Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am Taking My New Job Serious...

My New Job of being a SOCCER MOM!

You know your a Soccer Mom when:

You have a personalized chair & no one else is allowed to sit in it.

Your voice is hoarse from cheering across the field.
Your Camera & Video Camera are always charged & ready to go.

You own stock in Water Bottles.

Every time you STOP & GO you hear the sound of soccer balls rolling around in the back of the minivan.

You have a Soccer Ball decal on the back of the minivan.

You spend more money on their *Nike* gear than their whole Fall Wardrobe.

You have stuff in the back of the minivan for any type of soccer weather. Umbrella, Coat, Blankets, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Mittens, & Hats (of course).

You get hit in the head during practice by a stray soccer ball & it doesn't phase you one bit. It might hurt, but it doesn't phase you a bit, it doesn't phase you a bit, it really doesn't phase you a bit. OK, maybe a little...

What Activity is consuming your Mommy time right now?

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  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your role as a soccer mom! My boys started soccer last week...and I have to is way more fun than tball! I would much rather sit {and dodge soccer balls} at a soccer game than a tball game!

  2. There with you. Soccer is the talk and activity arpund our house right now too.

  3. I meant "around." I need to start proofing before posting.

  4. That totally sounds like my past with my girls. I LOVED every minute of it. For 9 years we went indoor, outdoor, indoor, out. It was the best times. I would pace up and down the sidelines, and my chair would be lonely.........LOL

  5. i wish i could copy and paste that post into my blog...these are my days....with one boy. i have a whole nother post for football!!!!!!!!

    well said!


  6. Oh, what a great post! Yup soccer mom here! I seriously want one of those chairs!

  7. That is sosososo funny...because I am a FOOTBALL mom and the back of my car smells like a locker room...GROSS from shoulder pads. And I have football pariphinalia all over....And a team decal on the back of the mobile!!! So ♥ soccer and I ♥ football!!!

  8. I am so thankful since the beginning of school we aren't really involved in sports just yet, my oldest is actively involved in ASB which just means every activity the school does, she is a part of.

    My youngest is in a roller skating club at our local rink so her skating ability has really improved in the last few months. She even makes me look bad.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Happy Soccer Mommying!

    I now a 3 day a week swim team mommy! Yes, we can actually do OUTDOOR swimming here through the winter.

    Oh yeah, you can count this as #3 on your Friday Freebee (slam dunk!)

  10. Nesting is consuming all of my time, mommy or not! Trying to get 2 rooms painted, organized and decorated is a long process!

  11. Great post. I've never been a soccer mom, but I sure enjoy being a baseball mom, that does give us a few things in common! lol I need a chair like yours! :)

  12. Awwwwwwww, see, all we moms have this in common - even if not for "soccer" itself. My brand new "Sunshine's Mom" t-shirt will be ready for pick up at 2:30 pm and I'm ready to sport it proudly. Tonight, my whole clan will be in the bleachers cheering our absolute loudest for SUNSHINE, #40! We'll have our pom-poms and seat cushions. We'll be rooting four our boys, cheering loudly, and booing the refs no doubt! =0)


  13. I'm not quite the soccer mom, yet...but we'll see how Alex likes it! It sure is fun to watch the kids, though! I'm busy with ice-skating, soccer, gymnastics and soon tennis! {And those are mostly for Emily!} I think Alex will do basketball soon too! whew...thank goodness we only have two kiddos right now to keep up with! Have fun!

  14. I remember those days....long ago. I will soon likely be a soccor Nana!

  15. I knew for sure the minivan would make the list, LOL!

    Great post Mimi!

  16. I'm probably never gonna be a soccer mom if my hubby can help it. He keeps saying it's not a REAL sport. Whatever, right?!!! Soccer IS the original football and there's more people playing soccer in the world than anything else. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this subject.

    Mase likes to swing his golf clubs all the time. His got a pretty good swing too. Maybe there will be PGA tours in the future for him.

    Hope y'all are enjoying the soccer fields. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Be safe whatever you do.

    Hugs & Squeezes,

  17. I'm right there with you. Roo has started soccer and it seems we (well my hubby most of the time) are living at the field. So I can relate. Love the chair, I have one but now I have to get my name put on it. :)

  18. Um lets see...what is consuming my MOM time right now...well let me tell you it is NOT is my KIDS. YEP, those little buggers are consuming ALL my mom time...GRRRRR..only a couple more days till school starts...then I will have MOM time again!!! ;)

  19. You sound like a PRO- soccer mom. One day I will be one. I love your personalized soccer chair. P.S. I am getting a camera like yours, I believe for my birthday this month. YIPPIE!


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