Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fame Favorites

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

We all have our share of fame favorites. After all, they wouldn't be in the spotlight if they weren't so lovable.

Take for instance...

Paula Deen: Anybody who opens their show with a big HEY Y'ALL has to be at the top of my list! It's all part of her southern charm. But it's not just the twang in her talk that makes this southern belle so lovable. She cooks like nobody's business! There's no skimping when it comes to her home cookin'. It's all about the butter in her (cook)book. Nuf said, right?! I got to taste it for myself when I visited her restaurant, The Lady & Sons, a few years ago. It was finger lickin' good! I had my eyes peeled for the lady; but, unfortunately, I had no such luck. Maybe next time. Licked Fingers Crossed XX

My next fame favorite is undeniably entertaining.

Ellen DeGenerous: You know you're in for a good time when Ellen's on. She cracks me up every time! Laughing, at her own expense, is what she does best, whether it be dancing with her 2 left feet or dressing up as a swan princess. If she doesn't make you laugh, then there's seriously something wrong with your funny bone.

No Doubt about it, my third fame fave is one grooving chick.

Gwen Stefani: I mean really. Could there be a cooler mom?!! I doubt it! I wish I could look this cool when I'm walking into spiderwebs.

So there you have it! Just a few of my fame favorites. Now it's your turn. Who's on your list?

Yours (Truly!),


  1. Miti- Did you hear that Ellen is going to be the new judge on American Idol? I think she is soo funny also!!! I'm not nearly as cool as Gwen...I think that Gweneth Paltrow has her stuff together also!!!

    Fun Post!

  2. I know Tarah! I just found out about Ellen being Paula's replacement. Definitely an up grade if you ask me. She's so funny!

    I like Gweneth Paltrow too! She's classy.

  3. I really like Reese Witherspoon... and Sandra Bullock. I just like their 'down to earth' kinda attitude. They seem more like real people and not thinkin' they're "All that and a bag'o chips!" like some stars do. =0)

    Ellen's replacing Paula? WOW!

    Hey, why don't we five moms just keep on having this conversation in here! Next? Who's it gonna be: Mimi or Nan?

  4. I too think Ellen is hysterical. What a hoot. My girls love Paula Deen. . I think Sandra Bullock is a hoot in all her movies.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for always brightening my day when I drop by.
    Blessings, andrea

  6. I don't really have anyone on my list. Perhaps Gordon Ramsey! I mean he is amazing, love how he can cook amazing meals and not gain a pound, and love the accent. I am a sucker for an accent. Just has to be the right one however.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. I love Paula Dean. LOL you do have to love the Hey Yall though. Ellen just signed up to be the new AI judge. Not sure how that's gonna g, but she is hilarious. I loved her speech at the teen choice award when she won the twitter award. SHe's classic!!

  8. I love Paula Deen. She always cracks me up. Ellen's pretty funny too. Fun post.

  9. Those are some great ladies! I love Paula Dean too..wish I could eat like she cooks...but my jeans and my genes will not allow it.

  10. I think Ellen is only replacing Paula for one episode. They are filling in with different guest stars. One a few weeks ago was one of the Jonas brothers. She is funny!

  11. Ok, my bad. She IS the fuul-time replacement! I misunderstood. Wow! Can you imagine what she's going to have to say to all the wacky people who have the nerve (but not the talent) to audition??


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