Saturday, September 5, 2009

Movin on Up...

Movin' on up... to the EAST side... to a DELUXE apartment in the SKY...

Remember when....

YOU moved into your 1st apartment?

Were you so excited?


Starting college or just getting the heck out of dodge to be your own person?

Well today and today are getting a sneak peek into the

1st Apartments of the 5 MOMS...

Dah dah da dun......

• My first apartment was called Ben Dover Farms seriously.

Ben Dover..who thought of that? ~ Tarah

• The kids below me must have been nocturnal because they were blasting music at all hours of the night. Didn't they know I needed my beauty sleep? ~Mimi

• Now don't be all shocked, but when I moved out of my parents house... I moved in with 3 guys. Amazingly my parents were fine with it. ~Erica

• My first washer took only .25 cents to wash and $2.00 to that weird?

I mean, did they just figure it would all come out in the wash? ~ Tarah

• I had a water bed. Enough Said ~ Tarah

• Our building was supposed to be secure & have doors that locked to the outside, but they didn't even have locks on them. I felt real safe. ~Mimi

• My bedroom window was right above the basketball court. The kids from the next building over would come and play BB every Saturday morning about 7 a.m. I was not amused. ~ Nan

• After living with three guys for about a year and a half, a fourth guy joined us. Talk about Testosterone City! But I loved it. ~Erica

• One feature I did love about my apartment was that the bathroom had the sink outside the door...right in the middle of the hallway. Very classy. ~Mimi

• I could not ever smell the delicious Indian food that was being cooked at all times during the day through the "THICK" walls of my apartment ~ Tarah

• My roommate had a dog, and her dog was very moody. Whenever my roommate left her dog would mope around the house until she got home. That dog would have nothing to do with me or anybody else. So, in a sense, I was living with a hostile roommate, lol! ~ Nan

• I often complain about having laundry in the basement of my house, but then I remember being on the 3rd floor of my apartment & having my laundry in the basement. Boy did I used to be skinny & in good shape from doing all those stairs. ~Mimi

• Okay, I must confess. I never lived in an apartment, so I have no stories to tell. In truth, I lived with my parents until Jason & I got married, he came with two little boys, thus the reason that I moved in with three guys. They were MY GUYS! And the other guy we moved in?? Well, that would be when I had Cameron. Hey, I didn't want to be left out of this post! ~Erica

• Erica, you should be so lucky. Listen to all our sweet stories of apartment life. I must confess...I love my house so much better. So glad you still joined in. ~Mimi

• Erica, you are indeed sneaky, lol! ~ Nan

• Erica, you had me going. You're so crazy! :o) I was thinking I was going to be the odd girl out on this one. I've never lived in an apartment either. Too bad we didn't have to go that route when we sold our house. I'm sure I would've had some interesting stories to tell. WHAT AM I SAYING?!! Thank goodness we didn't have to go that route! Now on the other hand, if we were talking about living in a double-wide trailer, then I'd have some things to talk about. ~ Miti


  1. Oh, I so remember one of our first apartments. Ugh - parties late at night, car broken into = twice, even had to call the cops on our neighbors next door for spousal abuse. Ugh! :( Needless to say, I was soooooo glad when we moved.

  2. My first apartment was when I was married. It was home and dorm rooms before that. The young couple next to us use to fight a lot and were loud. I have often wondered if their marriage survived!

  3. are too a good way of course. When I hear the phrase from this sitcom, "Moving on Up" I immediately think of heaven. I have since I was young. When I have shared it with others they look at me how does your mind go from the Jefferson's and their new apartment to heaven....but it does.
    Have a great weekend...andrea

  4. Good idea for a post. It was fun peaking into your post. Erica, you cracked me up once again! My first apartment was with my sister. We were about a block away from the used furniture store my parents owned at the time. Every few weeks or so we'd trade furniture with them. We were always getting something new (used) from them. That was so much fun.

  5. I remember my first apartment, it was an open two room place, a kitchen and a bath. You had to walk through the bedroom to get from the living area to the kitchen...who thought of that design..Duh!. After a couple of weeks I opted to have a smaller living room and I switched them around. It was fine, till I saw a cockroach...EEEEW...I moved out right away! I hate bugs (of course here in the midwest, we don't see many cockroaches LOL)

  6. My first apartment was a collection of hand me down items from every family member I had known. My refrigerator was an ice cooler until I could afford one of my very own. It was my first possession I ever had new.

    The back of my apartment faced a liquor store and rail road tracks. Don't know what I was thinking except freedom from my parents.

    The laundry room experience was the worst. Just when you gathered everything up and hauled it all down the walkways to the laundry, it never failed all the machines were being used. Two choices, haul it all back upstairs or wait it out. I chose to wait it out. Then it usually turns out that it is one person using all the machines to get their laundry done all at once and they never came back when the machines were done. Thank goodness for homes with their own machines!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Erica had me going...! In my jr.yr of college me and 2 other girls livid in a 3 bedroom apt and it was great! Excpet for the family of 5 below us and the loud music that they kids played until all hrs of the night! And why is it that washing machines are so much cheaper than dryers...things that make you go huummmmmm?!
    Happy Saturday Moms!

  8. Hey Miti, I've lived in a doublewide trailer, too! Our first place was "base housing" for the USAF, so I have those stories to tell, too.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't live in an apt, Miti! Sounds like we missed out on all kinds of excitement and adventure!

  9. My first apartment was when hubby and I got married. He had already moved in a few months before the wedding (it was 6 hours away from our hometown)and had "decorated" prior to me moving there with him.

    When he carried me over the threshold, I was greeted by...bookshelves made with cinder blocks and raw wood shelves, a lamp he made with a highway cone (complete with a metallic gold lampshade and a dimmer switch), our mattress set placed directly on the floor (he thought that was cooler than using the bed frame), and afghans hung in every corner of our living room (he apparently had issues with corners).

    For days I kept muttering to myself (as I redecorated), "...for better or for worse...for better or for worse...for better or for worse..." LOL

    Our kitchen was basically a hallway. Our oven and our refrigerator were across from one another, and could not be opened simultaneously. Ahhhh...good times! ;-)


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