Thursday, September 17, 2009


Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

I've got a happy dilemma. I know. You're asking yourself, "how in the world can anyone have a happy dilemma?" Those two words don't belong in the same sentence; but, let me assure you, it's very possible. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty certain that YOU TOO are suffering with your own happy dilemma. Let me clear things up for you.

MY HAPPY DILEMMA!Who would have thought that this little box would cause such havoc to parents across the globe?! Show it to any kid in the world and, immediately, they're all hyped up with happiness.

The Happy Meal has been part of civilization for 30 years now. Just short of two months, it's been around my whole life. So, ok, I'll admit it. I was once a hyper active kid myself, waiting in line for my very own box of happiness. Needless to say, the tables have now turned. I grew up lovin' it and, thanks to my little guy, I'm growing OLD lovin' it too. He can spot the golden arches from miles away, but ask him to pick up his toys and suddenly his vision becomes impaired. It amazes me!

This guy may be a clown....
But he's NOT a bozo!

There's a strange magnetism about him. Kids practically throw themselves at his BIG red feet. Sometimes that's a good thing, like when you have to bribe your kid to leave the play area at the mall. Other times, it's pure torture, like when you're trying to zip up your one-size too small jeans. Yup, it's not a pretty site; but, nevertheless, I bite the bullet burger, if that's what it takes to get some meat on my little guy's bones.

Make no bones buns about it...
It is what it is.
What's a mom to do? I guess I'll order the salad.

Yours (Truly!),


  1. Yep I rather like the Happy Meal too. My kids are older, so they don't order them any more. But I like to eat them sometimes. At least the portions are smaller and I don't feel quite so guilty. Besides, I like to see what the toy is. lol

  2. I am too cheap to let me kids get the happy meals. We are the dollar menu family. Even fast food can get expensive when you have a family of 5. :)
    I never got the happy meals as a kid either. Funny how we do things like our parents. Cute post. I love their salads. I will join you for one!

  3. Yeah, I order happy meals for myself because I can't handle the quadruple quarter pounder with the Mega Madness french fries. The kid portion is just the right size for adults!!! So I usually allow my boys to get 1 happy meal to split and then they get the yogurt parfait. They are a dollar each and the kids think they are ice cream...they are soo yummy!!!

  4. Well, as sad as it is.... McDonalds has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. Mmmmmmmmmm!

    I never, ever, ever got the Happy Meals when I was a kid. There were too many kids to spend the extra. We got the CHEAP stuff.

    I will say that my kids get the "Happy Meal" about half the time... not always, but not never. =0) Happy Medium!

    Tarah, I can't believe your kiddos can SPLIT a Happy Meal. Riley could eat a whole one by herself at age three. ha ha ha You're lucky!

  5. They must put something addictive in that's like Starbucks coffee. I think it's all laced with crack!! Ha!

  6. Awww, Mickey D's! I used to love to take the kids and meet my friends there. We still go but now that I don't drink pop anymore or order the fries, it seems a bit boring, lol!

  7. Did they bring the happy meal box back? Cassic if they did. I love McDonalds and I so loved the happy meal box where you popped out pieces to make cool roads and houses and stuff for the toy inside.

  8. I worked at Mickey D's for several years as a teen (my first job :) and have always loved it! We don't go as much as we used to, but I'm with Mimi-we're usually a dollar menu family. We splurge every once in a while, though!

  9. I guess I better prepare myself for when I have kids! My parents never took me to McD, but burger king and I don't know if I would take my future kids to BK now with the creepy BK guy!

  10. I love that McDonalds has gone so far as to change the options your child can choose from instead of fries, you can go with apple slices and milk instead of coke. At least they are trying, and from time to time, my daughter will chose the healtier options but every once in a while you just need a dose of fries.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. We are a dollar menu family too. Very few Happy meals have been purchased from our family. Except back when they used to give out beanie babies in them. LOL

  12. Last McDonalds order cost $60 .. or was that Hungry Jacks.

    Thank heavens both these joints are over an hours drive from where we live

  13. One size too small jeans?? What is that? I've never heard of jeans that don't fit right!! HA! I still cram it all in and still order the fries. Can't help it. You're just wayyyy too funny, girl ~ ♥

  14. It's not just kids that get all hyped up when they see that box!! This mom does, too!
    I'm just as happy with a Happy Meal as most any other dining out experience!! (and the toys are great Treasure Box trinkets for my 1st grade class!)

  15. I swear Tommy would live on "Mick-A-Donalds" if we let him (which we don't) but sometimes its nice to give a cranky toddler some french fries and a cheap fun toy - it makes everyone happy!!

  16. I hope they have salads at your mickey d's.

    The southwest is actually tastey.

    I have had to cut way back on the fastfood for my kids health (and mine). But we frequently zip by for a snack sized parfait. Yummers :)

  17. The only burgers I really like are the Fresh and Tasty and the Quarter Pounder. I LOVE DA FRIES THOUGH! LOL


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