Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere!

Okay, so if you're here... I mean sitting in a chair, staring at your monitor, with your hand on a mouse as you scroll through reading blog after blog after blog....

Or wait, maybe you don't read blog after blog after blog. Maybe you only read OUR blog! Yes? Nah, surely not. Surely you're a blogger who has made, what I like to call, "BLOGGY FRIENDS".
So do you ever think you see them out in public? I mean has it ever happened to you, too?

Seriously, I was visiting my mom's church a couple of months ago and they had this out-of-town singing group come in. One of the ladies looked SOOOO familiar, that after it was over, I literally walked over to her and asked her her name. I was just SURE she was a blogger. But I couldn't think of a name, just thought she had to be one that I'd seen before. But after she told me her name, I still had no clue. She didn't look at me like "Oh, I know you too!" so that was another sign. But alas, I finally even asked her if she had a blog. I'm sure at this point she was like "WEIRDO!" But I just smiled and laughed it off when she said no. I mean honestly, she was super sweet about it. Oh well... I'm a moron.

Wait, you don't do this too? It's just me?

Well, what about those famous blogger kiddos? I mean we all see each other's kids more than we see each other, right?

For instance, I try to have lunch at my kids' schools with them once a week. I take turns - Cam (12) one week and Riley (9) the next week. Back and forth, back and forth. My 18 year old, Mathew? Well, he doesn't WANT to be seen having lunch with his mommy. I mean even if I am one super cool mom that all the kids say, "Sunshine, your mom is so cool! You're lucky!" (Sunshine would be Mathew's nickname) Still, Mathew doesn't think having lunch with me would be so cool. Eh, no biggy. That just means more of me to share between Cam and Riley!

So anyway, where was I?

Chasing a rabbit..... yea.

Oh yea, I was talking about seeing blogger's kids out in public... or at least THINKING I do. So last week, I went to Riley's school and had lunch with her. And as I'm sitting there with her in this sea of 3rd graders, I look over and see a little boy. Instantly I'm like WOW, that looks so much like Mimi's twins Ross & Sam. But this isn't uncommon, there's a set of TWINS here in our town that look SOOO much like her twins too.

So back to the cafeteria.... Then while we're sitting there eating, I see a darling little girl and I thought, "Hey, that's what Emily will look like when she's 9! I wish Carrie could see her." I should've grabbed my camera, but how weird would that look? I mean I know I'm weird, and you know I'm weird, but does Riley's school really need to know? I think not. Not just yet.

So I sat there eating. Of course I tell none of this to Riley. She'd have no clue who the heck I was talking about anyway: "Carrie who? Mimi who? Emily who?" But I sat there thinking "How odd is it that I know these other bloggers so well, that I am seeing their look-alike CHILDREN out in public.... and even know their names?!"

Then I smiled.... knowing I have friends all over tarnation that I consider FRIENDS and I know them and they know me. Hey, more friends is always a great thing!

Can't have too many friends.

Hugs & Smiles!


  1. Been there, pulled out the camera in public and took the picture, only realizing afterward someone could think I'm going to take their photo and paste it all over the internet in inappropriate ways and I'd be put in jail once she grabbed for her cell and called 911. I try to be more discreet now when I 'see' someone who might be my bloggy friend or one of their kids :o)

  2. You are too funny. This happens to me too. There is a girl at My kids school that looks just like one of my blogging friends little girls. Everytime I see her I think oh there goes Zoe. LOL

  3. I've done the same thing!

    That is so funny about Ross and Sam. Do you know what? There have been times that I've been out and thought "man, that boy looks like Ross or Sam?" ;)

  4. Wo, I must be new to this whole blog thing or something because I have NEVER done that! Don't put it past me, though. It's bound to happen. Maybe it's because I've only been at it for a year. Hmm. I do think of my blog friends LOTS and my world has been made all the better for it. If that's weird than so be it.

    Come check out my blog giveaway. I'm picking a winner in just 2 days. Erica and Mimi, I know you've been there. I'm just trying to get these other sweet ladies to jump over and take a peek.

  5. I have to agree with's happened to me too. I love what blogging has done...touched so many lifes for the better. It's like living two lifes...the real one and the blogging one, and you can only hope that someday..the two will cross paths.

  6. I love this- so funny! I have made a blogger friend here in my town that I have yet to meet in person. Isn't that crazy? I keep looking for here when I am out grocery shopping. I know we will get together soon but for now, I am on the lookout.

    Please read my post today: Sarah

  7. I haven't done that! But then most of my bloggy friends are in the US and I am in the UK so it would be a mighty strange coincidence!
    Love Collette xxx

  8. I haven't done that, because I have yet to find a Maine bloggy friend! But I definitely consider all of my blogger buddies, my "friends". I talk about you guys all the time to my family and IRL friends here! I think they think I'm weird. :) Oh well. I'm a friendly weirdo!!

  9. That is too funny!! there have been so many times where I could have sworn that I saw someone's child or some blogger themself. I love that I have bloggy friends all over too - and that there are several that I know I can truly call friend!! Some day (you know when I win the lottery) I will do my own road tour and visit all these lovely people!!!

  10. I haven't thought I've seen a bloggy friend, but I do comment to my family all the time about what Erica (my friend in Texas) said or did. My girls just look at me kinda funny, but my hubby seems to enjoy me having friends and at least to my face doesn't make fun. After awhile when you read about you bloggy friends lives for so long, you get involved and you feel like you should just be able to run over and see them. Oh well, if we're crazy, it sounds like from the comments, there are a lot of us all crazy together. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm having a blast meeting new friends this way!!

  11. The more the merrier, RIGHT! I love this blogger world and all the friends we can make.

  12. How cool would it be to just bump into a bloggy friend by coincidence. You know I've met a few already, but it was all planned out. I talk about my bloggy friends all the time and I too get crazy looks. But who cares?! They just don't understand.

  13. I never think I see somebody as I don't think anybody actually blogs who lives in my city, lol! (Well, except for my IRL friends)

    Most my bloggy friends live out of state,I do have a few who live several hours away but we've never met.

    So I never think that somebody will "recognize" me like they did you, so no worries about looking good when I'm out, lol!

    It is funny to tell my hubby something that my bloggy friends are up to. I don't think he understands how I could feel so closely connected to people I've never met.

  14. I dont know what I would do if I saw someone I knew from blogging out in public... lol..I think I would probably make a fool out of myself!


  15. Erica,

    More than likely for me, I need to remember what I am doing most days and how to get back home. My hubby has a great memory and for him it would be him that would be doing that. I am just lucky I can remember what I am doing most days.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. You are too funny...cuz I serioulsy so the exact same thing!! The daughter of one of my very good friends look just like Emily (Carrie's little girl!) Wow! She is all over the place!

  17. girls are too funny and sweet :) I hope the other "Emilys" out there comb their hair! LOL! I have done that, too...well, I've never asked anyone if they are on a blog, but I just know that if I can't figure out why they look so familiar it must be from a blog! Too funny! I wish we could really see each other some time, how FUN!

  18. Oh, that's funny. I haven't done that yet, mainly because I already know all the local bloggers IRL (I think.) I don't think any of the rest of you live close enough for me to be on the look out for!!


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