Thursday, August 13, 2009


Oh where oh where has our dear Miti gone?
Any Guesses?
Stay Tuned...she'll be back! *insert best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*


  1. Ha ha ha...

    She's gonna get you for this, Mimi! =0)

    And you can't deny that it was you, cuz you uploaded it from He&Me+3. ha ha ha

    Good one!

  2. We should have made it into a WANTED poster!!!

    or the back of a milk carton: "Have you seen this woman? $50000.00 reward"

  3. Miti we miss you...hope that you will be back to normal soon!!! Miss ya! ;)

  4. WE love you Miti...It was nice talking with you today on the phone! Hoping life slows down soon.

  5. Miss you Miti! Maybe she is "resting."

  6. Being the Nancy Drew that I"ve always wanted to be, she's probably chasing down her overly sensitive, but OH-SO-CUTE boy, while she's shopping and no doubt dropped somewhere and the mall closed with her trapped inside some dressing room. Or she's busy eating all the decorated cakes she made, and hopefully sharing them with all her peeps. Maybe, just maybe, the cows came home and because of that she stopped blogging. Send the cows back out Miti and get back to blogging. You are missed. :o)

  7. Hope to see you back soon, Miti!

  8. We miss you, but I have to say this post and the comments are pretty funny! -Cathy


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