Monday, August 17, 2009


How do I figure? Well here ya go...

My Top 10 Reasons that
I am, indeed, a SUPERHERO

Well, okay.... actually my supervision comes in the form of supervising my kiddos all the time. Still, that's "supervision", right? Right!

2. I have the power to HEAL THINGS!
Well... I used to. I could "kiss" boo-boos and they were almost instantly, miraculously better. That's one cool POWER to have! Sadly, as my kids have gotten older, the boo-boos seem bigger and my power seems to be decreasing.

3. I am PERFECT!
Well, not actually. Just in Riley's young eyes. She finds me flawless still. The older three? Not so much anymore. Oh well, at least I'm still perfect in one person's eyes... for a bit longer.

4. I have the ability to FLY!
I can oversleep by 30 minutes, jump out of bed, rush around the house like a mad-man, get three kids up and out the door, and FLY to school and work and still get us all to the appropriate places at the appropriate times. Now that's FLYIN'!

5. I can makes things

That missing shoe? All four cordless phones that ALL go misplaced at the same time? That beach towel that just doesn't exist until MOM proves it's right where she said it was in the first place.

6. I take on many DIFFERENT LIFE FORMS at the SAME TIME!
I can be "Mom", "The Tooth Fairy", "Mrs. Claus", "Doctor", "Teacher", "Chauffeur", and "Human Encyclopedia" all at the same exact time!

I can tune-out a million sounds, noises, beeps, and annoying whines. Yet when a voice from 300 yards away says "Mom", I can hear it over the noise of a hundred other voices.

I can carry a baby on one hip, a basket of laundry on the other, have the phone on one shoulder/ear, while pushing a vacuum cleaner, and still pick up toys off the floor with my toes.

9. I'm faster than a SPEEDING BULLET!
Well, at least when my toddlers darted out into traffic, or when my their little plates started to fall from the table onto the carpet below, or when tiny hands dropped my favorite glass bell from 20 feet away.... Yep, lightning fast!

And last but not least...
10. I have the power to KNOW TRUTH & JUSTICE!
Yep, when those little ones point the finger at the other one, or the "I didn't do it", or the "Not mes" come out, this Super Hero can always tell who done it by simply looking deep into the eyes of the culprit. Well, not ALWAYS, but a lot of times I can. (I guess that blows #3 out of the water, huh?)

That's right People. I am SUPERMOM!

What's that? You have these powers too?? Oh well.
"SuperMoms of the world UNTIE!"
Oops.... "UNITE!"
(I never said I was a super-typist! Besides, typing one-handed while holding a baby in the other is hard work!)

*And you probably just thought it was because I'm Captain AmErica - Ridding the blogosphere of frowns... one cheery smile at a time, right? Nah - that's just my side-job! (You can read about that here!)

Happy Monday, Earthlings!


  1. You are so original, Erica; this is good!
    You are a SUPER MOM!

  2. How do you come up with this stuff! You absolutely crack me up! -Cathy

  3. I do believe that you can have the honor of Super Mom! YOu are an awesome Mom! Great post. I love it. I feel as though I am a super mom in training. almost there my friend.

  4. You are so funny and are, indeed, Supermom. Can I join your club? I have those super powers, too, I just couldn't think of them and put them down on my blog.

    Blessings Captain AmERICA! :-)

  5. LOL! You're amazing! Love this! I hope my kids never stop thinking I'm perfect and super...and never think I'm embarrassing or uncool...nope, never happen, it won't! haha!

  6. Hahahaha! Oh, Erica, you always make me laugh! I used to have some of those same powers, too, when my boys were young. Now, I have the ability to know enough about computers, MySpace, Facebook, texting, etc. to keep tabs on my guys at all times. They still wonder how I find out about things! LOL

  7. I possess some of those powers too. Fun post. Did you just superhumanly have a baby and not tell us? ;o)

  8. SO!!

    Blessings, andrea

    PS: There is a prayer request at arise 2 write

  9. So, did you just pop out a super baby too? LOL! Evidently I'm in need of some of your superness because we are always late! Luckily I can usually find one of our dissappearing phones too! I used to have an online blinkie badge that said 'I Make Milk What's Your SuperPower?'

  10. You most definitely are Captain AmErica! That is great!

  11. You are the words of my friend Barney!!

  12. Cute, fun post!

    too bad our super powers seem to vanish the older our kids get. Mine just kind of look at me with that sad look of "Mom, don't even try!"

    Oh, to go back to the days of being PERFECT!!!

  13. Oh you DO have super powers, lol! I always think it's funny that if someone says "mom" in a store I turn around.

    Even if my kids aren't with me and even if the child saying "mom" is a girl (I don't have any girls!).

  14. What a fun post! Don't we all have superpowers? Like the supernaturaly ability to know when our kids are up to something? And don't forget that with super-vision comes the supernatural, all-powerful, eyes in the back of our heads! If only our superpowers lasted past our childrens age of about 9 or 10, then we would truly be supermoms! :)

  15. This is so true of moms everywhere! We all had those powers and never knew it. I still surprise my daughter when I hear thinks she doesn't realize I can, then turns to me and asks how I do that?

    I just smile and say it's part of my mom super powers. Just like we know things they do without them telling us. Mom powers!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. Yep, I'd say you were a Super-Mom!

    Terrific post...thanks for the smile.

  17. Da..Da Da DAHHHHHH....I love that you are Captain AmERICA...he he...that is a great tag line. I am still wonder woman...hmmm wonder when that laundry will get done, wonder what I should cook for dinner...wonder when I will get off the computer...well you get it. ;) Awesome post!

  18. Captain AmErica is MY HERO!!! You're an AWESOME mom and a GREAT inspiration to us all!

    (HUGS) & {SQUEEZES},


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