Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guess What I Forgot...

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever forgotten?

A kid? Matching shoes? Deodorant? Makeup?

• One of the million times I bought a pair of jeans from the Gap, I forgot to take that long what SIZE you wear sticker off the back leg & wore it around town all day until some guy told me at 7pm in Toys R Us that it was still on the back of my leg. Sheesh, now the whole world knows the SIZE of my backside. ~Mimi

I forgot to set the parking brake once and as the car started to roll down the driveway (it was icy) I tried to get behind it to "stop" it but my brother wouldn't let me. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wasn't. ~ Nan

• One time I got to work and realized I'd FORGOTTEN to put on a bra. Yea, like HOW the HECK do you forget THAT? I was probably about 21 years old and was in a dress... luckily I had very little to 'hide', but talk about embarrassing! Seriously! ~Erica

• Did I mention that sometimes I forget to eat? Yeah, I know. It's not like you can tell by looking at me, but many times I get so busy I forget to eat lunch. Yesterday I didn't eat lunch or dinner so had popcorn at about 9:30 at night! ~ Nan

• Um, yeah Nan...I'd forget to eat too....except my stomach won't let me. I TRY and TRY to forget to eat but it is like my car is on autopilot to yummy places like Panera and Starbucks...It's ALL their fault I am over weight!!! ~ Tarah

• I'm totally NOT kidding when I say that I totally spaced out that I was in charge of adding this post and scheduling it...That was NOT the other 4 moms forgetting on was THIS mom who forgot. I am a real team playa!!! ~ Tarah

• One time we were having a Garage Sale & Actress posted the sign on the Van's back window...I had to run an errand & drove around town with a Garage Sale sign the size of a Tow Truck on my back window. Sweet! I was like the Pied wonder all those people were following me. ~Mimi

• I forgot to do my taxes one year when I was single...No big deal. I'll see you in 10-20 ~ Tarah

• I forgot my son once. I thought hubby had him and hubby thought I had him so we both left church and then we got a phone call asking if we were missing somebody. ~ Nan

• I forgot that I left all the windows open at home when a MASSIVE rain storm hit my city. And when I say city, I really mean the storm just found MY HOUSE. Water about an inch thick and 25 large drying fans...Ahhh, good times! ~ Tarah

•I have forgotten to bring underwear to the gym when I am getting ready there. I mean it could be worse right? Well...not really, that is pretty bad. ~ Tarah

• Last week, I had a friends daughter for a youth event and they were babysitting Riley for me. After the event was over, I dropped off their daughter, waited for her to get in the door, and started driving off. Suddenly, they came back out to tell me, "YOU FORGOT RILEY!" Uh...OOOPS! ~ Erica

So what's the worst thing you've ever forgotten? Do tell!!!

Or maybe you've forgotten what you forgot?

Have a great weekend!

~ The 5 Moms


  1. OH MAN! We are soo funny!!! LOL. I love that Mimi forgot her pants sticker...I have pulled that one too!

  2. Too funny! I forgot how to start a stick shift, due to not driving on in such a long time.

    One very cold, winter morning at 5am I decided to be a good wife and start my husbands truck for him, you know, to warm it up. But When I got in the forgot the proper clutch, gear combo and the truck lunged forward, ramming into the garage! LOL, I shut it off and went inside...

  3. I remember as a kid I FORGOT to take my pajamas off when I got dressed for school. LOL I went to the bathroom and when I pulled my pants down I realized I had pajama pants under them. LOL Seriously you woulda thought that I would have figured that out when my pants seemed a bit tight that day. I really must have been super tired that morning or was sleep dressing or something. ROFL

  4. Uh Oh this must be bad! I can't remember anything I forgot!!! ;=)

  5. I just remembered one I'd forgotten and added it to the end --- about forgetting RILEY! Oops!

    I think we all know what Miti forgot --- THIS POST TODAY! ha ha ha

    We miss you Miti! We love you!

  6. Some of my boys say I've forgotten to pick them up, but that wasn't me. That was the dad. I've forgotten their BFFs birthday party! That made me feel really bad! A true mom always forgets something important!

  7. My list would be endless, for I can absentminded at times...

    Paying a bill can be bad, especially when it is your mother-in-law who discovers your phone has been disconnected!

  8. I meant forgetting to pay a bill...

    Maybe I should put forgetting to proof read before posting a comment...

  9. I have a specific place for my keys which I forgt to put them, then I forget where I put them... then when it's time to go to work, or pick my son up from preschool or go to a doctoer's app. I run around frantically trying to find the keys I kept forgetting about. :-S Forgetting can be very stressful!

  10. I forget a lot of things these days.
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: I have a prayer request on arise 2 write.

  11. When my oldest son was in kindergarten, I forgot the kids were being dismissed early. My sweet boy was at the school, forgotten by his mom! The secretary had to call me to pick him up. Poor child was traumatized! I felt horrible!

  12. I've forgotten that I've had food in the oven/on the stove a few times (fortunately no major damage yet)

    I did forget my keys in my appartment once...locked myself out. Fortunately I had my car keys...until I locked those in my car...but all was good my friend let me borrow her car...I forgot that the locks acted funny and I locked her keys in her car, while it was running....while I was trying to remember where I had put my store keys to lock up the store....Apparently I forget keys mostly :)

  13. I honestly forgot to leave a comment, lol! I suddenly remembered something I had to do and was just getting ready to leave the computer and thought "Ooops, I forgot to leave a comment!"

  14. I forget so much that I can't even remember what I forget!! About a week or so ago, I totally forgot about a teacher parent conference and I am the teacher! opps!!

  15. I must be a kindred spirit to Nan. When I was in high schoool, I guess I forgot to put the break on, because my car ran into the business that I was parked in front of, and I forget to eat all the time, and just like Nan said, you can't tell by looking at me.
    I don't think I ever forgot to pick up one of my children, but I have been late.
    I have also forgotten things on the stove, where I put my keys, phone, something in my classroom that I just had in my hands. . .

  16. you girls are hysterical!

    The absolute worst was the time I forgot to pick up one of my boys from WEE when I was ready to go home for the day...I got the youngest and signed him out and was on my way out the door when one of the teachers asked if I was going to take Maxton with me too!! I felt horrible for days after that!

  17. I forgot to lock the house and when I came home and firehubby was at the station, the back door was wide open.

    I ran out the front door and to the neighbors, who helped me call the police.

    The officers went into the house with guns drawn.

    Bottom line...i forgot to lock up.


  18. Well, I was at my sister's wedding this weekend making fun of my friend because she was talking about leaving her tags on her dress cause she's gonna return it. Then I went to put my jammies on and guess what?! Apparently she wasn't the only one still wearing a tag. I forgot to pull my tag off my dress. I guess that's what I get for making fun. I'm such a goober!


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