Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's New With You?

So what's new at FIVE MOMS & A BLOG?

Well, you may have noticed that we gave ourselves a bit of a blog make-over. Tarah found us a vibrant new background, so we changed up the fonts a bit, and voila! Done! We think we LOVE the change. What do you think? (If you see flaws, glitches or spacing problems, please tell us in your comment so we know what to tweak. Thanks! ~Erica)

Hmmmm.... what else is new?

Well, Steve from over at "Gotta Have Faith" created this great new little MOM award and ever so sweetly honored we 5 Moms as one of it's first recipients. Woo hoo! Thank you so much, Steve!

If the rest of you haven't checked out his blog yet, be sure to stop on by!

Mimi is also having a giveaway right here on yesterday's post. You can still enter by commenting on that post... or even by commenting on THIS post! Why not?! It only takes a click & a comment.

So what's new with the Moms?

• Mimi is running crazy busy with 3 kids in 3 different sports, some on the same day some on different days. The minivan is racking up the mileage. Nuff said right?

• Miti has a VERY IMPORTANT wedding cake coming up next Saturday for a VERY SPECIAL couple. Her sister, Josette, is tying the knot in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee. WOW! A destination wedding!! Please pray that all goes well, including the cake arrival :0

• Nan made homemade tortillas (go here to read about it) and lived to blog about it. Between spilt water, cottage cheese on the floor (don't ask) and her dog licking the spatula they still managed to turn out and were yummy!

• Nan will also be mourning the loss of Diet Pepsi and chocolate this weekend, as she gave them up a couple of weeks ago but still misses them greatly.....sniff....snort....sniff.

• Erica has a whole football team coming to HER house today. Yep, her son Mathew turned 18 yesterday, so most of the football team will be invading her house for a party today. Yikes! Wish her luck!

Tarah might...

• Have a nervous breakdown after Wednesdays Post...stay tuned for hospital information if it happens!

• Try to rig the Giveway contest that is going on at 5 moms......What? I am not allowed to participate???Looks like one of YOU might have already rigged it....;)

• Actually cook dinner for her family for the 1st time this week.....hectic schedules really make me NEVER want to cook..Are you with me????

So what's new with YOU?

Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend!!!

~ The 5 Moms


  1. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Life is busy here at home for me, too. :-)

    Here's my 2nd entry into your giveaway. I wanna win!! Woo-hoo.

    Please stop by my blog to check out my giveaway. It's for a couple of devotionals from Max Lucado and a Starbucks gift card. Thanks for stopping.

  2. I'm sorry I read up until I saw that Nan gave up chocolate and kind of blacked out. Did I miss that? Is there a LIFE THREATENING reason for this? Why wasn't I informed?
    Nan, we need to talk honey. I can get you passed this wanting to quit chocolate thing. I know I can. Call me! LOL
    Love you all

  3. Nan - Oh, my! Giving up chocolate would be the end of my life as I know it. Sending lots of virtual chocolate for you, Nan!

    Miti - hope the cake decorating goes well! Pics posted when you are done?! :D

  4. Again, this is really amazing that you all each keep up with your own blog, this one, and everything in your lives!

  5. Sounds like busy weeks all around!
    Nan...really, no chocoloate, really?
    Ericka...have fun with those football players!!
    Miti...Can't wait to see that cake.
    Tarah...why is it the family stares at you like you've lost your mind when you call them to the dinner table and it isn't loaded down with take out bags!!
    MiMi...I hear ya about the mileage sister!!
    Hope you all have a great week!
    And I would really really like to win!!

  6. Busy ladies!! sounds like my life. Between being PTO Secretary, Public Relations chair for the Junior Auxiliary, 1st grade teacher and mom...well, it's hard to fit in the things I "like to do"! JA's biggest fund raiser is next week, so I'm running my legs off promoting it, I've got 3 fundraisers in various stages going on for PTO, and I just went back to singing in the choir at church!
    I haven't cooked in OVER a week, but promised the b/f I'd do it tonight!
    any suggestions for something yummy and quick? (that doesn't have tomatoes or tomato sauce in it? he's allergic!)

  7. As's are busy, busy, busy! Have a lovely weekend you all!!

    Hoping we can leave our second entry here!

  8. Mimi - had no idea you had this blog too! I've been missing out :o) Looks I need to do some catch up reading this weekend. Looking forward to this new blog to follow!

  9. Nan, dark chocolate is healthy for you. Eat up!

    What's up with me? Cleaning up the house and preparing food for Abby's birthday party later today. I really want to go back to bed.

  10. I hope we don't hear any news from the hospital from Tarah! But what about Diet Pepsi or she not in the hospital yet!

    Hope everyone gets a break this weekend...Alex's Falcons won their second soccer game today and no I'm trying not to throw up from stuffing 3 donuts down my throat after the game...yummy! haha! I'm relaxing and listening to the kittens scratch up the wall! :)

  11. Sounds like everyone is very busy.
    I have to do some fundraising for my brother in laws kidney transplant today and work on my homework.

    Have a Blessed weekend!

  12. I love your blog. First time stopping by and I am amused by all of your schedules because I can relate, except for the 18 year old with the football team, but I am a candidate in about 12 years from now.

  13. I love the new look. I totally understand the crazy busy thing - we may not have sports here but we have this mommy's crazy schedule!!

    Congrats on the award ladies - you totally deserve it!!

  14. I love the vibrant new background!! It's gray and rainy here today and I love how cheery your blog is.

  15. Ok, I'm tired now after reading all you guys are doing. Actually, I'm tired because it's 11:00pm. Have a good one, I'm going to bed now.

  16. Such a fun blog this is! I am off to find out more about this contest... :)


  17. Well, We were off Shopping yesterday for jeans for the two girls and some shoes to match, some hoodies, outfits, shirts.

    The shopping madness never ends!

    Whew okay well it did end yesterday, so today we are just kind of hanging around the house taking the day off.

    Take Care and thanks for giving me a shout out again! All of you deserve the award! I can tell how busy each one of you are.

    Okay now I have to start thinking who is going to get the award this week.


  18. Ladies,

    First of all congratulations on your recent blog award. How wonderful to have this honor bestowed upon all of you. This comes as a great blessing seeing as all of you are so busy.

    Would love to invite you all to become part of my family as well whenever you have a free moment to join.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  19. Love the new look! I am ready for a blog makeover but just don't have the energy to do it myself...ahh well!! If you know of anyone doing free blog makeovers lemme know!! LOL


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