Friday, August 14, 2009

They Call Me...

I am spilling the Beans & telling my childhood Nickname this week for several reasons...
1. My Mom Brain is totally fried from listening to my kids complain of boredom all week...because we totally packed way too much fun into the first part of summer & have nothing left to do for the month of August. It is gonna be a long month.

2. Inquiring minds wanted to know...

3. I finally found a copy of the Jelly Bean Dress picture that I threatened Tarah I would post of her if she told my childhood nickname that her Mother so lovingly gave me.

4. I also found the picture which caused the nickname I earned as a child.

BTW, I really don't care for Hot Dogs at all anymore especially raw ones...GROSS!
My childhood nickname was...
Any Guesses from that picture???
Ding Ding Ding...
I mean winner...if you guessed Wiener.
Did you get all that?
Doesn't seem so bad until you are in the store at the ripe ole age of 13 & your Aunt is bellowing at the top of her lungs to find you..."WIENER!"
There you have it...the best kept secret in Blogland. Shhh!
Got any Nicknames that you would proudly wear on a name tag?
Do share, I can keep a secret!
Right Tarah...the Terror of the Town!


  1. Lol that was just too funny Mimi! That first photo is hilarious, we all have ones like those!
    I didn't really have a nickname although my dad liked calling me "Tantrum O'neal" aka Tatum O'Neal. I had a bad temper on me!
    Collette xxx

  2. oh man I had a few nicknames, my uncle called me Squirt but most of the family either called me Amos or Aimee Kabaimee. Good times.

  3. LOLOL...oh that is hilarious!!! And oh my gosh..that picture of you eating a raw hot dog!! LOL, I think I ate those too when I was little!!

    It's amazing how much stunt man looks like you!

  4. Culturally, weiner isn't in our vocab .... so down here, you would probably been known as frankfurt.

  5. My brothers said that my mom found me on the doorstep when I was a baby (they are so loving) and that I had a huge bump on my head from where I had been dropped. So they called me Bump, and in every possible accent until it got to something that none of us can figure out how to spell, and it stayed there. All the guys at our church started calling me that, so I had a wonderful childhood. Ha!

  6. Oh goodness so funny! I actually like the picture of you eating a hot're adorable!!!

    Then the first picture makes me not feel so bad about my childhood picture going up a couple of weeks ago :) Looks like we had the same hair issues! Don't you wish we could just knock some sense into our parents....why couldn't they take care of our hair so it looked decent as kids? :)

  7. Now I know why I love blogland...I feel so much better about myself!:) Actually, I had a few crazy pictures just like those. I shudder just thinking about them!!!

    Believe it or not I didn't have any crazy nicknames that stuck...of course "Mich" is my nickname... Happy Friday!

  8. Hmmm, I had a wonderful childhood. Being 4'11", I've heard 'em all....
    Sweet & Low
    Short Stack
    Mighty Mouse
    Little Bit
    Those are just a FEW of them. But the one that will cost a friendship is Bridget the Midget. Yeah, I hated that and one time I didn't speak to my dad for two weeks when I found out he was the one responsible for my name. I wanted to change my name, but my parents wouldn't let me. I was totally serious about it, too!

    But, you can call me BRI and I'll answer. That's one nickname that I like! :D

  9. My nickname was really not bad: Andee
    My middle sister, Courtney's nickname was/is: BUG and we still call her that...well those of us really close to her and she doesn't mind. My baby sister, Dayna's nickname was "puddin face" and I wish she were living today so I could call her by her nickname...sorry...just brought back some sweet memories. She was killed at age 17.
    Cute you guys! andrea

  10. oh no! That picture of the hot dog is so adorable though!!

  11. The hot dog picture is too funny! And I can see why that nickname began. But that is terribly funny that it lasted until you were a teen. Unless they still call you that. OH NO!

  12. Somehow my name got translated to "Heggy" when I was a kid, but it never really stuck. My husband likes to make up names for our girls, so we have Bucca Buck (because her cheeks made that noise when we bounced her), Nuggle Bear (because she was the snuggliest little thing), Maggie Bean (first ultrasound pic) and Moosha (again with the cheeks, she had the kind you could squeeze for hours)...

  13. That's funny! You were a cute wiener baby!

    My brother gave me the nickname Doozie when I was a kid. Then my sister started calling me Steffie Stu for some reason. They both stuck for many years. My brother still calls me Doozie sometimes.

  14. You'd better hide from Tarah for posting that pic!! I might have to hunt you down if it were me! Ha! Weiner!

  15. So wait...that first picture is TARAH??? Oh, this is a FABULOUS POST! I love, love,love it!

    Stunman DOES look SO MUCH like you, Mimi! Wow!

    And my nickname? Well, my nickname was "Yucca". My sister couldn't say "Erica" when I was born, and it kinda came out as "Ucca". Over the years,it went to YUCCA and it STUCK! To this day some of my highschool friends still say "YUCCA!" when they see me. I know it's a weird one, but I don't mind it. =0)

  16. Chatty Cathy and Gigglebox were the main ones for me.

  17. I never knew the reason behind the nickname. Too funny!

  18. I never had a nickname. I kinda feel left out a little. I do call my son "bups or Buppie" I have no idea why. I just started saying it I guess one day.

  19. Oh my goodness! I couldn't watch your video on your other blog because I'm using my husband's work computer and I can't download a flashplayer on it. So, I was thinking - no funnies. But this was HILARIOUS. Thanks for making me LOL, Wiener.

  20. NO WAY! My best real world friend's name is katrina but when her nieces were little they couldn't say it right and so it came out WEENIE Which after a while got morphed into weiner. They are all grown up and having their own babies but they still call her (and I do it once in a while to tease her) weiner. She will never in a million years believe that there are two of you out there!

    By the way I love the picture even if the idea of eating a raw hot is making me queasy.

  21. I guessed it once you showed the picture, lol! I love the jelly bean dress!

    My dad called me "Bitty Babe" but my siblings just called me "sis." So I guess I never really had a nickname.

  22. OH my! That is so funny! Wiener? Did they have pictures of you taken while eating a raw hotdog? Haha! Still cute, though! I had the lovely nickname of 'scarface' after my chicken pox! I know, sounds cruel, but it was just my family and they were kidding ;)

  23. Oh, Mimi...trying not to laugh! I feel bad and have to hold back a giggle all at the same time. But hey you survived and aren't any worse for the wear.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Hahaha! Oh, Mimi, I'm sorry I'm laughing. I just can't help it!I LOVE the jellybean's a classic!

    Eh, my nicknames weren't so bad. Beth is my middle name...just Beth...NOT Elizabeth. So, for whatever reason, people have always extended my name. I've been called Bethie, Bethlehem, Bethaleen (that rhymes with my last name), etc.

    I did have a guy in my freshman year of high school who used to call me Hefty, because of my chest size. That's a whole 'nother blog post, though...we won't go there right now! LOL

  25. OH MY...I have been waiting for this post and those photos!!! Serioulsy though...what kind of mother would let her toddler consume a raw hot dog, especially during a photo shoot!!! OH that would be Nonnie!!! Too funny!

  26. Ahahahaha! I LOVE the pics!! Too funny! From preschool on, I was 'The Big Hair Girl.' As in,
    'Jennifer who? Oh, you mean, Jennifer, The Big Hair Girl!' And strangely enough, I was looking through old pictures today and thinking I certainly earned that nickname!! My mom didn't know what to do with curly hair and so she just brushed it out, causing massive frizz. I continued on this destructive path for far too long. OMGosh-it was BAD-and FUNNY!!! Thank GOD I finally learned how to fix it, but not until the very end of high school!!

  27. Oh how sad, but I can certainly see where the name comes from. Obviously our parents saw nothing wrong with names like that growing up for us. They saw it as cute, and we cringed and were absolutely mortified.

    Mine was only Kit Kat after Kitty Kat, the original Kit Kat bar hadn't come out just then.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  28. My little brother christened me: Air-in, Air-out (Get it? Er-in) because he felt I talked too much. It stuck!

  29. So, the truth has FINALLY come out. That's funny! You will always be a wiener opps I mean WINNER in my eyes. LOVE the pic of Tara too! You are one wienie that's not going down in flames alone that's for sure. So funny. It might be a good thing we're not related. Otherwise, I would have been a wienie victim myself. Poor Tara. It's still funny though. Hummmm....I think I'm getting hungry now. For some weird reason I'm in the mood for some wieners or jelly beans. heheheheh

    Nahhhh, you know I love y'all.


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