Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AfFAIR to Remember...

So I am the Mom from 5 Moms that lives in Minnesota.
Do I take a lot of heat for my accent???
Well YES
Except no one can hear my accent if I type..
What could be more humorous than a Minnesota typed accent?
You guessed it...THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR!!!!
When we 1st arrive at the fair, I drag lovingly move my family to the International Bazaar. This is where I pick out all my personalized Christmas Ornaments for the year. Yes, you heard me correctly. I said Christmas!

Where to next you ask...oh, it is ALL about the food at this joint we have only just begun...

Do yourself and your cholesterol a favor and grab a bucket of these piping hot babies to start the long trek around the will NOT be sorry...Yummy!!!
Move on to something healthy. You can't clog your arteries all at once! Mmmmm...Roasted Corn! So yummy, the BEST RECYCLE the corn to create fuel!

Move onto something sweet..seems about time for dessert RIGHT?

Check Check, is this THING on?

Man, after all this eating...I need an activity or about you? Hope your stomach has settled cuz you are in for the rides of your life!!!

The GIANT SLIDE is a MUST in this family...$2.00 per rider and it is totally worth it!Then onto the Sky Wheel. It is like a wicked crazy Ferris Wheel that makes you want to throw up a little..except your 5 year old is laughing so hard that you can't stop laughing so it all seems joyous for 3 minutes of your life...until you get off and see this....Something to settle my stomach perhaps...How about a 25 Cent cup of all you can drink milk?
Ahhh...thats better..I'm back to normal almost...

It's parade time...sweet, I get to sit down and let the boys be all excited about this:

Parade over!!! And we are off to the Dairy Barn...for what you ask?

Well to see the Butter Statue of course!

There are several things at this little party that I just can't seem to stomach but the worst one for this

Yeah, Free samples??? I wonder why...DUDE, this one you can count me OUT!

I'm ready to grab one for the road and get outta here!!!

Honestly...thanks for sticking with me on this post and if you EVER feel the need to have a tour guide to the Minnesota State Fair...Let me know!!!



  1. Tarah,

    I felt like I was with you and your family at the fair. The giant slide looks like fun, that roasted corn absolutely yummy, and you can count me out for the free Spam, too! And to think that there was once a time when my mom would make Spam sandwiches with a side of Kraft mac n cheese and we thought it was gourmet. I kid you NOT!

    Thanks for the fun today.


  2. Thanks for the tour. We totally need to go to our state fair, but quite frankly...fair and carnival people scare me. LOL
    I don't do the fair rides and it makes the kids crazy, but all that food minus spam looks delish! We love the hand squeezed lemonade....YUM!

  3. Great pics.

    I'm with you on the Spam...everthing else looked yummy and worth 20 lbs.

  4. Looks like a lotta fun to me. It's been a couple years since I've been to our state fair (Ohio). I like Spam. In fact, I had it for lunch one day last week. lol

  5. I'm glad you have done the vlog posts before so I got to hear what you really sound like! I think it's cute! And who the heck makes sculptures out of butter?? Ewww!

  6. Looks like fun! We need to go to ours when it comes up!

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  8. oops! I'll post again...very cute blog! I found you girls while blog all sound a lot like me! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. MMMMMM...the food sounds so good! I even feel a little sick! haha! Great pictures...I loved going to the fair with you! So fun!

  10. Oh these are some treasured moments from my fairs I have attended in the past. I love roasted corn and visiting all the booths that showcase so many peoples talents I wish I possessed.

    I can honestly say, I have never seen a Spam vendor or a butter sculpture. This was a first for me.

    I pass on all those carnival rides but the kids are the ones to do all those anymore. What no cotton candy, caramel apples or corn dogs???

    Thanks for sharing this trip down memory lane.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. You know Tarah, my mom used to spread SPAM onto one hamburger bun and toast it in the oven. Single bun laid flat. Toasted SPAM on BUN is actually pretty good. I know you wouldn't think so, but I liked it! =0)

    Great pictures and great post. Would you believe I've never been to a State Fair? Ever!

  12. Accent? What accent asks this WI girl? I love State Fair food! I love Spam.

  13. Wow, a butter scuplture! Cool! They should make one out of spam too, lol.

    I can't remember the last time I went to the fair but it's been years. I can't go on rides as I get sick, and it just seems like alot of trouble to go just to walk around and look at things.

    The kids usually go with the youth group so hubby and I just stay home and chill!

  14. I am drooling on my keyboard now...yummy, fair food!!! What can be better?? Guess its a good thing fairs come along only once a year.

  15. Oh how fun! Our fair comes in October, and I could just smell it through the screen!! Love the pics, HATE the double ferris wheel thing. HATE, HATE, HATE it. It terrifies me. The last time I got on it I was 19 and they had to scrape me and all my snot and tears off my cousin's shoulder (she dragged me on it, serves her right) when it stopped. And I LOVE thrill rides. Just not that one. Uh-uh. Nope. Never again. :)

  16. Hey Tarah! Thanks for the tour! Wish I could have been there to see it for myself. It's been FOREVER since I've been to a real fair. The food is ALWAYS good at the fair! (except for the free Spam) And that butter head was really impressive. Great post!

  17. Oh...looks and sounds like so much fun! I went to the MI state fair once, but that was it! I love love love fair food...YUM! AZ has a state fair but of course it is during football season! Oh well...I will live through your pics~ Loved the pics!

  18. oooh some fair food sounds really good right now. Minus the spam!

    How about a deep fried twinkie!!! Bring it on!

  19. What fun! I haven't been to our state fair, since we moved here. I love me some fattening fair food. :D

  20. Accent? What accent? I've never noticed! LOL Unfortunately, everyone knows about MY accent. It was apparently very evident in the recent video on my blog. LOL

    Thanks for the great tour of the fair. I won't go near any rides that will make me dizzy. I'm dizzy enough...I don't need any help with that, thank you very much. ;-)

    Great post and pics, Tarah!

  21. P.S. Julie suggested a deep fried Twinkie...I would like to suggest a deep fried Oreo! My stomach can't handle deep fried foods anymore, but df Oreos are soooo's worth the suffering I'll do later! haha


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