Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday - School Supplies!

I'm sure that I can't be the only one who is feeling the summer CRUNCH (am I)? I have been feeling the need to do some school shopping, buy all the school supplies as well as winter and fall items like they are not going to be on sale are going out of style!

Good thing that word verification is on the same page as I am this week because it is all things school supplies baby!!!

Lets get the school bus wheels rollin.....


It is really funny that this popped up because my husband and I already use this word in our daily conversations. Shants are politely referred to as Short Pants!! You know the shorts that hang down right to the socks and undies are hanging out...

So we say " Pull up your SHANTS"!

Beeniqt (Been a qt)
Have your kids BEENIQT lately?
I hope that you are planning on shopping and getting something that will get them to QT status!

Fiscall (Fiscal)
What a gentle reminder to keep the coupons out and the credit cards in!!!
Yes- we all need to be responsible thanks for reminding us Word Verification!

We all know that our kids don't want us to skimp when we are buying them school supplies or clothing. They don't want to be the only one with the cheap pencil box or the ugliest tennis shoes. So although we need to be FISCALL we also can not SKIMP...

Geesh, what am I to with all these restrictions!

My how my kids do not miss lunch at school. Although they do occasionally have EATENS at school, they would prefer a cold lunch packed from home....Here come the cookie cutters!

Once again, I would like to Thank Word Verification for providing me with the materials that I need to provide all of you with a laugh (hopefully).

Until next week!


  1. My son starts school this year so very timely for me!!
    Love it!
    Collette xxx

  2. agent totally hates it when the undies are showing out of their pants. Ugh. Not the coolest style that has ever been invented, but I do have to give it a little credit it has lasted far longer than NEON. LOL

  3. These were some new ones for me.
    Hope you have a great day. GOD BLESS, andrea

  4. I hate shants. What is so cool about them? Ugh.

    School supplies are done. Just waiting for the last minute for shoes, because their feet grow every few minutes.

  5. great list... I laughed at the shants one!

  6. Laughed at these alot! They must have hit a nerve or a funny bone or something!

  7. love these! It's just so cool how the word verifications are just so seasonal...

    Saw a kid in shants the other day and they were so low that I was afraid that they were going to be on the floor in a couple of more do they keep those things up??

  8. Going this week with my sister to do all that dreaded school shopping. I love to shop, so that is not what bothers me, it is just terrible how much everything costs these days!!!

  9. I need to start paying more attention to the word verifcation thingies. I never get any that are interesting!

  10. My girls started TODAY! And Jacob starts Friday. We've already done the headache of fiskal vs non-skimp. Thank God that's over! Very cute!

  11. your blog has many things related to school kids. I have one child but he is only 6 month old.

  12. I told my kids if they ever wore shants I would staple them to their hips, lol!

    Can't believe it's August already. School just got out yesterday, right?????

  13. I love Shants the most. We see a lot of that in our neighborhood. We won't be owning any shants here.

    My kids would never, ever wear those. My kids are into comfort. My son doesn't care about style, but comfort, he's gotta have.

    My girl wants both and a bag of chips!
    Take care,

  14. I have another word to work into my daily vocabulary - Shants is great!! (well they aren't but the word is :)

  15. all over that shant thing...I can only hope and pray that it is gone before the boys have an opinion on what they wear! lol

  16. Kaish gets lunch at school. I should make him lunch more. I think nice mothers do that. You are the nicest mother on the planet : )


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