Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Mom's Journal Entry - Star Date 8/19

I would like to interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging carnival.
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A journal entry from Eyeglasses & Endzones.
(In your best James T. Kirk voice)

Saturday, storms in our area. All seemed fine after the storm blew over...or so I thought. I walked into my house to notice that my washer and dryer, stove, microwave and every single digital clock in my house needed to be re-programed.
A little strange yes, but nothing highly unusual.

Until I walked up stairs that is. COMPUTER...NO NO NO NOT THE COMPUTER!!!!
Are you kidding me? My life support, my job, my online shopping obsession..
What is a trekky to do?
I've been zapped right in the heart this is SOOO unfortunate.
Beem me up Scotty, I can't take this any longer.

Wait- I have a back up plan whew....I move swiftly down the stairs and swing the office door open sit down at the desk, YES, this is my back up # 2!
Ahhhh but WAIT, The power light is gone...nothing is turning on...ARE YOU KIDDING ME...
THIS IS A has to be smarter..Doesn't it?

Is it possible that BOTH of my computers are dead?
What did I do to deserve this?
Spock please help. I'm confused, I don't see anything but darkness.
Yes, I realize there may be more important issues such as health care and world hunger but for my world right now this...this right here is DEVASTATION.

Who do you call in a computer crisis?

911..nope thats not right.Ghost Busters..nope it is not 1984.Geek Squad?
(Well maybe if I wanted to take out a second mortgage on the house.)

I'm on my own for this one, I think maybe I need to call my insurance agent and let him know about this strange little incident. He says " James
Tarah, this sounds like it was a power surge."

Then, it happened. I hung up the phone and started the laundry.
I closed the door and began my normal household blogging chores.
Dirty Clothes - Check
Laundry Soap - Check
Dryer Fire - CheckWait...BACK UP...WHAT???
Yep. Smoke. Coming from my dryer...
Luckily, I was here to catch it.
Unplugged the dryer and made the next phone call to the insurance agent...what is going on?

Bottom Line. Power Surge...Big Big Power Surge 220 Volts.
Pretty much all through my house, did not hit all the electronics
but it did hit a lot of them plus my dryer.

Moral of the story...
Don't do laundry
I'm telling you this for your own good.
You could start a very LARGE power surge that could lead
to a global collapse a very large insurance claim on your house.

Take my advice...
Have Scotty Beam you up,
turn that dryer off and RELAX already!!!


  1. Oh my scary!!!!!!!! Glad you caught that in time!

  2. Wow! That could have been REALLY REALLY bad. I'm backing away from my laundry right now! I will be forwarding this to my husband as an explanation to why his shirts are still dirty and he has no clean underwear. I'm sure my boys could care less! LOL
    Hugs to you my friend and I hope all goes smoothly with the claim

  3. Boy, that was a close call for sure!

  4. wow that is crazy... at least you were there to stop it and quickly! so now you get to shop for 2 computers and a dryer?

  5. Go ahead and beam me up too, Scotty! Man! are you serious, you had a fire in your dryer? What are you going to do?
    Are your computers fried too? How did you post? Oh girl, so sorry! This would be a really funny post if I knew it wasn´t real.
    We just watched the new Star Trek. I am such a treky that when the original Spock came on the scene I clapped. hahaha
    have a better day. and pray you can get all that fixed.. too bad we can´t get power surges on our bodies.

  6. Wow, I would have never known that could happen! Do you get a fancy new dryer from this? Gotta look at the positives! I'm so glad you were ok and the house didn't burn down! Guess you have a good excuse not to do laundry for awhile ;)

  7. That must have quite frightening! A good excuse to ditch the laundry though.
    Love Collette xxxx

  8. Does this mean you get all new electronics/computers and dryer? I wouldn't have any idea what to do either but am so glad you caught the dryer before something worse happened.

  9. I knew the story and I was still on the edge of my seat with this post. Good one. So glad you wer ok. Don't do laundry. Ok..I won't!

  10. I think I'd be more upset about the computer than the dryer. Mine is acting up, but let's hope it doesn't catch fire! Geeze girlie?? Do you ave your computers on surge protectors?? If not, I bet you'll go out and buy some now!

  11. I am sooooo sorry. I suppose you could look at the brighter side....U get lots of new appliances.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  12. So it was your dryet after all.

    So glad that all is ok and everyone is safe.

    We had this happen to our house because of a lighting strike about a year ago. Phones, phone lines, all tvs (a 60 and 62 inch at that) satellite tv, entertainment system with surround sound, most all appliances even the ac was fried. Anything that was plugged in got screwed up, and believe it or not a tv that wasnt even plugged in got hit and ruined by a surge from a nearby wall plug that arced into it. We had to file an insurance claim because our loss was so big. It cost thousands to replace all that stuff.

    Love and Prayers,


  13. OH Goodness!!!!! Soooo glad you caught it...that could have been horrible!

  14. OH my, so glad that you were able to contain this before it ruined much more than your electronics and the poor poor dryer.

    WOW wonder where a power surge like that could come from. Good thing all of our computers and TVs, DVD players and stereo equipment are plugged into surge protectors.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. WOW, that's so scarey, Tarah! The dryer scares me.... and the computer SCARES me! It's my square-headed boyfriend. What would I do without him? Er, uh, I mean IT?

    Glad your house was okay even though your dryer didn't survive. =0(

  16. Wow, that must have been scary! So glad you got it in time. But Jim, I'm a doctor, not a firefighter!!!!

    Never had that happen before and hopefully never will. Glad you were home!

  17. Oh MY! OH MY! OH MY! Good thing you were home!

  18. That must have been so scary and I am so glad that everything is okay!

  19. O MY Gosh Tarah!!! That's awful, but I guess it could have been so much worse. Our little notebook is making some weird sounds as we speak. Don't know what that's all about. :| Oh well, have fun shopping.

  20. Wow! Seriously!??? It's a good thing you were home....I hope your night is going better...take care!

  21. OH, my! Glad you caught it. :D

  22. Wow! Thank God you were there when it happened!! We've had alot of bad weather here lately too (thank you, tropical storm Claudette) and I have heard tons of people talking about their electronics/applainces getting struck this week! So now everytime it starts to thunder I go around and unplug everything-but I would have never thought about the dryer!!!


    Holy Moly!

    That's crazy stuff. Can things like this really happen in 2009?????

    I need to have Firehubby explain this one to me...I'm baffled.

  24. That is really a bummer. And scary. A dryer fire is not on my list of things I want to happen to me. Yep, no more laundry for me, HA!


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