Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday- RANDOM

Random Random so much fun, is word verification EVER done?

This is the most RANDOM week in a long time!

Oh how I wish I had CaliKids!!! I have Minnkids and it is just too cold here. All the CaliKids out there...make your mom give a shout out because word verification is loving you guys this week.
PS...what do the CALIKIDS have that the other states are lacking...answer me that one smarty pants!!!

I'm hoping that when someone from my family gets Windbut, they will just PASS right on by me...No thanks for the Windbut..I'm good!

OK, word verification is channeling Mr. T on this one!!! Yurafoo...No, Imafoo...I pity the foo!!! ;)

This is the definition of someone who is Plump & Clumsy.
Hmmm, I wonder who that could be? You be the judge...
*Hint - It is NOT the girl with her choppers showing!*


  1. too funny... got to love the fact that you can take someone so weird and random and make it into something worth writing and reading about

  2. Baaaa! Plumsy...I am so plumsy too. Why wouldn't I be, we fall from the same line of Apple Trees. LOL
    Good ones this week. LOving Mr. T!

  3. You are so random Tarah!! You are not plump, I can't speak for the clumsy part! I know Mimi is from all of her stories...clumsy that is!!

  4. Oops I was signed in under my site, the last comment was me..Kameron!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! Windbut and Plumsy!!! Love these!! :D

  6. windbut!! LOL

    Best laugh I've had all week!!

  7. Tarah,

    I love these! You are simply brilliant.


  8. Loving Plumsy! That is def me too!
    Collette xxx

  9. OK. This is totally weird but my hubby and I play this everytime we post! We read the words on the verification screen and try to figure out what they mean.

    Great moms think alike and by the way, I am a Calikid, born and raised and still living here.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Love the windbut one. Very funny!

  11. Okay, my favorite was the "Yurafoo". I instantly could hear Mr. T saying that. I had to laugh!!!

    And when I scrolled down and saw your picture and then Mimi's picture, I was like "Uh oh... what's she gonna call ME out on!" Whew! =0)

    Great ones, Tarah!

  12. LOL, it took me a minute to get the Mr. T one!

  13. You two crack me up!


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