Monday, August 24, 2009

A Short Colorful Story

I once red a very short book
about a big green giant named Mr. Brown.
He lived white on top of a cloud
that was covered with lovely purple flowers.

When the bright yellow sun would shine,
he'd skip along and pink the lovely flowers.
Sometimes the strong winds blue,
and his cloud would turn gray.

Every night, he'd lie flat on his black
teal the golden sun rose again each new morning.

Now, orange you glad this was such a SHORT peachy story?
Cuz I was plum tired of writing it.

But hey, at least it was COLORFUL!

But I just wanted to BRIGHTEN YOUR MONDAY a bit!

*Now if you're interested in seeing me wearing WHITE whipped cream, check out my personal blog today.


  1. You are so creative. Loved the white whip cream on your face:)

  2. Thank you! I needed a smile, today!

  3. Go back to bed Erica. You need the rest.
    I'm teasing. That was cute and my girls got a kick out of it.

  4. Oh geez...that was a lot of color!!! LOL. I'm glad I did'nt have to change all the text in that one...took you two hours I bet!!! ;)

    Cute little story tho!

  5. Love it! Love It! And it did absolutely inspired my day with just a little bit more color in it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Okay Erica, that's just too funny!

  7. A very cute, colorful post Erica! :)

  8. Erica...thanks for coloring my day today!!

  9. If I had the energy (and the time) I would totally post you a colorful comment. But I have to leave soon so this is all you get, lol! Loved it!

  10. You are so silly and creative! Fun for you to write and me to read!!

  11. Erica,

    I would love to know what you put in your coffee to be so darn creative! I could use a little of it.


  12. That was mauve-lous darling! Really, you are such a creative whiter. I'm so green with envy! I've got to see what I can mustard up for my post on Thursday. It's hard to keep up with you! :o)

  13. Okay, Miti definitely wins the most CREATIVE comment award! You go Girl! Rock on, Miti!

  14. Cute, Erica! You have such a great imagination.

    Take care


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