Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Know What I Hate????

Yes, HATE is a strong word, but


"Can summer already be over?
I mean really?
It just got here!!! Didn't it?"

Yea, those are the thoughts that go through my mind each year as fall arrives. Granted, I live in Texas and we'll still get up in the 90's for a while for sure --- but we had a cold spell (daytime temps in the 60's) last week, and it was a harsh reminder of what's to come. I'm sure all of y'all are already MUCH colder than that, but still...

I hate being cold.

Yea, last week I sat in my office with tennis shoes, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and my heater roaring behind me. Nobody else thought it was cold, but I did. I don't have a ton of padding, and frankly...

I hate being cold.

There's nothing worse than having to climb out of a warm toasty bed on a cold winter's day. There's nothing worse than having to walk out of a cozy house into the frigid cold and climb into an iceburg car that takes 10 minutes just to warm up...

I hate being cold.

There's nothing worse than sitting out in the COLD at a football game. Why can't it just stay warm? Why do we need winter anyway? Can't we just SKIP it and go straight from fall to SPRING? Have I mentioned that...

I hate being cold.

Oh wait... if we skipped winter, I'd miss Christmas, and I DO love Christmas!

Okay, I need y'all to give me some more things to look FORWARD to about these upcoming cold months.

Cuz, well, ya know...

*And just a warning --- Don't say things like "the beautiful SNOW", cuz remember... I'm in Texas! We don't get snow.


  1. less bugs?
    more cuddling to stay warm...
    warm drinks that hit the spot!

    i'm sure there's more, but that's what i got off the top of my head. :-)

    think warm happy thoughts and good luck making it through the winter... it's not even oct. yet. ;-)

  2. I'm in Florida, we don't get a winter! LOL. And I rarely say I'm cold here. It's usually something like, "Dang, could it get any hotter?" or "Man, the humidity is brutal today." or " I so can't wait until it dips down into the 70's at night!" LOL.
    You need me to crochet you some booties?

  3. Okay, I won't say the beautiful snow. But I live where we get snow for 5-6 months out of the year! You think YOU'RE cold?! haha! It's just about hats and mittens weather here! I would give ANYTHING for one winter of temps that only hit the low 60's! That's picnic weather Erika! haha, I'm just teasin' ya. Maybe you could celebrate the fact that soon you won't have that lovely drippy sweat that sneaks it's way down your arms from your armpits when it's 90+ outside! Have a COOL day!!

  4. I despise being cold too and I live in the foothills of Colorado where 2 weekends ago it was 80 degrees and then on Monday the high was 38 and it snowed - in SEPTEMBER! When the temp dips below 70, I pull out my hoodies and long sleeve shirts and kick off the flip flops for some comfy wool socks. Everyone else is usually still in shorts and tee shirts. I'm a wimp. I am like a snake and can't move good in the cold. Too bad I live in a state where we can have snow 7 months out the year.

  5. Then I guess you won't be visiting me in WI for a few months. Like 8 months! It won't be warm here until June. Stay warm!

  6. Cold is just part of who we are here in Minnesota!!! I mean who else would you be able to make fun of in Texas when you see us on vacation and it is 45 degrees and we are in shorts??? Think about it. SOMEONE always has to think it is warm!!! LOL. And I would rather be cold any day of the week because I HATE being HOT!!!! ;)

  7. I live in TN and it gets cold, but not like it does in other parts of the country. I welcome the cooler weather because I HATE being hot. HA!

    You've got all of the fall festivities to look forward to... Thanksgiving... Christmas... winter break (hopefully)..... New Years... a new year to start fresh.... Valentines Day... and then the anticipation of Spring. Just live from holiday to holiday or season to season... I LOVE this time of the year... and if anything else... Fall and Winter wardrobes are the best!!!

  8. I'm thinking that Texas is a lot warmer than Michigan, not that I live there right now, because I don't. You know I live in England where it rains... a LOT! But I'm just sayin'... it can't be that cold in Texas, can it?

    Oh I know what you can look forward to. Wearing scarves! I love wearing them. They keep you so comfy and there are lots of ways to wear them nowadays so you can look fashionable.

  9. I'm the same way-I despise being cold. Here in south MS we have variable winter weather which means that one week it will be in the 30's and the next week it will be in the 70's. That, in turn, means that everyone stays sick all winter! Fun, huh? Paul and Ashton wish we lived somewhere where it was cold all year round...I, on the other hand, wish it was 70. All. year. long.

  10. It's funny that you mentioned this cause just the other day, I was telling Brad that I wish we could skip winter too (still have Christmas but just not a freezing cold one.) I love the fall. The pumpkins everywhere and the leaves begin to turn but then the winter has to come and ruin it all. That's what makes spring time so great. You can finally say good riddancs to the mouth chattering cold. Another thing I hate about the winter is that the days get shorter. But let me see. What is the bright side of winter??? You get to spruce things up in the wardrobe department with cute sweaters and scarfs and boots, making a BIG pot of chilly or yummy soup, and sitting by a cozy fire. Just be glad that you DON'T have snow every single day of winter or at all for that matter :o) That alone should make you smile.

    Sending you warm wishs this winter season,

  11. Ok...I am seriously trying not to give you a bad time, because we talk about how nice the winters were in TX...even though I did miss the FOUR seasons when we lived there. By parents LOVED coming down from MT during x-mas, and they would just sit outside soaking up the sun. I am not a real fan of being cold, but one good can snuggle up to your husband more at night..that works...doesn't it? Have a great Monday Erica!

  12. I know exactly how you feel! I hate being hot! In the winter, you don't have to worry about sweating all your makeup off before you get to church. If you forget your deodorant, it's not quite as tragic. You get to wear boots.

    Really, the only thing I ever miss about summer is my sandals. And you don't even have a "real" winter anyway, so just be thankful for that!

  13. The best thing I can think of about the cold is more opportunities to snuggle up with my man to keep warm!!!

  14. OK, I love the cold because there are more ways to get warm then there are to get cooler. You can only take off so many layers of clothes before you aren't wearing any.

    When it's cold, you can sit by the fire, cuddling under the blankets and sip something warm and just keep the cold out. Sweaters, gloves and scarves are fun to wear and most people don't diet in the winter. This is where comfort foods come in, crock pot meals, soups and chilis!

    It lasts for such a short time and we enjoy each day God created and find the beauty in it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. I hate being cold too, so tell me why I live in Michigan again? Grrr. I mean Brrrr. It is cold and wet today. Need to get back into bed.

  16. Being cold does stink...but I can knit you a scarf :) Winters can be pretty crummy around here because we don't usually get a lot of snow, so there's not much to do except be cold! I do like wearing big comfy sweaters though :) Stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate, i love that about winter, and having a cozy fire! Stay warm!

  17. If I could have Fall and Spring all year I would be happy. I'm still cold in the summertime because it's so hot outside the AC runs all the time. You'd think we lived in a meat locker it's so cold so I use my heater year round. We have four distinct seasons here in NC and that suits me just fine but I don't like it too hot or too cold.

  18. Well, I don't like to be cold either. We usually have fairly mild winters and fairly mild summers. But this last summer had a few weeks that were brutal, as far as I was concerned.

    I don't like triple digit weather. 90 is hot enough but when you get into the 100'
    So even though it's cooling off and I was cold this morning and put a sweatshirt on, that was awesome.

    Except that it was 69 when I put my sweatshirt on and I know it's going to get a loooooot colder than that soon!

  19. I HATE BEING COLD TOO! I felt I should shout that, cuz that is my number one detestation (is that a word?)And wouldn't ya know it, I live in Wisconsin! This is the frozen tundra of the great Midwest. thankful you live in Texas!

  20. I am not a fan of cold either. In fact, the AC my Hub likes at approx 65 degrees requires me to jacket up nightly. BRRRRRRRRR. Its Atlanta so I can simply go outside since it is hot 10.5 months of the year here. LOL.

  21. I'm always cold, so I can't hate it. The odd thing? I get more cold in summer than I do in winter. I think it because of all the air conditioning. Whatever, I look pretty odd with a sweatshirt in the middle of summer, but at least I'm not freezing!

  22. I like being IN cold when I can be warm. LIke keeping the windows open on a chilly night when I am snuggled up in my bed.


    Good times. :)



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