, you'll get a keeper like this one!

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hope it's a fabulous week.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Thoughts...

Fifth Grade Assignment

A fifth grade teacher in a Christian school asked her class to look

at TV commercials and see if they could use them in 20 ways

to communicate ideas about God.

God is like.
He works miracles.

God is like.
He's got a better idea..

God is like.
He's the real thing.

God is like.
He cared enough to send His very best..

God is like.
He gets the stains out others leave behind.

God is like.
He brings good things to life.

God is like.
He has everything.

God is like.
Try Him, you'll like Him

God is like.
You can't see Him, but you know He's there.

God is like..
He's ready when you are.

God is like.
You're in good hands with Him.

God is like.
VO-5 Hair Spray;
He holds through all kinds of weather

God is like.
Aren't you glad you have Him? Don't you wish everybody did?

God is like...
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep Him from
His appointed destination.

Can you think of any?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holey Moley This Post Is Boring!

So at some point it dawned on me that I needed a post for this blog. At some point it dawned on me that Tuesday comes after Monday, and I was in trouble.

As some point it dawned on me that now would be a good time to panic. I missed the last two weeks because I was sick and all, but now I don't have that excuse.

So desperately I began to brainstorm ideas.

<*insert sound of birds chirping*>





maybe skipping lines

to make the post seem bigger.

I also thought about making my words really big in order to take up lots of room.

I thought about inserting random pictures and telling you I was attacked by my hair and that's why I don't have a blog post. Making excuses always takes up room as well.

Thenmymindbegantogoreallyfastlikethis.......and I had to s-l-o-w- d-o-w-n

So I have too many random blog post ideas to talk about just one thing. Like popcorn, or chocolate, or puppies, or moles in my backyard or holey socks. Holey moley, pun intended.

Just as a disclaimer, the other four moms on this blog are in no way responsible for nor endorse my boring discussion on holey socks and moles (although it did give me a blog title). It could have been worse I guess. Sigh. Cheer up, you get a new Five Mom tomorrow!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

We are gathered here today, inside this blog to celebrate the union of internet and Erica! Yay!

You see, last week I had no internet or phones. I don't know about you, but I was a VERY unhappy camper! You see I live so far out in the boonies that my cell phone doesn't even work at my house. I had no contact with the outside world!!!

I felt like I was off imprisoned! ha ha ha

Yes, I know that once upon a time I lived without the internet and didn't miss it. But that was before "Mr.Gore" so graciously invented it. {{said with extreme sarcasm}}

Anyway, the phone company finally came out and fixed me back up! They breathed life back into this house. =0) I can now communicate again! It's so good to be back among the living!

So.... did ya miss me?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!

He didn't have to do it...

But, SO Thankful He did!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fooling Around with Family Fun

Are things a little off today?  Are people acting just a little strange?  Then oh oh, sounds like they're trying to pull a fast one on you.  

Haven't you heard???
It's April Fools Day!

But, don't you worry cause I've got the perfect cure for mischievous behavior.  Give those pranksters a little dose of their own medicine.  Make sure you wear your long sleeves today cause we're gonna fill them up with lots of trickery fun!

Click on the images below and let's start fooling around with some family fun!

This post was brought to you by Family Fun Magazine, their creative readers and MITI (as the messenger).