Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Like A What?

I'm like a Theater. I'm surrounded by Drama & Singing. Love you Actress & Model! ~Mimi

I'm like a frog. I keep hopping from one thing to another. ~Nan

I'm like an Ice Cream Shake. Cold, but I melt fast! ~Tarah

I'm like a present. Good things come in small packages. ~Miti (written by Mimi)

I'm like a quarter pounder except I'm totally more than a quarter pounder...What's up with that? ~Tarah

I'm like a toaster. You can't keep me down for long. Soon I pop right back up. ~Nan

I'm like a camel. I can go for HOURS without a bathroom break. ~Erica

I'm like a Snickers bar. I'm sweet, I think... but a little nutty. ~Mimi

I'm like a soda. I start out all bubbly but after sitting around for a few hours, I start to lose all my effervescence. ~Nan

I'm like an oven. I need to preheat before I cook something. ~ Tarah

I'm like a checkbook. Sometimes I have trouble staying balanced. ~Nan

I'm like a Nerd. No wait, I'm not LIKE one, I am one. Yea, that's it. ~Erica

I'm like a GPS system. Always screaming out directions. ~Tarah

I'm like a broken watch. I'm never on Time. ~Mimi

I'm like the sun. I'm always shining. ~Tarah

I'm like running water into soap. I'm usually BUBBLY! ~Erica

I'm like George Jefferson. Movin on UP! ~Miti (Wish we were there to help you with the move. We Love & Miss you! ~ ♥ The Other 4 Moms)

So what are YOU like?

We hope you're having a fabulous Saturday!!!
~ The 5 Moms


  1. What a cute post! I wish I had some great ones to add, but I'm tired this morning, and I can't think of any! I am many of these things, though!!

  2. I can't get through my coffee fog yet so I will let it simmer on my brain til I return from dropping the kids off for skating.

    Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

  3. Too cute! You guys always manage to make me laugh! Wish I had something to add, but my creative juices aren't working...

  4. Ha! Ya'll are so smart. I can't think of anything that I am that is witty.

  5. Very cute ladies!! Hope ya'll are having a fantastic weekend!

  6. These are great!

    I'm like a timex watch, takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'...

    have a great weekend girls!!

  7. My hubby says I am like a trumpet - small and noisy !
    Love Collette x

  8. Another good laugh ladies. Thanks. -Cathy

  9. Cute, ladies. You made me smile and giggle.

    But I'm tired. I guess I'm like... "Sleepy"

  10. You 4 Moms are like nut crackers. I'm a little nutty and y'all always seem to crack me up! Great job on this one. I loved it! Y'all RULE! Hey I guess that makes y'all the Queens of Blogland, right?!!

    Miss y'all!

  11. Oh, I got another one.

    I'm like a Jelly Belly. I'm small but got a belly full of jelly.


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