Saturday, September 12, 2009

Really Random Thoughts by The 5 Moms....

Aw man, it's Saturday again? Just how many Saturdays does one month need? Hey anybody got any bright ideas as to what we can blog about? Just one good idea. It's all we need! ~ Nan

You know this girl has nothing unless someone starts something. Let's Get It Started In Here! ~Mimi

I have an about one of us prepares a post BEFORE Friday..Nah, scratch that ! ~ Tarah

Sounds good in theory...But, it would not be nearly as fun to have it ready before midnight Saturday morning. We are on a roll! ~Mimi

Mimi, you're on a roll.....I'm on a doughnut. ~ Nan

I mean what we're doing is WORKING for us... even if it is a last minute, chaotic rush! ~Erica

Tarah, I think we like the last minute gut-wrenching, stress-inducing pressure of waiting until the last minute to produce a post. Maybe we miss labor pains? ~ Nan
What do you mean none of my stuff showed up? Was I in there the exact SAME time as Miti? I am confused? ~ I had some good ones too...Oh, well ~ Tarah

Oh dear, I forgot to tell you all I'm in here. Please forgive me if I cancel out your post. ~ Nan

Well, I may have been in there too, but I'm not gonna admit it! So it HAD to be Miti....again. ~Erica

OK- Today we are posting about our favorite honor of school week, I'll be the scholar! Or...give me something better to work with! ~ Tarah

Oooh! Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me~ I homeschool! ~ Nan

Hey y'all! What's on the agenda for Super Saturday? Y'all know I'm easy as Sunday morning - Miti
Oh and I just finished shaving my legs and underarms and think that somebody should come up with colored deodorant. That way we can spray or roll on a little bit of color under our arms. I would pick blue. I like blue. Oh, and red. Maybe pink. But not yellow. ~ Nan

(((((birds chirping)))))

Okay, so why the heck would birds be chirping? Who wrote THAT? It's CRICKETS y'all. CRICKETS CHIRP!.... at least to express boredom and speechlessness. Birds chirping would represent love and harmony. Get it? ~Erica
{{crickets chirping}}
See! Much better. ha ha ha ~Erica again

Uhhhhh, I got nothing. ~ Miti

((((Hello)))) ((((Anybody out there?)))) Where my girls at? ~ Miti

I got the feeling I'm talking to myself again. ~ Miti

Come on y'all! Please don't give me the cold screen. I promise I'll contribute! ~Miti

Miti- Our fault we totally didn't clue you here is your clue...Can you GUESS what this post is about? - We can't either ~ Tarah

(((Tarah))) (((Is that you?))) ~ Miti

Can you hear me now? ~ Miti

{{echo, echo, echo}}

Wait a minute.... Are we talking about shaving legs or favorite teachers? OH....I'm so confused!!! ~ Miti

I'm so tired, I have insomnia. Does that even make sense?? Blogging sometimes makes my mind numb. I guess I would like to thank my typing teacher for allowing me to type and be thinking about absolutely NOTHING!!! ~Tarah

Yay, it is you!!! ~ Miti

I would like to just ramble about how we took our boys to a Baseball game tonight that was 11-1 in the 4th inning and NOT in our teams favor...a TOTAL waste of money. I can't stand that. ~Tarah

Ahhh, man! Don't worry, Tarah. They'll make a comeback! ~ Miti

Well, I'm in here after the rest of the gals are asleep. It is 12:46 am on Saturday morning, and I just got home from my son's football game where WE WON!!!! (see that post on MY blog!) ~Erica

Tarah!!! Tarah!!! WAAAKE UPPP TARAH! ~ Miti

Oh no, Houston. we've got a problem. ~ Miti

Holding the fort down, is harder than I thought. (((MOMMA, CAN YOU HEAR ME?))). ~ Miti

Oh yea, y'all were gonna hold down the fort for ME while I was off at the game tonight! Thanks gals. Once again, another blog masterpiece. Well, I guess that's still to be determined by our readers, huh? Happy Saturday everyone. (now I'm off to BED!) ~Erica

Good grief, I thought you all would never go to bed. Don't you people ever sleep in the midwest or east coast or wherever you live? Finally, now I get the last word. Mwahahahahaha! ~ Nan

I can't believe I went to bed & missed all the fun.  Good Grief Charlie Brown I am always a day late & a dollar short. ~Mimi

Erica, can you fix my picture, Thanks girly.  ~Mimi


  1. ...and this is why we follow you 5 ladies! Keep it coming! Have a great weekend you all!!!

  2. Picture is fixed, Mimi! =0)

    You're welcome.

  3. You guys are too much. You certainly never know what to expect when you come here on Saturdays. Fun!

  4. Wow...that was a lot of rambling..funny...rambling!! Hope ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. I love your Saturday Silliness!!!

    Fun :)


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