Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Prayer

We Bloggers can PLAY together, so why not also PRAY together?!

We Five Moms are spending our Sundays with our families and will not be responding to all of your prayer requests, but just know that we can ALL view them and we can ALL take the time to pray for one another's requests.

Join us if you'd like by leaving your prayer request or praise as a comment!

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  1. School is gearing up in my neck of the woods...colleges will begin their school year soon after. Would everyone please pray for the following? For:

    *Students-safety, protection, their home situations, a desire to learn
    *Teachers-protection, enthusiasm for teaching, care/concern for their students, the ability to reach those students who are so challenging in their classrooms
    *Faculty /Staff-protection, an enthusiasm for their jobs, compassion for the students, the desire to perform their jobs to the best of their ability
    *Administrators-wisdom and guidance from God as they make many decisions regarding the students and teachers. May they consider what is best for the children, and not make decisions based upon politics.

    Where I live, we have prayed for our school system for many years, asking God to hand pick the people to fill every position that becomes available - from custodian to school superintendent/administrator. It has been so exciting to see Him move, filling those job openings with men and women of God. It has made a big difference in our schools. We still have a long way to go, but God is moving in a powerful way!

    Hubby and I will be dealing with empty-nest syndrome in a couple of weeks...a new chapter in our lives. Prayers regarding that would be appreciated, too. :-)

    To the Five Moms: Thanks for the opportunity to place requests on here. If I can pray for any of YOU, just let me know.



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