Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Face It!

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Isn't it funny how you grow up with the same group of kids throughout your whole childhood? Then with a switch of the tassel those familiar faces disappear and everyone goes their separate ways. You promise to keep in touch, but eventually that promise is broken and you loose site of those you grew so close to all those years.

I, myself, thought I would always have my BFF to talk to. After all, we had been BFFs since the 5th grade! It was ONLY natural that we'd remain BFFs. Right?!! WRONG!! We haven't talked in YEARS. Not because there's any bad blood (I hope), but because time has led us down different paths.

And just as our friendship faded, so did my friendships with all my childhood schoolmates. Thirteen years of friendships gone just like that. I couldn't wait til my high school reunion. What had everyone done with their lives? Did they get married? Do they have kids? Are they living the life they dreamed of? Well, I waited....and waited......and waited. No sign of a reunion. is that possible?!! No high school reunion!! I'm not gonna lie. I was a tad bit devastated. Oh well, life went on (for two years). Then I heard about this little thing called Facebook. Hmmmm....isn't this nifty. So, I put my face out there and much to my surprise so did many of my good o' friends. Come to find out, the 10 year reunion had gone on without me! I KNOW!! Now, I was REALLY devastated. Sad? Maybe, but I was just curious of how every one's lives had turned out. But never mind the party, now I can open up my laptop and have a reunion in the comfort of my home thanks to the nifty Facebook.

So, have you put your face out there?
Don't be a stranger.
Face it!
There must be someone you're wanting to catch up with.

P.S. The girl formally known as my BFF still remains to be found. :o(


  1. I am an addict to Facebook. Fortunately though for me, I have remained and still keep in contact with my BFF of more than 17 years now.

    Facebook is just great!

  2. Hi Miti, I'm on facebook and have reconnected with a LOT of people. The thing is -- I HAVE CHANGED and don't have much in common with the people I used to hang with (BC -- BEFORE CHRIST). Sadder still is MANY OF THEM are they way they were in high school.

    I do love facebook though -- such a great idea. Now this whole twitter thing ... so far I have refused to join the madness.


  3. I just got into the whole facebook thing myself a few weeks ago. it's funny now that I'm now even in the same state nevermind the same town to see people I grew up with all over again

  4. I didn't have the ideal high school experience so, I won't lie, I joined to spy a little. Just wanted to see if the people who had been so mean to me turned out great. I felt a little vindicated at first since most had never left the small (and slightly white trash) area we used to live in. Then I started feeling bad for just wanting to spy and it seems time has changed some of these girls as they are super nice to me know. It was a hard pill to swalow though.

  5. I am a social networking addict, er I mean butterfly! I am hooked on facebook, myspace, twitter and blogger of course!!

  6. Hi Miti,

    Facebook is probably great for long lost friends. But I actually wanted communication with people I already know.

    I tried facebook, but for me it was a let down. Actually I wanted more communication than I got there.

    Someone might make a comment on your status or post, or maybe no one even looked at it, because they never come to your profile; they only look over the home page for the latest action, and yours just happened to be several hours before they come on. Obviously, they are not that interested if they do not seek you out to see what you are up to.

    And facebook no longer lets you post your entire note on your page…just a snippet…and then no one goes to read it unless you beg them to stop by, even tagged friends usually ignore the tag.

    I like the way I am able to express myself on my blog.

    I like being able to come over to this blog and see how you girls are expressing yourselves. And then I get to write a “letter” to someone I have never met, but have common interests or experiences…or just argue my point…like I am doing now.

    Bad me! I love your post. I love it that facebook had worked out well for you and makes you happy.

    Have a great day, Miti!


  7. I do have a FB account, and have reconnected with some former classmates, but I don't spend much time on it. I much prefer blogging!

    Oh, and our high school class only had ONE reunion - our 10th - but, that was years ago. :/


  8. I have been refusing to open a facebook account for almost two years!! People are addicted to it...and I already spend enough time blogging! Though my friend that is trying to get to join is slowly wearing me down {it sounds like a ton of fun and I miss a bunch of stuff that is going on around our small town}..but for now I am avoiding it!

  9. Facebook has been amazing. I graduated in 1984 and our class never had a reunion. Now, many of my friends are on facebook. I am glad a friend pulled me into the facebook and blogging world kicking and screaming...what a blessing I would have missed had I not surrendered to technology.

    Blessings, andrea

  10. i haven't been able to track down my childhood bestfriend either. But i am not on FB very often. I am with Beth E. I much prefer blogging.

  11. Enjoyed reading the comments.

    I also am on FB, but I love blogging much more than FB. FB has been a great way to reconnect, but if I had to pick only one..I would pick blogging.

    I missed my 10 year reunion seems that they could not find me. :o( There is always the 20th.

  12. Well, I'm one of those super-freaks that stays in touch with people. I refuse to let my friendships go. I still talk to (not real often, but still) all my old friends. I know where they are, they know where I am, and we get together once every few years if we happen to be in the same time. I've blogged all of 'em, too. But yes, I've found lots of old friends on FB, too. I'm not addicted, but when I'm bored, I'll saunter on over and see what's new in FB-land. =0)

    I can't believe you missed your reunion, Miti. That STINKS ROYALLY!!!!

  13. I started my blog back in November and then my sister announced that she started a FB page. I started one too so we could chat, and I really like it! My best friend has been so since we were in high school nearly 20 years ago and we're FB friends as well.

    There is one friend from college that I would love to find and catch up with but she is nowhere to be found.

  14. Oh, how I am additcted to facebook. I wish it wasn't so, but I am! I love to be able to reconnect with all of my friends from once upon a time, but alas, just like you...the girl formly known as my BFF has still not resurfaced which makes me kinda sad. But I am holding onto hope! Great post!

  15. I only get on facebook occasionaly. I would much rather blog.

  16. Well my BFF and I were reconnected through Myspace a few years back and I'm so thankful for it. I am not using Myspace any longer but I am using FB, which has brought me back in touch with former high school and college friends. My BFF from high school and I had a falling out soon after high school - miscommunication. I have tried but I guess she isn't interested in friendship. We are "friends" on FB but rarely ever comment each other and when it happens, I'm the one doing the commenting. I have a habit of looking at the home page but rarely visiting ind. profiles.

  17. Yep, I'm out there on FB and loving it. Finding and reconnecting with family all over the country and even the world!!! Love it!

  18. FB addict. Love the reconnection with old friends...

  19. So, My hubs and I actually were part of the Facebook BETA testing before it actually launched...and I loved it for a long time but I run really hot and cold. Im really annoyed right now by the fact that people (at least in my circle) seem to update the status every time they blow their nose...or go to the bathroom at Kohls...YIKES...and then there is the dreaded EX boyfriend who tracks you down...SHUT HER DOWN LOL!!! ;)

  20. I am on facebook, but alot of the people from my childhood or highschool aren't on there.

    But I am connecting with some people from my past, especially with some friends from my old youth group or old churches.

    Mostly I think it's fun to just sort of see what's up with everybody now!

    You can't always comment everyone as you don't have the time, but it's fine to keep in touch occasionally!

    I don't spend alot of time on it though.

  21. Must say that I HATE facebook...but maybe i would feel differently if I was making connections from my past...

    instead, I get to see the daily ramblings of women in my community that I find annoying, but did not want to decline their request to be my friend.

    Now when I say annoying- translate into women that I have found out that they were cheating with my friend's husband... ok, let's say 2 different women cheating with 2 different husbands

    well, i just cannot sit back and fake banter with these just goes against my grain

    So, i just disconneded my facebook...not worth the stressful social situations.

    But, I do realize this is pretty unique...

    I know so many who LOVE facebook and i should stop being a snot and saying mean things :)

    _Thanks for giving me a chance to grumble. :_-D

  22. I love facebook! But I love visiting my blogging friends more!

  23. I've reconnected with sooooo many on Facebook. It has been great as being a former military brat and now military wife - I've been around and met so many people. It is great to see how they are doing.

  24. Isn't it amazing?! I have found so many old friends through facebook (and before that myspace) I'm not big on reconnecting, but it has been fun finding old friends and seeing where they are in their lives!!

  25. This is too funny...I have a blogging friend visiting me for the weekend and she said it is her mission (along with a few other bloggers) to get me on Facebook.

    I've been resistant because I don't use my last name on my blog and I don't know what happens if someone asks to be my friend but I don't want to befriend them...or whatever the correct terminology is.

    Maybe I'll take the plunge?!?!?!

    Sorry you missed the reunion, Miti! At least its more comfy and convenient to use Facebook from your computer!

  26. I love facebook, I even talk to people I never spoke to in high school.

  27. I've never checked out facebook...but I must admit the idea of a reunion where you don't need to lose weight??? Now that's a good idea!

  28. I use to be addicted to Myspace and found a lot of my high school friends there and then Facebook came along and I went on there too. Found many more and have kept in touch. I did come across a very good old friend and our friendship is back to normal as if we never missed a day or years. :)

  29. Update for Miti…

    Dear Miti,

    So, there I went and wrote a long comment about how I did not like facebook, well guess what…

    I had been trying to find a friends from sixth grade, my first long time friend that I ever kept in all our moving about growing up. I did not get any reply, even though I was SURE I had found the right Lisa.

    This person was a very important to me…I named my first daughter after her…yeah, she meant a lot to me.

    I was just thinking this past Saturday that she must just not be interested in knowing me anymore and to forget about hearing from her, and what do you know? Sunday I got a facebook email saying that she had added me as a friend, but that was not all…she has also posted an email for me on facebook saying how happy she was SO happy to hear from me.

    She had started facebook last September, but never did anything with it because of her busy life and just finally saw my email the other day.

    Well, I guess facebook IS a great place to find old friends! Laugh is on me…Ha! Ha!



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