Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Would you like to know how I met my next door neighbors long ago?

I met the neighbor across the street when my then-almost five year old son locked us out of the house. I had gone to get the paper off the porch and he followed me, closing the door which locked behind him. Unfortunately, he locked his baby brother in the house. Fortunately, baby brother was sleeping in his crib at the time.

I asked Mr. & Mrs. New Neighbor if I could used their phone. I called my hubby at his brand new job and asked him to please come home and bring me the key. Needless to say I was thisclose to panicking very calm. We I decided that it would be faster to just break into the house, considering the baby was in there. I didn't care about the cost or the broken glass, I just wanted in.

Mr. Neighbor graciously helped me break into my own home. He seemed quite eager to do it pretty good at it and seemed like he had lots of prior experience he didn't even seem surprised. He told me the previous owner had locked herself out several times.

I met another neighbor when she graciously invited us over to her home. As we walked through the door my adorable nearly five year old told her "You need to clean your house!" Fortunately she laughed about it, and told me she had actually cleaned it before inviting us over. It just wasn't up to my son's standards, apparently.

I met my other neighbor when the same son went next door, rang the doorbell and said "Can you help me find my mommy? I can't find her."

I had told him I was going to start the laundry. He forgot where I was so he called in the calvary instead of looking for me. I came right back out and found the front door was open and I ran outside, only to see him leading our neighbor to our house.

I wasn't even gone all that long, but it just didn't occur to him to look for me, I guess. Not to mention he forgot what I said.

So, moral of the story is, if you want to meet your neighbors let me know, I am sure my son will be happy to help you!


  1. It's like home alone meets dennis the menace. {grin} I have some stories that really make me wonder why folk are even brave enough to say they know us ...... !

  2. That's funny, Nan. Sounds like you had your hands full. Mason went out the door when he was two without me knowing. I was in the kitchen working on a cake when suddenly I heard nothing but silence. I called out for him. Nothing. I started panicking and saw the door was WIDE open. I ran outside and found him going down the driveway. That was the first time. The second time I caught him before he made it off the porch. Sneaky little thing!

  3. oh my! I bet he was a bundle of fun in his childhood.

  4. LOL! Too cute! :D My son is always trying to bring someone over. LOL!

  5. Yea, five is such a GREAT age for letting people learn all about your family. They tell all, are an open book, and have NOTHING to hide. ha ha ha

    Very cute, Nan!

  6. We have meet all our neighbors through our kids too. Oh the stories. LOL
    Your son is a hoot!

  7. Great story. I met my neighbors at our neighborhood block party. Since then all 4 of us (3 households) have been pretty much inseperable. I like in a court and everyone knows eachother. It's a "Hi Neighbor" court. We always have block parties and everyone watches eachothers kids etc. I've been there almost a year and love it!! They even bring you food and tickets to theme parks. Neighbors are great, at least mine are!!!

  8. That's so funny!! Kids are great ice breakers-whether we want them to be or not! :)

  9. I have to agree that we meet most of the neighbors not only through our kids but their kids as well. Kids just accept without all the preconceived judging adults do. They just say, "Hi, want to be my best friend?" and they are off and playing.

    Wish we as adults could learn a lesson or two from our kids.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Kids do help bring neighbors together. That is for sure. Your story is hilarious though!

  11. That's what your neighbor gets for not keeping a clean house!! At least he was honest...

  12. That's funny! I bet your neighbors love you guys!

  13. oh no! Well, that certainly is ONE way to meet the neighbors.

    Some try housewarming parties, but this one beats that by a mile :)

  14. Sounds to me like the kiddos always seem to grab someone when they need help right??? Even though we tell them don't talk to stangers? Mine do the same thing...I'm not sure where they get it from...I never talk to people that I don't know (internet) LOL!!!

  15. That's so funny. I can just see him toddling around to the neighbor's knocking on their doors.

    I bet they remembered him at Halloween.


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