Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Recently, Miti did a post on speaking in code to one another. At the end of it, she wrote TTYL.

Now being the know-it-all person that I am, I am to ashamed to admit that I didn't know what TTYL stands for, fun loving person that I am, I thought it might be fun to speculate what TTYL stands for.

So, does TTYL stand for Take That You Losers?

Maybe it's Tricky, Twisty, Youthful Yoga?

Or perhaps Ta Ta You Lakers?

Or Two Tigers, You Lose?

Or Terrible Twos You Love?

Perhaps it's Tame Teenagers Yonder, Look?

Or Tired Toddlers Yawn Laborously?

Maybe it's Tackled Teammates Yell Loudest?

Or Tell Truth You Liars?

Or Tiny Tadpoles Yucky Lunch?

How about Tiny Terriers Yap Loudly?

Perhaps it's Totally True, You're Lacking?

Is it Tailgating Taxis Yield Last?

Or Totally Taking Your Labradoodle?

Or Teenagers Talk, You Listen?

Could it be Trust Triumphs, Yellers Lose?

Or Trampled Tomatoes You Loathe?

Maybe it's Tall Tales You're Lying?

I know, maybe it's Totally Twittering. Yipeee! Listen!

Come you guys, let me in on the secret!!!!!!! What are your silly ideas? TTYL means.....?


  1. How do you come up with those things :)!!! hahahah You are something else.... as for a guess from me..... ????? I think I´ll leave that to the pros :)

  2. Those others were funny BTW!

  3. Emily, above, let you in on the secret.


  4. Of course, Emily wrote what it really stands for. If I were to come up with something silly, then how about, Take THAT, You Loser! (That's not very nice to say to someone, though!).


  5. It took me FOREVER to figure out LOL! I thought it meant "lots of love" and never understood why someone would say that after they said something funny or sarcastic!

    I didn't know what TTYL meant until just now!! I am not some old foggy just learning the ways of the mysterious cyberworld... guess I'm just slow! LOL

  6. LOL....I am ROFL
    BTW I <3 ur guesses :)


  7. I don't think I knew that either! How about this one...what does KWIM stand for? Someone told me that, but now I can't find it to give me any clues...and now I'm not sure if those were the right letters...oh well, if you come up with something good, let me know! LOL!

  8. I'm sorry ladies. I didn't mean to leave y'all in the bloggy darkness. Since Emily spilled the beans on what TTYL means, I'll just play along with Nan and have some fun with it.

    Yesterday, I went to Red Lobster and had a TTYL!

    Translation: Yesterday, I went to Red Lobster and had a Totally, Tasty, Yummy Lunch!

    The other night, I had some company. They visited until the weee hours of the mornin'. My eyes were getting heavy and they just would not leave. I thought to myself, "hmmmmmm....TTYL!"

    Translation: "hmmmmm....Time To Yawn LOUDLY!"

    TTYL is ALWAYS diggin' in the dirt!

    Translation: That There Yard Lover is ALWAYS diggin in the dirt!

    Mum, Can I go to Charlie's house?
    Why not, Mum?
    Because I said so and ttyl!

    Translation: Because I said so and That's That Young Lad!

    Oh...and while I'm at it, here's what I think KWIM means, Carrie.

    KEEP WITH IT MOMMA Nan. Your doing Gr8!!

    Talk To Y'all Later,

  9. Too funny...I read it on Miti's post, but I guess I didn't REALLY read it! I didn't know what it meant either...good thing you asked, cuz now I know!

  10. KWIM "Know What I Mean?"

    Texting has taken over our neighborhood, much to the annoyance of my children.

    I just have one question: Does this mean I can stop teaching spelling?

  11. U R 2 funny, Nan! Gotta ♥ U!

    & OMGoodness. I do Blieve that Miti just left D longest comment N D HISTORY F comments! WOW!

    I work w/ D youth @ my church & I guess mayB that's Y I M still up 2 date w/ D text lingo?!


  12. how awesome...some else who thinks like me!! My sister and I have spent the last couple of years making up new ones for LOL. One of my personal favorites was....leaping over lizards

  13. I always use TTFN at the end of my posts, assuming that everyone knows what TTFN means!! Surely people would ask if they didn't know, right? I mean, y'all know, right? :)

  14. Miti, LOL! THat sounds good to me! {Erica saved me and told me what it meant, so I'm not completely lost!}

  15. IKR. those lil shortcuts keep me guessing all the time. LMK if you hear nemore.

    GPN - Great Post Nan!!

  16. Ha, now that is one I actually knew - talk to you later. See, you learn something new every day. :o)

  17. He He He....Those were silly and funny and I am chuckling all the way to the bank as I drive my garage sale earnings!!!! ;)

  18. After I left that comment I was starting to think you really knew what it meant and you decided to have some fun. I felt pretty stupid. HA!

    To Jennifer: What does TTFN mean????

  19. Hello Nan,

    My Children write in code now...I do not even try to figure it out.

    Till Tomorrow, Young Lady

    ♥ Hope

  20. Ooo ooo ooo! I got one! And I don´t think it´s been said. It just popped into my head!
    "Truckin´ To Your Land!"
    That´s what my parents are doin right now. They are truckin all over the west. Too cute.
    Love all of these TTYL.. gonna use some if I may. too funny. My fav is
    Take that you Losers.. cuase I can mean that when i write TTYL in my mind and no one will know. jeje. No no.. i would never say that.
    How long did it take you to come up with these? You have way too much time on your hands or you are a genius! LOL

  21. Glad you put that out there because I was totally wondering what it was...for about three seconds until I forgot about it.

  22. Ok, so my grandmother (of all people) is great at text lingo and we'll sit there staring at her texts and saying "huh?". It is like decoding some top secret code!

  23. BTW. TCKK, TTFN is Ta Ta For Now. You know from Winnie the Pooh?

  24. tee hee
    I can't think of my own. I'm still laughing over the "totally taking your labradoodle."

    This my first time by this blog. How fun! I LOVE your header, ladies!!! :)


  25. Nana, just wanted to respond to your comment since I can't on your blog. I think it's awesome that your grandma can get the text lingo!

    I don't text at all, and depend on my children to help me, lol!

  26. I love the Totally Taking your Labordoodle! HA! But the rest are uproariously hilarious!

    Tiny Talented Yorkie's Lovely

    Reminds me of Shakespearean Insults I have the t-shirt -
    You are talented Nan - thanks for the LOL! :)

  27. Sometimes I think there needs to be a dictionary for all the LOL, ROFL, LMBO, DH, DD, MIL, etc. etc. ;)


  28. How do you come up with this stuff?? I don't know a lot of the little shorthand texting codes, or whatever they're called :)

  29. I can't think of anything clever. Wow! You did a good job though! : ).

  30. How about Tickle Torso You Laugh! I know I do! Haa Haa
    Too funny, Huh? IKR?

  31. Wow, lots of TTYL...but what about ttfn....or is it bbfn...oh well. Have a great day!

  32. I'm surprised this one hasn't come up yet:

    I've asked you to (fill in the blank),
    I've told you to (fill in the blank),
    Now it's... Time To Yell Loudly!


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