Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Saturday Silliness

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Who cares!? I long for the day that a chicken can cross the road without his motives coming into question. ~Erica

Q: How come the possum can't even get to the other side????? ~ Nan

How come people call you a chicken when you're too scared to do something? The chicken wasn't a chicken when it crossed the road. I think that was pretty brave of the chicken- Miti

Why do we call it a ponytail and two ponytails are called pigtails? Did I miss something? Do pigs have two tails? I'm just sayin...~Mimi

I've always wondered why we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? English language...not one bit confusing~Tarah

What happened to the B batteries?~Mimi

How come the hair on our legs will only grow so far and then it stops growing, whereas the hair on our heads can grow and grow? How come I am even asking this question? ~ Nan

How come men can grow hair on their legs with no problem but lose the hair on their heads? How come I seem to be obsessed with leg hair today? ~ Nan

Why do they put braille on the drive thru ATM machines? ~Mimi

Egg Rolls and not really Eggs Rolled? In fact they are fried dough stuffed with vegetables and meat...does this make sense? ~Tarah

A joke from QB...What do pirates like to eat??? Arrrrrrby's ~ Tarah & QB

I am a homeschooling mom. Do you know what a homeschooling mom does at a parent-teacher conference? We talk to ourselves in the mirror. ~ Nan

I was a homeschooled kid! Did you know that in my class, I was Class Clown, Valedictorian, Most Likely To Succeed, AND Least Likely To Succeed? How cool is that? ~Erica

Erica, I guess you have no embarrassing school pictures because your Mom forgot it was picture day and dressed you in a Betty Boop shirt & forgot to comb your hair? No wait...that was Me & my Mom. ~Mimi

Just like Erica my kids are/were homeschooled. When my oldest graduated he was at the top of his class and the bottom of his class. I graded on a curve..... ~ Nan

Nan, did you ever buy yourself gifts for teacher appreciation day? It is actually a week long celebration...if not, you should write that into your lesson plans for next year! I'm just sayin...any excuse to get gifts right? ~Mimi

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
And only God
can make a tree.
(Yea, I know... doesn't rhyme a bit! That's why it's silly!) ~ Erica

"And so I sez to myself....self? I sez......."
Yup, sometimes I find myself talking to myself. Then I find myself talking to myself telling myself that I am talking to myself. As if I'm not aware of it. The sad thing is, sometimes even I don't listen to me. ~ Nan

So that's what a homeschool parent-teacher conference sounds like. Interesting. - Miti

Don't worry Nan. We don't listen to you either! ~AnonEmous =0)

Wishing that chicken would cross the road and go leave a "gift" on Erica's front porch, lol! ~ Nan

~♥ The 5 Moms


  1. Those little ditties were fun to read. You ladies are crazy!

  2. Great way to wake up andstart the day...smiling and laughing at all you funny gals!

  3. Those were so much fun! Mimi-I love the braille on atm one...cute!

  4. That is just funny right there!!! Thanks for my daily morning *giggle*! You gals just crack me up!

  5. My husband always asked why there is brail on the atm drive thru near us until one day a man got out and went around the car his wife was driving to use the atm...using the brail! There is a walk up atm, but I couldnt help but laugh b/c my husband had always commented about it. I said quietly, "there is your answer" as we watched in amazement.

  6. LOL! I guess they don't want to exclude anyone from getting money out of the ATM! Thanks for making me laugh this morning! Nan always makes 'hair' talk interesting and thought-provoking!

  7. You girls are TOO funny, and I think you are also having TOO much fun!

    How do you write this post? Do you all go to a draft you have stored and add to it?


  8. How do y'all think of all this craziness? I esp. loved the ponytail vs. pigtail and the homeschooling stuff!

  9. Hope, yes that's exactly how we do it. The problem is if two of us are in there at the same time and one person "saves," it will wipe out what the other person was writing and saving. We've done that before more than once, lol!

    Mimi, ya gotta post a picture, girl!

  10. Ok, you guys just crack me up!!!

  11. I just love y'all! I think Saturdays are my fave! We get all 5 personalities at once :0)

  12. I'm not worried about the hair on my legs OR the hair on my head, Nan. It's the hair that has suddenly decided to sprout from my chin that has me worried!!!!! ;-)

  13. haha, I can always come here for a good life!

  14. That was great girls! I needed a smile tonight and that did it!

  15. Those are funny!

  16. In our homeschool parent/teacher conference means mom is in the bathroom because she is about to have a break down and don't anyone dare go near her or her head might explode or something.


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