Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'll Never Do That!!!

"I will NEVER do that when I grow up! NEVER!"

Yeah, right!

• When I was a kid... if we bit our tongues while at the dinner table, my dad would always say "Don't eat your tongue! There's plenty of food still!" I never found it funny when I was in pain. I would NEVER say that to my kids.... or else my 17 year old might have said it BACK to me this week when I bit my tongue. I was mad at myself for teaching him that bratty little phrase. How could I become my father like that? ~Erica

• I would never tell my kids, "Stop crying, or I'll give you something to cry about." Nope. Not I. What kind of mom tells that to her kids? Oh wait a minute, that's right....A FRUSTRATED one. ~Miti

• I would never spit on something and wipe off my kid's face when they were little. I didn't like it when my mom did it to me and I certainly wouldn't do it to my kids. Yeah, right. ~ Nan

• I would never tell my kids that they are a better door than a window...that is the lamest saying ever and my mom repeated it like 10,000 times in my childhood... I have to remind myself every time "Child, can you please move so mommy can see the BIGGER screen than the one she types on"? Thanks....~ Tarah

• I would never let the TV watch my kids...Mommy has to get a shower sometime people. ~Mimi

• I would never answer a "Why?" question with "Because I said so, that's why." Nope, my kids would always get a nice, long, lengthy explanation. Oops, blew this one too. ~ Nan

• I would never tell my kids "You've got enough toys." You could NEVER have ENOUGH toys, right? Ah....WRONG! ~ Miti

• I would never wipe my kids nose on my pants...that is just plain gross and I always said to my husband, if you catch me doing that lock me up...well, from the looks of things, I should be serving 10-20 cuz boo-gars are all over this MOMS drawers. ~ Tarah

•I would never spit on my fingers to clean my kids faces...Cause that is just gross, but I can't let my messy face kids be seen in public, so spit be a flying in an emergency!~Mimi

• I would never have coffee as a meal...I promised myself and I still do it like 4 days a week...~Tarah

• I would never spit clean my kids either. NO WAY! YUCK! ~ Miti

• I would never lose my imagination. I was going to be that cool mom that PLAYED BARBIES and built forts and climbed trees with my kids. Imagination? GONE with the winds of time!!!! ~ Erica

• I would never tell my kids about "The Good Ole Days" because they wouldn't get it anyways & that would make me be just like my parents that walked uphill both ways to school.~Mimi

• I would never spend all day slaving in the kitchen over a meal while the family is off having fun! Oh wait, I actually NEVER DO THAT! My bad. ~ Erica =0)

•I would never let my kids drink Iced Coffee because it would stunt their growth & I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 34 years old. What kind of Mom would do that?~Mimi

• I would never let my kids drink pop or eat candy, because I never eat or drink it believe me, right, right? (You shouldn't, lol!) :-) ~ Nan

• I would never not make a homemade meal...McDonalds count...RIGHT? RIGHT? ~ Tarah

• I would never, ever say "because I said so," either Nan. Why? Well, because I said so, that's why. YEAH RIGHT!! This has come to be one of my favorite saying these days. Oh, nothing like a 3yr old to make you turn into your mom. ~Miti

~ The 5 Moms


  1. ERICA, YOU CRACK ME UP…I would never spend all day slaving in the kitchen over a meal while the family is off having fun! Oh wait, I actually NEVER DO THAT! My bad. ~ Erica =0)


  2. Nan…”Because I said so” is the ONLY answer I give…it’s a mothers right. Of course I have been accused of not caring enough…and have been there…exhausting myself trying to explain WHY; they don’t really WANT to know why. What’s a mother to do?


  3. Mimi, I let my children have coffee on the weekend…just because I am so nice…and now the think they should be able to have it on the weekdays, too. Bad mama won’t let them! In the back of my mind I keep wondering it that “stunt your growth” thing is true


  4. Tarah, I KNOW what you mean…although I do not drink sodas because I don’t like the carbonation, my children went from one soda a weekend to at least 3 sodas a weekend…they snuck in Friday nights as the beginning of the weekend.

    But I DO give them cake for breakfast…mornings after a birthday party. And we eat desserts for breakfast on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day…we made the switch from evening to morning dessert time because everyone is too full for them after a big dinner.


  5. These look familiar! Have a great weekend!

  6. There are so many things I said I'd never do, but becoming a Mommy just turns you into some other, weird person!!

  7. I could have said many of those myself. ha.

    Have a great Saturday ladies!

  8. Never say never...we mommies "eat" lots of words from our past!

    Blessings, andrea

  9. The older I get the more like my parents I's a little scary, but hey, they did a pretty good job! :D

  10. I totally would never say to my kids... "if ____ jumped off a bridge would you too?"!!

    Those are good!!

  11. When I was a teenager and I babysat for neighbors I always thought their kids' highchairs were gross - lots of food and dried, sticky juice all over. I wondered why they never cleaned them and thought that when I am a mom, I will keep my kids' highchairs clean. Now that I am a mom, I have learned that even if you take the highchair outside and hose it down, it is impossible to keep those things clean!

  12. I would never repeat to my kids the same expressions my parents used to say to me, like "If fall out of that tree and break your neck, don't come running to me!" Sheesh...

    Great post!

  13. Guilty as charged on many accounts...although, I do not actually remembering saying that I wouldn't do them when I was a kid as much as when I was a new mother with all these great ideas about what a good mother would be...hah! I certainly showed me.

  14. I would NEVER use the TV as a babysitter! We have something in common, Mimi!
    I would NEVER say-'If you don't stop crying I'm gonna give you something to cry about!'
    OMGosh-I could probably think of 100 things I do that I swore I never would! Too funny!!

  15. Oh there are so many things that I would never say that my mom said to not me! Too funny...Great list Moms!

  16. Yep, I have become my parents too!!!!!

  17. Well - I'm going to start saying - "Just wait till you're MY AGE!" Instead of the other way around.
    How about - 'I'll never make my kids wash the dishes - like I did at 9 till I left home' - oh wait - I didn't MUCH! - and 'I'd never make my kids let the doggie in b'c they were closer to the door' or 'have to change the channel on the t.v. cause they were closer' ... oh wait - I didn't. :) Or maybe I did! WHO can remember??? :) LOL - these are all really funny! Thanks!

  18. haha, this is hilarious! My brain is fried, but I know there are many things I said I'd never do that I do now... and my daughter is only 16 months... haha

  19. Those are great!

  20. I love this feature on your the way you bounce off of each other.

    Glad we don't do things that our parents did ;)

    Or anything GROSS!



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