Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday

Alright ladies and gentleman I have been on a WVW break and it has been oh so nice! Thanks for obliging me in some random posts on Wednesdays for the last couple of weeks.
I think I might be ready for a comeback!
Thanks to Word Verification boy Man!


Yes folks..I know it is really hard to believe..but sometimes, Inonice!

Inonice when I drive and someone cuts me off, Inonice when I have to wait in a long line at Starbucks, heck- Inonice when I have to do 10 loads of laundry on Sunday.

Inonice when I'm burnin the midnight oil blogging ;)


Well Crapto..WV has just created a new swear word! Ever since this popped up Kameron's blog, my family just can't get enough of the word Crapto.

Crapto...its Tuesday night and I need to create a blog post for Wednesday!

C'mon...just for one week? Could I please get a week free from some kind of bodily function? Even when I am on a break from Word Verification he has to do something RUDE that makes me question my motives in the 1st place!

(Yeah!!! I got Girlee)
Oh how I have longed for months to receive something GIRLEE from Word Verification. This time...he heard my, thank you thank you thank you, Word Verification for allowing me to finally...FINALLY be GIRLEE!!! I deserve it after putting up with your Smeltoot(s) and your Crapto. I'm not sure who you think you are...but rest assured, Inonice about it!!!
Lets cross our fingers that next SPECTACULAR!!!



  1. Very good post. I love the smeltoot one. You sure do get that one around this place. lol

  2. I think they are all pretty funny in a way! inonice when I get cut off by another driver on the road too! Is crapto when you stub your toe and go oh Cr@p!

    Funny Post!

  3. Inonice when I don't have coffee first thing in the morning...I can't even wait for Starbucks.

    Great post!

  4. You make me smile with your definitions...

  5. Inonice is how I feel when my kids wake me up way too early just because they can't sleep after declaring to me the night before how tired they are and not to wake them up because they are sleeping in.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Inonice when my alarm clock goes off in the morning. Inonice when a frustrated kid is refusing to concentrate on their homework cuz they're too upset at the fact that they HAVE any homework inthe first place.

    But Inice when I read your WVW posts!

  7. Great word verification comeback, Tarah! I could see myself saying every one of those.
    Right now I'm craptoing because it's Wednesday afternoon and I have no clue what to blog about tomorrow. You'd think having a 3 year old as a sidekick would give me plenty to talk about. After all, I am a girlee living in a smeltoot world. That should be enough inspiration.

  8. Too funny and I love the pictures you found too. HILARIOUS for the smeltoot.

  9. Inonice when I'm in a hurry and other people choose to be on the road at that hour! I mean seriously, didn't they get the memo?

  10. Lol...good post! Smeltoot is a big issue around here-the kids all think bodily functions are hilarious!!


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