Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome To TEXAS!

So I know you aren't all from Texas. Duh?! But I am! And if you're FROM Texas, you have a sense of PRIDE about this Lone Star State.

I know... you all just yawned. I heard it! But give me a chance here!

Let me tell you a few great things about Texas that may just make you ♥ it too! I'm sure y'all will wanna jump right on in the ol' pick-up truck and come visit me when you're done reading 'this here' post. (Like my Texas Twang?) So here ya go!

In Texas....

• Armadillos sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air.

    • If it grows, then it pokes! And I really do hate Bull Nettle! And so do my feet --- I'm allergic!

    • We have four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, still Summer, & Christmas. Good thing I love SUMMER!!! ...and Christmas!

    • 100 degrees Fahrenheit is 'gettin' a little warm.'

    • We greet each other with a big "Howdy!"

    • There are 5,000 types of snakes on earth... and I think only 4,998 live in Texas.

    • If it crawls, then it bites, pinches, or stings! Yea, we find scorpions IN our house regularly... often ON us... or our guests. No joke! In fact, I have a "scorpion counter" up on my personal blog's sidebar just to keep count! Woo hoo! You're getting excited now, aren't ya?

    • 'Fixinto' is one word.
    Example: "I'm fixinto go to the store."

    • You carry jumper cables in your car . . . FOR your own car.

    • There are only four spices: salt, pepper, Tabasco & ketchup. (...but I hate ketchup!)

    • You measure distance in hours. Like it's 5 hours from San Antonio to Dallas .

    • It's very common to have to switch from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day. We do it alllllll the time!

    • Iced tea is appropriate for ALL meals, and you start drinking it when you're about two. We do like a little tea with our sugar!

    • There are 10,000 types of spiders, and all 10,000 of 'em live in Texas. And I'll hold one if ya dare me!

    ...And my hubby's even been bit by the dreaded brown recluse! He even survived to tell about it! His leg is slightly uglier now, but hey? Men love scars!

    • 'Backwards and forwards' means I know everything about you!

    • "Djeet" is actually a phrase meaning 'Did ya eat?' Last week, Laura used this in a comment --- and I was like "Hey, I was gonna use that!" So I went to her blog, and wouldn't ya know... she's from Texas, too!! No wonder! =0)

    • We know what the word "tump" means --- and how and when to use it! Do you?

    • We know what it means to give a friend a 'pump' on your bicycle. It has nothing to do with airing up the tires either!

    • We install security lights on our house & garage and then leave both unlocked. Go figure?!

    • Yes, Friday night high school football games are serious football!

    • Going to Wal-mart is a favorite past time known as "Goin' to Wally-World."

    • A carbonated soft drink isn't a soda, a cola, or a pop. . . . it's a coke, regardless of brand or flavor. Example: 'What kind a coke do y'all want?'

    • We don't need no stinkin' driver's ed . . . if our mama says we can drive, we can drive. (okay, not legally, but it's funny!)

    • Not everyone washes their clothes.... some people, like me for example, WARSH them!

    • And the most important thing we learn growing up in Texas is... IN GOD WE TRUST!!!

    I'm proud to be a true TEXAS girl!

    SO now who wants to be the first to come and visit me??? Come on now, not everyone at once!


    1. I live in Florida and I always tell people here we have 2 seasons... summer and almost summer... guess it's the same there!

    2. I've always wanted to go to Texas, now I'm not so sure! lol
      Spiders and scorpions and snakes, Oh my!
      No, I don't know the word tump, but my family uses warsh (well my sister and mom do) and Wally World.
      I imagine I could get by in Texas and not feel like I was in a foreign country. Hubby and I plan to go someday!

    3. Thanks for the props!! I am a 7th generation Texan! I have even been inducted in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas!! I will never leave Texas! I even have a bumper sticker (not on my car, just own it) that says "Secede Now". :)

      And yes...I know what tump means and it is a fully legitimate word!! So is stump as in "I just stumped my big toe!!"

      "All hail the mighty state"!!

    4. I lived outside of the Houston area nearly all of my life, so I got a kick out of these!! Makes me miss Texas alot!!!

    5. Girl, I'd love to visit, but I draw the line on brown recluse spiders and scorpions crawling on me. Sorry!!

      Oh well, maybe I'll think about it.

    6. I have two siblings that live in TX. One in Abilene and the other in Onalaska. They both LOVE IT there and won't move! We are heading out to Onalaska in a few weeks. Looking forward to it!

      My sister in FL was bitten by a brown recluse on her....umm...backside while driving a bus for the Mouse. It was not pretty. Poor thing was in pain for a good while!

      Great post!


    7. Howdy Erica!! I love your Texas draw! I think southern twangs are so charmin'!!!

      I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOUR HARRY STORY!!! Weren't y'all scared it would ATTACK! At Mason's b-day party, they showed a tarantula and I was shakin' in my flip flops the whole time!!!

      I'm not a big fan of bugs but I do like to call mosquitoes "skeeters". Doesn't it sound more charmin'?!!

      I'm stumped on tump. Whatcha talking about there? And does giving someone a pump on your bycycle mean to give um a ride?

      OH....and I KNOW how much you Texans love football. I watch Friday Night Lights (it's one of my favorites!)

      I also like a little sweet tea with my sugar. One time I was in NYC with my sister Annette and her husband and we went to get some pizza. I told the guy I wanted sweet tea. He looked at me like I was crazy. HE was the crazy one! Don'tcha think! How's it possible that they didn't have sweet teas?!!!! Ludicrous I tell ya!!!!

      If Texas love sweet tea, then I LOVE Texas and you can count me in!!! I'll go there in a heartbeat. So, when can I come over? :o)

    8. I was raised in Nebraska, Hubs is a Texan. When we got married, I told people that I 'converted'. When we lived in Louisiana, we always evacuated to Texas to stay with his family. They were all born in the Beaumont area. We plan to retire in Texas. God bless Texas!

    9. As I read your post, I read it with the Texas twang!! Sounds like there are lots of fun things in TX, we have only driven thru it on our way to and from Michigan! Would love to visit one day. Your picture of the scorpion almost made me turn off my monitor though....I. HATE. THEM. Wait until you read my post for tomorrow! And no, I don't know what tump you've got me wonderin'

    10. I was thinkin' 'bout comin' on out thar 'til the hole scorpion thing.

      I'll take an earthquake any ol' day my dear!

      Loved leanin' 'bout y'all!

      Goin' to have a lookin' at the scorpion counter! Yikes! I'm scared.

    11. I LOVE TEXAS!!! I've only been one time, but I loved it and can't wait to go back one day!

    12. ok You made it sound wonderful and horrible at the same time! I am glad that you posted this telling us you were from Texas because the other day when I was seeing how much fun you were having with your children at that water falls place. I thought to myself, "Where does she live that she has a place like that for her and her kids to go and have so much fun." Now I know! there is nothing even close to that here in good ole' Illinois.

    13. Texas sounds an awful lot like South Carolina! I knew they were similar... GOD BLESS THE SOUTH!
      However, I don't know what tump means, and I don't think I could ever get used to all those critters! Everything else sounds the same though! I would love to hop in a pick up truck and come for a visit some day!

    14. I lived in NC for awhile so I am used to some of those things. Ya'll, and fixin to, and snakes, and creepy crawly things, and sweet tea, and hot weather. I might visit, but I would be on my guard, and probably screaming all the time when I saw a snake or large spider, or scorpion. I'll stay living in the cold midwest for my sanity.

    15. I saw your NMM reminder about today's I hopped on over :) I was born in TX, moved from TX overseas, and then moved back to TX. I am a TX girl too. I LOVE those days by the pool, that summer color, and those Christmas days too :) Scorpions are NOT my friends though...yuck!

    16. We have lived in 5 different states and TX was one of our favorites! I still remember when we were driving down from WA and we crossed the TX border got out to check into the hotel and the lady at the front desk greets us with, "How ya all doing tonight?" I thought she was saying "ya all" just for the effect. How quickly I learned, "Ya all" is for real down in TX. Your post made me a little home sick for the great state. FUN POST!!!!!

    17. Well, I gotta say, I'm from south MS, and we ain't that far apart!! We have all those thing too-with the exception of the scorpions! but I HATE spiders. I would hold a snake instead! Sweet tea is da bomb, and we visit wally world on a bi-weekly basis! I knew all the sayings you used, and it's funny how my mind automatically switched over to 'twang' to read this post!! Thank y'all for makin us feel right at home!

    18. I'm a transplant Texan (as Laura would put it, I'm a Yankee!!). She makes fun of me all the time for saying pop! If I'm here long enough, I'll learn the lingo!

    19. I love Texas. I lived there as a little one for awhile..don't remember much. But I've visited family there before and it is so fun. I remember the Alamo and my granny still warshes her clothes. It took me years to get used to that.

      The only thing is that I'm from MI about as far north as you can get from TX and we measure distance in hours as well. Guess that's not a true Texas trait ;)

    20. Im in Texas
      Hubby Mom got bit by one,your hubbys lucky, jeffs mom lost her leg :(

    21. I'm in Alabama, we apparently speak the same language, ha! I also have scorpions IN my house & wolf spiders big enough to carry off the shoe you are trying to hit them with!! Too funny!

    22. Okay y'all.... nobody knows what tump means? I didn't realize that it was not a real word until I was an adult. And just for reference... anyone livin' farther North than Texas is considered a Yankee!! But I still love my friend Laura who commented earlier. We just have to learn her right!!

    23. Ok, you have totally scared me away from every visiting you. I will meet you at the border. LOL
      I hate things that creep and crawl. Living in NC had enough of them...
      What is tump?

    24. I've always wanted to visit Texas. I guess it is something about "bigger is better" that makes me smile.

      However, after seeing the picture of your husband's leg, I am more than just a little afraid. Ack! You are one brave girl/wife. :)


    25. GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!! We are Texans too, and ALWAYS will be. I have mentioned moving to another state, and my husband seriously frowns on it. He really would rather not even leave our great state. So, here we will reside FOREVER!!! Not to say I don't love it, but I love to travel. Love the post, I sure do know what tump means!!!

    26. I'd come but spiders TOTALLY creep me out!!! Does tumping have anything to do with well you know ..wink wink.

    27. Most of that stuff is true in Mississippi too!! I love the one about the word tump!! My hubby had a college professor from India who would not belive that tump was a word! And ohmygoodness that spider bite looked SO bad! I hope I don't ever run into a brown recluse!

    28. Aaaaaaaaaaa! Scorpions on your couch! Yikes! I might start making my bed every single day, just in case there were scorpions or spiders in it! LOL! {Yes, we could totally hang out by the pool, cameras at our sides and do nothing else! So what if the laundry is piled up on top of my unmade least I don't have scorpions in it! I'm getting chills thinking about that!}

      I was truly lost with all that Texas talk! ha ha! It would only take 4-5 hours to drive entirely from one end of Indiana to the other!

    29. Do Texans use tump like the word tip?

      Pump…umm…Don’t pump into me? Or...I don’t want to go…don’t pump (force) me?

      Know you gotta tell me.

      Fun post!

      ♥ Hope

    30. I suppose I'm a Florida gal, but I do love Texas and enjoyed my 3 months I stayed in Van one summer! I loved the small town Mineola and even our drives into the big city of Tyler! I can't believe that bite your husband got, we have those too, but I've never seen one in my house or anything, if I don't know what kind of spider it is I kill, otherwise they are welcome to make a web nearby!

    31. HOW'D'Ya'do! {raising hand} born and raised Texan!!! Whoo-hoo!!
      sweet tea runs in our veins that's fer sure!
      we're a grits eatin' family too.
      my hubby came from washington state and is slowly but surely converting!
      i'm glad to say though, that our city is big enough that scorpions aren't a problem in our house {{{Shiver}}}.

    32. You can keep your scorpians and your snakes and your spiders. But thanx anyway.

      I don't like tea, sweet or otherwise. A coke is the anti-pepsi, and I have no idea what tump means....are you gonna tell us????

    33. Sounds just like NC to me but you can keep the scorpions. Otherwise, sounds like I'd be just fine there!

      We don't say tump in NC either but the rest, I understood it all!

    34. Great post! Made me want to visit Texas again! (only been once; to Dallas) I could do without the scorpions and spiders too (we're pretty fond of our limbs) but some things you just deal with to live in a place you love!

    35. Erica,

      Thanks for the explanation of TUMP and PUMP.

      You are a lot of fun.

      ♥ Hope

    36. I loved the Texas post. I'm from Texas, too. Not born here, but I got here as quick as I could! :-) First my parents lived in South Dakota, but it was too cold. Then they lived in Arizona, but it was too hot. Now we live in Texas and it's just right! And I hope to never leave!

      I use fixin' and fixin' to all the time!! I used to yell at my sisters not to "tump" my toys out or whatever, too. I didn't realize that was a Texas thing. And as for pop or soda, no way. It's coke! That is too funny!!

    37. I am from Colorado, but I've lived in Texas for a bit. I use "fixinto" and "leave out of here..." (which you left out--probably because it's so natural you may not be aware that it's Texan. ;) We recently hosted a girl from South America, so she could learn to speak English. She had formal, book-learning English training but couldn't converse. Soooo, she was totally baffled by most of the people around here. I had to interpret for her. It happened so frequently that she began asking, "Up North, it is the same word?" when I would teach her new things! We fixed her up good with our Texas vocabulary!

    38. Here in Bama, we understand the language completely. Great post! Time for a ROAD TRIP to Texas =)

    39., I've never been to Texas but my hubby works for Texas Instruments...and I love sweet tea (with splenda) and I love Texan accents...once my kids gave me plastic container filled with jelly beans that was shaped like Texas. Oh, yeah...and my parents lived in Texas once. all I know about Texas is pretty pathetic...but I still like your accents.

    40. I think I will keep my slugs, I thought they were bad....who thing is way
      I hope your husband's leg heals real soon.

    41. I too am a proud Texas Gal, but I live in Wyoming OHIO! I have OHIO license plates that say TEXAS ROCKS and I have a TEXAS flad on my back window.....I miss it all! (Except the heat)

    42. I'm born and raised in Alaska! ;) I've been to Texas once - it was a fly thru the Dallas airport ... I don't remember any of it.
      I don't like the animules (I mean bugs/snakes, etc.) you have down there - BUT if you told me what to do when encountering such - I'D COME! But I'm alittle tied up with taking care of my Mom - IF your invite is still good after that - :) Thanks!

    43. Shudders!! Oh, my! I lived in Wichita Falls for 3 months and it was HOT! Didn't see scorpions, but I did see a few spiders. Ugh! Loving the Texas drawl! LOL!

    44. We went to a Lucas Miller concert today and he was teaching the kids things about Texas. One of the things he talked/sang about was the monarch butterfly. Did you know that is our native insect?? Anyway, it is, that's something nice about Texas. Not that all that stuff you mentioned isn't :) I LOVE Texas, & all the fun stuff we have here, of course!

    45. Oh my gosh! That spider bite is FREAKING me out : ). Nice to meet you. I have heard that people that live in Texas are VERY very proud of their state : ).

    46. I've been to Texas twice. It's a beautiful state, but a bit warm. Great learn a bit about your state. That bug bite looks deadly...note to self, bring bug spray...check!

    47. What a hoot! We consider ourselves 'Texifornians' wanna-be Texans livin' in California. We spent a family vacation and came up from El Paso and into Austin a few years ago. LOVED IT. Had a memorable 4th of July at Schlitterbaun's waterpark. But, I must admit I don't do 100 degrees very well. It gets pretty hot here, but we don't have your humidity, praise the Lord!

      So where exactly in Texas are you from anyhow?

    48. You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Abilene community.


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