Saturday, August 29, 2009

When I Was A Kid...

Ya know, back when I was a kid....

• I would slide down our steps on an old cardboard box. ~Mimi

• Oooooh, Mimi, I did that too!!!! ~ Nan

• I loved eating the sugar kool-aid straight from the stained your hands so nice too.~Mimi

• I chewed Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. You could blow huge bubbles, and it wouldn't stick to your face! GRAPE was my flavor of choice. Their commercials were pretty cool, too! ~Erica

• I would sneak into the medicine cabinet and drink Pepto right out of the bottle! It just looked so yummy and pretty N' pink. It's a good thing I never got caught. It's also a good thing it didn't kill me! But don't y'all worry. Recommended dosages are all this girl needs nowadays. ~ Miti

• I played for hours in rain puddles until the street lights came on.~Mimi

• I had short hair but I always wanted long hair. So I pretended I had two long braids by putting a pair of pantyhose over my hair (not my face). ~ Nan

• My mom would just about pull my brains out trying to put my hair in piggy tails. Ooooo I can still feel the pain. But, I took it like a WOman (and held on for dear life.) It's NOT easy being a girl! ~ Miti

• I was my dad's remote control. Whenever the TV needed to be changed he would call me in from another room to change it.~Mimi (Me too! ~Erica)

• I played touch football, soccer, and baseball with the neighborhood kids. ~ Nan

• I made a go-cart out of an old upright shopping cart... you know, the kind that the bag boys loaded all of the full brown-paper-bags onto when they toted them out to your car? Think way back! Anyway, we named our go-cart "Jumpin' Jupiter". We'd push it to the top of the hill, and riiiiiiide it all the way down. ~Erica

• We used to ring doorbells and run. ~ Nan

• I went out on my first date. Yup! That's right! When I was a kid, I had to go with my sisters on their dates. Awful for my sisters. GREAT for me!!! (That is until I got my own boyfriend.) ~ Miti

• When I was a kid, I loved my Fisher Price Baby Ann doll! In fact, I still have "Annie"! And when Riley was a year old, I found one for her on Ebay, so we have matching first dolls. ~Erica

• I loved a good game of Dodge Ball, Four Square, Freeze Tag & Red Rover.~Mimi

• I would dance the night away at family parties, never too shy to ask for a dance. The only problem was that the only ones available were old men. I was desperate, I guess. ~ Miti

• We didn't have a VCR. We had a total of 4 channels to watch, and that was good enough. Captain Kangaroo, Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, and I Dream of Jeanie kept me entertained quite nicely! ~Erica

What did YOU ♥ as a Kid?


~ The 5 Moms


  1. I used to love riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing ghosts in the graveyard, flashlight tag, and all those other great games that kids can't play now. I remember knowing that all the mothers in the neighborhood would be watching and I could get in trouble by any of them.... oh and there's the fact that I KNEW them all too

  2. Watched Captain Kangeroo, played in mud puddles, read great books with my Nana, learned to ride my bike and skate on the side walk in front of my grandparents business' in a small town and I do not think it is legal to do this anymore, but it was innocent then.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. Rode my bike and ran all over the neighborhood until dinner...moms didn't worry, or have as much to worry about like we do now.

  4. I used to love to play in the sandbox making sand pies and stuff. My mom would give me braided pigtails and I remember I'd always get a sunburn where she parted my hair and then I'd get sand in there too and man it would hurt!

  5. I used to love a lot of things. I used to play all the time with my Rainbow Bright Dolls. I still have my very first Cabbage Patch Doll. Oh and you can't forget the Strawberry Shortcake, when they brought her back they changed the look but she still smells like strawberries. YUM!!! I remember going to the lake to swim and to the community pool at the park. OH and remember merry-go-rounds? Whatever happened to them anyway.

  6. I used to get up each Saturday morning and sit for two hours watching the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner show and then I was out the door. Stayed outside until the street lights came on, riding bikes, looking for frogs in the wash, playing Barbies, swimming, Ding Dong Ditch, Tag, and the occasional toilet papering of a home. What great memories.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. I used to eat mayo and onion sandwiches...that kinda makes me nauseated to even think about it! :-p

    I was a big tomboy...I climbed trees, played in the dirt, learned to spit/burp, and rode my bike with the boy who lived next door. He was the only other kid around in my neighborhood that was near my age (he was a couple of years older), so I learned everything from him. My mother was thrilled.

    Good times...

  8. I used to love playing with my Barbie and Sindy dolls. Thought it was a great idea to give Sindy a Bob haircut which ended up looking like she had been attacked with a hacksaw. Not a good look.
    Collette xxx

  9. Wow, some great memories! :D LOL! :D I played with Barbies, when we lived off base in Germany, my friend lived on a farm and we would play hide and seek in the barn in the hay loft. :D

  10. I always got stuck being the Indian when my older brother wanted to play cowboy. Sometimes I was lucky and got to be his horse instead. That was great considering I was four years younger than him...and he had SPURS!!! Joy to the world.

  11. I loved watching Captain Kangaroo as a kid...and aren't all kids the remote control of the past?! Loved 4 square, and I was the only white girl with asian eyes from my braids or ponies!!! Too funny ladies, thanks for the giggles!

  12. I was thinking yesterday how I wanted to open a pack of Jell-O and just eat the powder.

    I did the pantyhose as long hair too! I had forgotten about that...

    I used to get into the Pepto too but my favorite was drinking Creomulsion (sp?)

  13. Great Post! I too grew up on Captain Kangaroo and all of the same shows you did! I also remember the Justice League with Superman, Batman, wonder Woman and all of the other superheroes fighting crime in the Hall of Justice....

    Okay don't get me started.......

  14. That was a walk down memory lane :)

    Ok girls, pepto and panty hose braids and ding dong ditch.. LOL!

  15. Played hide n' seek until dark in the summer, played crocket, badmitten and swam (played in the water) a lot. Rode my bike several miles to visit my old neighborhood, rode to the park, swam & came home safely.

    The good ole days!


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