Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll take "Baby Talk" for $200, Alex!

So as a Mom (or Dad) do you miss some of the cute little mispronunciations that your kiddos had when they were tiny? I sure do! Mine have outgrown most all of them, but I still remember a few of them quite well. And when I think of them, they still bring a huge smile to my face!

FYI: My kids are now 19, 17, 12, and 9.

Robert started the word "WAINT" in our house, and to this day, my boys all say "WAINT" instead of "WAIT". What's with that? But if I can put an R in WARSH, I guess they can put an N in WAINT. =0)

Mathew always loved him some "busgetti!" I'm sure lots of your kids have called it that, too.

Robert and Mathew both took a bath and used a "woth-cloth" (wash cloth). It took us YEARS to break that word. And "Wash-rag" was just easier! To this day sometimes Mathew will still slip and call it a woth-cloth.

Cameron was so cute when he was tiny. When someone would ask him his name, he would always say "Dambelin." He just couldn't master that "C" sound, and his R's came out as L's. Yea, people would give us some funny looks until we clarified "CAMERON!" Then they'd sigh a big, "Ohhhhhh! CAMERON!" Of course, he'd nod and grin like, "That's what I just said!"

Riley always wanted a "Hangabur & frih-fries" at McDonalds. I hated it when people corrected her, too. I wanted her to say "Hangabur" forever!

My hubby comes from a Polish family and always called their hineys a "Doopaosh" (pronounced DOO-PIE-OSH). It was so cute to hear Riley as a toddler tell people she landed on her doopayash.

Mathew had THE CUTEST giggle of the four kids. It was the most contagious laugh you ever heard. If he giggled, everyone laughed. You just couldn't help it! We knew even back then that someday we'd miss that giggle, and boy do we!

I sure do miss those younger years of pure innocence!

So what are your favorites
from YOUR little ones?


  1. Oh I love that belly giggle. My brother still has hasn't changed & we all love to hear him laugh. Baby talk is so cute & we try to teach them the correct way to say it and then when they do we miss those words.
    Actress used to say "last day" for yesterday. I loved that. Stunt man says it every now and then too and I love it.

  2. For the longest time my son would call a horse a "ba lump a lump" why? Because when I attempted to hum the Lone ranger theme, I guess that is how it sounded in his little ears. i always thought it was so cute.

  3. For the longest time, my middle son called leaves "fleabes"! It was the cutest things and I would try to get him to say it all the time. I finally figured out how to say it right...but it was so cute at the time!

  4. Kyle used to say pasketti insted of spaghetti. But my favorite one was he loved Blues Clues and Salt and Pepper had a baby that they named Paprika. Kyle would pronounce it "pap-a-reeeee-ka" and it was adorable!!

  5. I love all that gibber jabber that comes out of little mouths. There's so many funny things that my little guy says that I think I'll just have to leave them for a post of my own. I'm gonna miss all that "small" talk when he grows up. Love the pics!

  6. My new favorite is from our sweet Savannah. We take her to eat at our favorite Italian Restaurant and she says, "Ravmolli please."

  7. Well, it's been a long time since my boys were little, but...

    Both boys called a Fig Newton a "noo-noo." And our youngest son, who had a friend named John Michael, would call John Michael's mom, "Jocka-mocka mama!" Trying to say, "John Michael's momma" was just too much of a mouthful! LOL

    Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

  8. Ooh, you read my mind. I have a draft in the works about some of my kid's sayings (but it's on my personal blog so we're safe.....whew!).

    My son used to say "debroom" instead of "bedroom" and his brother would say it's "froggy" out instead of it's "foggy" out!

  9. My favorite word Abby mispronounces is mazagine for magazine. I correct her when she does say it wrong, but I secretly hope she keeps it wrong for awhile. Except in public.

  10. Ah back to childhood talk of our kids. Let's see Lemonade was pronouced Le-mo-lade. Oatmeal, became Oat me meal and hot dog was Hog-gog!

    Go figure! But they are adorable. I have them written in a journal to remember all of those super cute things that they used to say.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Kelli always loved crunchy (country) music and pantycakes (pancakes). Kerri loved tee-tees (cookies).

    Super fun post.

  12. I think I should go get my memory checked, I can't ever remember stuff like this! My 8 yr old was in speech for years, so he obviously said things wrong, I'll be thinking about this all night, trying to remember some and write down any that the younger ones do! That is a cute picture of Cameron!

  13. So cute...I wanted them to stay little forever with all of those cute sayings...mine said pamcakes for pancakes and lemonlade for lemonade! Those were my 2 favs!

  14. That was adorable! Receiver used to say Hostibul instead of Hospital...and QB said I got a hurty thing instead of just boo-boo...sometimes you wonder where it comes from but it sure was cute...and I love the pics of your kiddos...;)


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