Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Kiosk Kraze

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Have you ever been in the mall, just minding your own business, when all of a sudden someone JUMPS out in front of you from behind a kiosk? Man, I hate when that happens. Don't you?! It scares the bee gee bees out of me! They must see me as an easy target cause it happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to the mall. I tell them I'm not interested, but even that doesn't seem to work. Did the mall get invaded by telemarketers or something? Good Grief Charlie Brown! Sometimes I feel like I'm Super Mario trying to conquer the glorious castle.

I know. I know. They're just trying to bring home the bacon, but this girl doesn't have any extra bacon to give. Yeah, I'm at the mall, but I'm here on a mission, to buy clothes and nothing but the clothes, not a $50 nail kit or to get my eyebrows threaded or shredded. :o| Whatever that means. Last week, a man literally came out at me with a mirror, YEAH A MIRROR, basically telling me how my eyebrows were all out of wack. Ok Ok, it may be true, but just because it's true doesn't mean that I'm gonna let the salesman pressure get to me. I will not let his sneaky tactics defeat me. I've got my pride....(and some shopping to do). So out of my way! I'm still on a mission.

Then I enter the food court and a dude is chasing me down with chicken teriyaki on a stick. I know. I know. It's very sweet of him to offer, but no thank you Sir. I'm in a RUSH and I'm just passing through.

On Sunday, I paid another visit to my glorious mall with my sisters and a friend. And what do ya know?! It happens again. I told y'all it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. From across the way we hear a woman yelling from the top of her lungs, ((((When was the last time you had pictures made of your kids?))))) Boy, they really know how to get to ya and apparently they're not too proud to beg either. But we stayed strong and focused on our shopping mission. Isn't it obvious we weren't at the mall to make appointments with Olan Mills. We just wanna get a pretty little black dress, for goodness sakes.

So, onward and inward to Dillard's we go, dodging the kiosk kraze along the way.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this kiosk kraziness!

Yours (Truly!),


  1. Miti,

    You must have a certain look that says, "OK, I'll listen for a couple of minutes. Whatdaya got?" Or they are just crazy, desperate looking for a quick buck. Sales are tough, aren't they?

    The guy with the chicken-on-a-stick cracked me up. That has definitely happened to me.


  2. Never and I mean NEVER make eye contact. Not even from across the way, cause that's their "in". LOL
    But even then sometimes it doesn't matter. I figure they don't usually bother me because I'm 6 foot tall and act like I'm going to kick their butts if they talk to me! LOL! I'm so kidding, I think I just look beyond help.
    Hugs to you, you kiosk magnet you!

  3. My favorite is those people with those 1 million dollar straight irons that run around trying to straighten everyone's hair. Those people will not take no for an answer. If they ever lose their job there they can always be telemarketers. :)

  4. You are not alone, trust me. But I just pretend I don't see them or hear them and keep on walking most of the time.

  5. I have become cranky lately when I am repeatedly bombarded by these guys/gals. I try to be patient, but when I say "no thank you, I mean no thank you."
    Recently, a man tried to sell me a florida room. After repeatedly telling him no. I finally told him...I already have one and it is much nicer than the one you is the real deal...not an add on. Then, I felt guilty for telling him this...I felt as though my comment was rude, but if he had accepted my repeated NO THANKS....I would not have been pushed to such frustration.

  6. You're too funny. Now I know that I'm not alone in my frustration with the pushy sales people. I've learned to be very forceful and I have no remorse. I will say that my new pet peave is the kids selling stuff outside the Wal-mart entrance. I know they need a place to sell their cookies, or collect money for their boy scout troops, etc. But I DO feel guilty when I walk on by. It's hard to turn down the kids, and that's how they get you!

  7. Man I can't stand those people. I always try to run as fast as I can past those booths while staring at the floor or something else.

  8. Oh no, you are NOT alone! Not at all.

    The last time I bought something at one of those was when they grabbed me and cuffed me and then put this handkerchief over my face. I passed out for a few moments and then woke up with beautiful new eyebrows, shiney straight hair, gorgeous buffed fingernails, a portrait package, three cake-sized chocolate chip cookies, and fifteen bags full of other stuff.

    Haven't figured out quite how I paid for it yet, but dang do my brows and nails look great.

    Just kidding. Great post, Miti!

  9. NOT alone at all. Gee...makes me want to head to the mall...NOT!!!

  10. Sucker Magnet...thats what hubs calls me...I just look and run the other way now...NO, I do not need a hairpiece...thanks for the offer!!! LOL

  11. Been there...done that! We have these foreigners who run the kiosks in our mall. So, not only do we get bombarded, but I can't understand what they're saying! What gets me upset is when they squirt something on me or throw something on me without my permission. Geez!

  12. Been there and heard those and more. You are right, I can't stand it when they walk right up to you, like they know you and ask, "Can I ask you a question?" I turn to them and say yes you just did and walk away.

    I have been pressured with massages, that look more like Chinese beatings on a table, hand lotion, nail treatments, face products and even a new phone for free.

    I used to hate it when they told me that they could beat whatever plan I had for my phone at that time, I laughed and told them mine was completely free since I worked for a carrier at that time, beat that!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. I was in a fairly nice mood when I was stopped by some face cream lady. I was in fact looking for a decent eye cream so I let her try it on me. I loved it, it really seemed to tighten the bags that I had. I was all ready to buy the tiny jar until she told me it was $110! Uh, no thanks, I'll keep the bags. Then she tried stuffing a bunch of nail products at me. Buy 2 get 2 free! NO! I do not even look at these people anymore. If I am interested, I will come to you, don't come chasing me.

  14. I'm such a sucker for their *crap. I try to look away... but then I accidentally look back and they know they have a live one.

    But I rarely buy. Just waste valuable time trying to get away.

    You crack me up girl.


  15. Lol! You are not alone!! And I'm dyin over Erica's comment!!!!

  16. Wow, I guess our kiosk people aren't very pushy. They are to busy either talking to each other or talking on the phone or something.

    Either that or I just must look like I am soooo not interested or something.

    Seriously, you can walk up to a kiosk and they'll sit there playing on the computer or talking on the phone and be like "Hang on. Can I help you?" all the while holding that phone to their ear.

  17. This trick works almost every time... just start doing some sign language with whomever is with ya. They'll usually just stare at you dumbly ;)

    And worst case scenario... they actually KNOW sign language. Then you're busted, but at least you don't have to buy anything ;)

  18. Ok, is it safe to admit here that I HATE shopping~

    This is one of the reasons I avoid the mall at all costs!


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